To Pray or Not ToPray

Within us all a small voice makes giant strides in every decision of our lives.  That inner voice seems to be a guiding light which appears with our unknowing until the knowing of it takes a stand.  We  call it many names.  We acknowledge it as our gut feeling or a precise rational opinion that even if marred, we hold to be our own and rightful pace.  As humans, we mess up, and I think mostly unknowingly.

We are plagued with concerns weaved in desires, needs, and cultural leanings.  To be comfortable seems to be natural.  To have a wishful desire fulfilled seems delightful.  To be surrounded by the security of like mindedness seems like a no brainer for peace of mind.  Yet, despite the leveling of the three, a missing continues and we are pressed with fears.

I think about these matters and have sought to read the writings of others for the comfort of understanding to be free of the plague of concerns.

I am deeply bothered by the attacks of our President and Vice President by people in high positions with such scarce understanding of their faith, and mission for the love of the United States of America.  The base undertakings of so many in a literal swamp of corruptors is frighteningly astounding.

There is still a little girl in me that feels hurt by the outrageousness of all that carries evil intentions.  The adult in me yearns to find the child that must have known better than to go on board with nefarious actors.  The villainous among us are chameleons and maybe everyone can attest to knowing what it feels like to be in the company of someone dishonest.  Maybe everyone knows the line that crosses between us and remember our feet going over the line.  Maybe everyone knows why, or maybe not.

It matters only for self reflection and recognition of swept stuff under the rug.

The truth is I wonder how many of us would give up the plush life of considerable privacy to spend time and money along with the entire family to serve the nation whose people have been duped, and risk it all for the love of doing what is right for the whole of humanity.  The truth is no one is perfect and we are in a stew battling with forces fueled by opposing ideologies.

I regret the misinformation that causes chaos, confusion, and disregards traditional standards for respect of the laws.  Language has been abused to create a mud bath designed to veil the truth with dirt.

In this plague of concerns that affect my day to day life, I find myself retrieving to works written by those whose wisdom lifts my heart, my soul, and takes away the physical ache caused by the knots of diversions from wholesome humane dignity.  It seems to be scarce.

I thank God He watches and knows the whole truth and the wrongdoers will face their faults with shame.  We all do.

I bow to God.  I came upon The Way of the Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His Way, just when I needed it most.  My quest for internal prayer began in my youth.  As an only child whose parents fled three countries to  be blessed with a sponsorship to America where we followed the law to apply and become citizens, I carried the love, and the trust of our Father in heaven with every breadth and with every step.  Unfortunately, I became distracted and complacent.  That’s when we all err.

I wish to encourage everyone in the entire world to make time each day to pray.  The simple awareness of an act of kindness or the brilliance of any physical design that musters gratitude is in itself a simple prayer.  To be in awe is to acknowledge the superiority of our grand universe seeded within our uniqueness.  How can anyone opt to do wrong once the wrong is identified?

That’s why I wish the Ten Commandments would be studied carefully.  How could anyone be harmed by its wise direction?  Who could deny its loving admonition?  I don’t know but I wish I had been taught them way before life presented the serious decisions that I made unknowingly of the repercussions in the future.  If this doesn’t apply to all of us, I am happy there are saints alive today.

To choose to pray every day or even all day, as often as it comes to mind, is to willfully carry the light of the lantern ahead of taking the next step.  The purification of the soul is a God gift costing diligent willfulness to do no wrong.

I pray the Jesus Prayer:  Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.  I pray it intercessory as well for all I know to need the mercy of God.  I pray the Lord’s Prayer, and feel the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

Acts of kindnesses and simple daily surprises of beauty keep me humbly grateful for all that is right and good.  All that and more calm the flings of unwarranted hurts towards me or anyone.  Prayer has its treasure in our individual hearts.  The healing begins in prayer.

If you are wondering if He loves you or if He loves you not, I am sure He does.

Thanks to my dearest Stela Galben, my cousin Cornel’s daughter, these photographs from Romania liven the gift of my thoughts…




  • Rose Younkins

    June 16, 2018

    Thank you for June 15th lessons.

    you have such a gift of writing. Love you Nicoleta.

    • Nicoleta Neagoy

      March 8, 2019

      Thank you, Rose.


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