Take a moment to consider the day you were born.  Your business was to breathe and to continue to teach as you learned.  We were all there from the start yet our circumstances clearly different, unique as our fingerprints.

There is evidence that we learn and teach from the moment of conception.  Growth amasses change; is the discipline of learning from which we cannot escape, nor should we try to do because it simply just “continues”.

Our physical needs from birth are alike for the most part and not second to meeting the heartfelt love and respect due a baby fresh from God.  Parents are given the immense responsibility to keep and nurture a child born to them, or for others who cannot.

That’s how it all begins and at some point in time one’s mind awakens to decipher, to differentiate between sweet and sour, and know the feeling of safety, of warmth, and thus trust is born.

In this world of ours called earth, life has flourished everywhere, and expression of its people’s thoughts unfurled.  The world is full of encyclopedic findings.  The Internet would not be what it is today without the ever surging desire of all to learn and teach and grow.

If we could recall the first lie we discerned, or the first one we told, we could pinpoint a defining moment that may have hurt us or someone else.  Lies embarrass.

When we recognize the first most significant time of pure joy in our own personal lifetime, we acknowledge a lift of peace being immersed in love.  Joy rises from within quietly or excitedly; it can only rise to lift.

Our innocence is lost and regained throughout our lifetime.  Ignorance can be resolved by beginning to read an Encyclopedia

from A to Z.  It’s impossible yet probably a start to knowing how little we actually know and thus sit in the humble seat to listen,

revise and research.  Wisdom is the Mustard Seed.

So, what is proper?  It is fitting.  It is mindful.  It is true.  To seek is to knock to enter to learn.

What’s true?  That which cannot be denied, it is factual, and it is beautiful.

” ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ ”  __ John Keats

The problem with facts is not with the facts.  It is with those who question the facts with” the intent of inventing” new facts; lies are invented to divert in order to create a reality that may not have an iota of truth to it.  I bet every person reading this can think of one “such an instance.”  Humans are flawed.  Some lose their hair early, their teeth rot sooner, and that is nothing compared to what happens to those who have an improper education.  Education is the discipline of kindness.


People have great qualities we misuse, abuse, reject, or can make shine to be of purposeful use by one and all.  Our qualities need to be nurtured.  Adults model the qualities absorbed.  We absorb by observing.

Those who despise children born with financial advantage need converse with God instead of flinging ignorant remarks.  There is nothing greater than to actually see a wealthy person step up to the plate to serve to help make everything better for all possible in every way.  Oh, Mr. Trump got my vote.  He is the model human.  I value his judgement of the values that matter for self-reliance and independence.

Yes, he made a dumb mistake or two or a dozen times in his life; maybe a whole lot more but I’m sure sinned less than me.  I bet so ’cause he is human.  However, he never taped a man he could blackmail in the future saying a positively ridiculous thing about some women he may have met, just to make a buck.  Oh, he divorced twice and married three times.  He and his former wives have remarkable adult children.  They would not stoop to the derogative rhetoric spun against their father towards others.  Maybe their education gave them an advantage.

The hatred is fueled by tons of lies because his success as a businessman made life good and better for many in ways no politician could have in New York.  His aim was to clean up and build to create a skyline and that he did with a team of dedicated to excellence.  He expects it and demands it more kindly than given credit.

He still cared enough to finally become President of our nation to bring order, reduce waste, restore faith in government for the people.  The Saul Alynski army is on the march with pawns who cannot think for themselves, who have no clue they are the slaves envisioned by the Sorosos of the world, and that is the naked truth.

The truth is when ” all of us” decide to serve one at a time…  Those “ones” will learn to serve all, one at a time.

In a country like the United States of America, where people are free to travel about and work in any or as many fields as possibly desired, one is showered with the benefit of creating a space of comfort.  It is here that the American dream evolved.  The founders of this nation designed the sacred geometry of Washington, D. C. as a symbol for the good of all its citizens.

To the benefit to those who did not teach the history of our nation’s capital design for what it was from the start, I say they were ignorant themselves.  They may still be as it appears.  How can ignorance be a benefit?  It excuses them unless they simply intended to change the facts, abuse the journals of the founders, and dismiss the truth for their other agenda.  That is how chaos infiltrates.  The truth however, can never be erased, even demolished.  That is the beauty of it.

All wrongs remain wrong.  In the Christian faith, we may be forgiven.  It will be then in the future eternity that we will arise free from the blemish of wrongdoing.  I trust that then we will know the Kingdom of God where we will maintain our individuality and be respectfully accepted, and appreciated by all without the need to falsify and shamefully disrupt peace.

How can we finally arrive at that?  Well, clearly where no harm is ever conceived to create a false perception.  The lies create doubt.  Who is not tempted by the devil if it benefits?  These two tools, as a good Pastor calls them, can basically aim to assassinate character in order to veil ineptness.  It’s a tough business being born a human.  An open heart seeks peace in life.

” Peace is not God’s gift to His creatures.  It is our gift to each other.”  __Elie Wiesel

From the moment of conception we are in the business of giving and receiving.  How magnificent to welcome to life an open heart to those who have the courage to take on a job too big for others despite the battle and doing it for no pay other than to give it to charity with the whole family aboard to serve the country with love ?





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