To Be Unburdened

A collage of my cousin Adriana, her daughter, Monica, and her husband, Dan.  I love them.

Today is Orthodox Easter.  The greeting in Romanian  is “Hristos A Inviat!” Christ is Risen!

The response : “Advevarat A Inviat!” Indeed He is Risen!

My cousin Adriana Muntean from Constanta, Romania, sent me a text…and I’ll try to translate it:  The whiskered bunny is a  lucky omen on Easter…  He does not leave presents in your boots…  He has other secrets…  “pasca” a soft braided bread filled with cheese…  red eggs, and “cozonac” similar to the Italian “panettone” sweet bread with raisins or nuts…  roasted lamb…  and a Happy Easter…  It all rhymes and sounds like a jingle.

What matters most is that Adriana thought to send me the message…  Unburdened by the weight of the reality the family experienced due to my mother and father leaving Romania, my cousin’s husband called and I spoke with all of them, including my Tanti Lila.   They did not hold a grudge.  They forgave my parents.  My grandfather was imprisoned for years.

“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and AH! let the soul emerge.” _Rumi 

In 2011…my first visit ever to my parents’ homeland with Douglas, son #3…my Mom’s sister, my Tanti Lila and Unchiu Traian, her husband, and the two best tasting watermelons, ever!  I love them.

I grew up an only child mostly surrounded by adults though I can name the children of the immigrants we met, and remember the stories shared of how they were driven out of their homes, or escaped in groups while others alone.  I heard enough despair  to always wonder why it could not end for them to continue to cry being so far away from their departed country.

I think I understand the weight of loneliness.  The Romanian immigrants in South America met to unburden their hearts of the longing for the years when all appeared to be well as it was growing up in a nation of hard working people surrounded by natural resources with a rich culture steeped in Orthodox traditions.  They lived in terror as they saw the world collapse around them.  They fled and their families left behind were dealt with hardship.

At the time the news was spread differently.

I heard enough to know people cowered out of fear, and pointing the finger to blame was an excuse to appear to be blameless.  Wars are tragic, unfair, and with all the technological and medical advancements, what remains to be resolved was recorded in the Bible.  No progress seems to have been made.

Our laws are disobeyed.  Politicians and people are bought off by a force wishing to dismantle the United States of America.  Values have suffered a blow of disrespect for traditions, religion, and laws.  We have weakened from within.  Too many don’t know they don’t know…yet.  When they will, I hope it won’t be too late.

Wood burned and painted Easter eggs for decoration…My mother’s work, including the embroidered tablecloth…

I hope INTEGRITY takes a stand to drop the facades, and Congress supports our devoted President.  I pray for our nation as I do for the world.

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” _C. S. Lewis

Our borders need to be secured, and the wall is physically needed as the patrol agents have repeated repeatedly.  It is not just a Mr. Trump thing.  Cut him some slack!

Our schools must teach reading, writing, studying, the value of math in the workplace, and the value of money in buying, selling, saving, and balancing a check book.  High School graduates have little or no knowledge of history, are challenged to dream big, yet have been deprived the skills to be informed.  It’s a vicious reality.  Only educated teachers, devoted to the subjects taught need to be hired.

The extreme demands made by the new liberal left, must find a private venue.  The manipulation of education to address anything and everything other than the subjects sorely needed to be taught… has diminished the love of learning kids naturally ought to have.  School books have been rewritten, and that is a sure sign of a malicious interference. I am deeply concerned about our nation.

The hypocrisy and double standards prove how close we came to have lost America as we know it.

Anyone bashing Mr. Trump’s leadership, ought to take a deep breadth and relax because he will improve our nation to be better than it was.  He is a genius, and not a chameleon.  He has a heart of gold and loves America.  He is working harder than most of us at one or two jobs, and he cares to see all Americans safe and in a better situation every day.

” Invierea”Orthodox icon of the Resurrection…

Please forgive my diversion from Easter celebration to reminiscing about my personal journey into this country I love.  Because I see parallels to the mess that happened in Europe eighty years ago, or even as far back as the fall of the Roman Empire, I pray wholeheartedly America awakens to honor the founding fathers.  Read Dear and Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell; one of the best gifts I ever received from my friend Nancy Powell.

On both Easter Sundays, I found strength on what I know to be true.

I feel blessed to have never wavered from my faith because I do not measure God by mankind.  Rembrandt said that is a terrible thing to do.

Still, we must strive to be better than we are.  We have to credit to ourselves for having learned even if it is the hard way, and then straighten up to serve the best we can for as long as we can.

We have to expect the results Mr. Trump has already successfully delivered despite the unwarranted opposition, and let us be grateful, not hateful.  Let us not be weakened from within, and let us unite for the sake of our children’s future.

Suzanne Eller wrote The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness, and she paraphrases from the Book of Mark 10:51-52.   She asks if we, the readers, are crying out to God as Bartimaeus did to Jesus:

”  That is a vulnerable act as you give God access to every area of your heart.  You hold up the past; You trust Him with today; and you have hope for tomorrow.” _Suzanne Eller

To be crying out as Bartimaeus did in hopes to see again, is to have found the inward tenderness.  To be unburdened by forgiving ourselves and others is to have let the soul emerge.  To have suffered as He did for our sins to be forgiven is an act beyond comprehension.  Seek to be unburdened to be free of uneasiness, to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“Hristos A Inviat !”  Christ Is Risen!

“Adevarat A Inviat!”  Indeed He Is Risen!


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