You Are a Star

How would I know?  Have you looked at the sky at night to see the miracle of sparkling  stars?  Near and far and some like dots still giving a light.  The sky can be seen all around the world; the stars shine just as bright.  They mesmerize the eyes to deliver the heart a silent note of comfort sparkling like diamonds.  In our immediate world, we can look up and recognize the shapes if we were to connect them as dot to dots.  I wish we could travel around the globe to capture the stars from as many points as possible.

“The sky can never have too many stars; there is room for everyone to shine, including you.”_ NIN

The truth is the sky can never have too many stars.  The world can never have too many sparkling souls.  They are the ones whose dignity rises to shine.  You are a star.  The light within you yearns to light the way.  Circumstances differ for each unique soul to fulfill a best possible purpose.  Along the way many good deeds are done and none is ever too small.  No good deed is ever overlooked as that is when the beam of light shines brightest.  Humbly accept your lot of being star shine daily.  There is an immense need that only you can fulfill.

To recognize it in ourselves, we often look and see the light in others.  It means we see more clearly.  Lights merge.  It is the light within that seeks to merge with the light of others.  It is when we recognize the sparkle of each soul that our spiritual energy beams a welcoming strength of calm.  Anyone in that state of being sees the light’s potential.  Even though these words may challenge the reality we live in, they are the words I have to offer as a means of inviting all to give each star a chance to shine, including yours.  It should be of no discomfort to discover its yearning to be bright, brighter, and even brightest.

The sky can never have too many stars; there is room for everyone to shine, including you.  One of life’s greatest joys is to be out in the dark starlit night sky.  To count them is fun and futile though as a game of chance, imagine choosing some whose light matches light of a handful of persons you know…  See which one you would appoint as your own.  It is infinitely wild to know the Universe has countless stars; some appear no larger than a needle’s pin point yet nonetheless beaming.  To be in star shine mode begins at the center of our being most likely like an aura of our heart’s soul.  It seems the heart is the whereabouts of the invisible force yearning to shine.

The challenge lies in our circumstances when the calm is stirred, disturbed, and even incited to discomfort.  It is in analyzing the interactions that one can see when one is a force for the good, and it is validated by the benefit evident for all.  This begins at home, and every home has its share of problems.  Still, in being there is to be ” called on” to shine; being there as if on a stage, behave as if the whole world is looking.  I actually believe heaven can see us as lanterns, either off or on.  That is how we exercise our free will, and the circumstances challenge our determination to be bright, brighter, or brightest.

Your role is the most illustrious one in the given or chosen circumstance at the moment.  It is said to bloom where you ‘re planted, and it is good to follow up with wherever you go, there you are, just in case you get repotted.  Each day is a new beginning.  Each night the stars come out and shine.  In fact, if you look in a well with water in the daytime, you will see the stars in the sky still shine.  Imagine the clear conscience that can sleep soundly and continue to shine in the land of dreams.  In an imperfect world, as we are imperfect humans, God’s gift to us is the moment we realize the difference between right and wrong, and then choose one path over the other, the lighted path.

The painted gate could be viewed from the labyrinth I built, stone by stone… with four paths to the center….  It was a place of great consolation for many who visited to walk silently in prayer.  The idea was to make the physical journey inward, to be still at peace with the soul.  In the center of the labyrinth six sitting rocks were placed with one taller like Moses holding the tablets.   Those boulders were moved by others; their star shine was in skillful strength.  This is another peek at the Maui paradise…

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