The Ugly Democrats in America

I thank God that even as a naturalized American citizen, I have the right to freedom of speech.  Truthfully speaking, I cannot make peace with the audacity of Americans who do not support a serious border constructed to defer the invasion of illegal immigrants through our Southern border.  I am appalled that elected Democrats refused our President’s invitation to meet for a compromise in funding the protection needed.  How many more Angel Moms and Dads need unite in sorrow?  Are we oblivious to the facts?  Politicians have lost their souls!

The same politicians that called for a barrier in the past now accuse the President of manufacturing a crisis story despite the deaths of innocent Americans, the trafficking of humans and drugs, the humanitarian challenges, and the weight of the burden Americans cannot bear.  There are over twenty-two million illegal immigrants in our country, and a liberal federal judge now says it is illegal for Census to ask or know how many illegal persons live in our country.  The madness is steeped in ignorance.

The Ugly American is a 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer which depicts the failures of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Southeast Asia.

It is time for a comeback.  Democrats are the ugly Americans who have become the laughing stock in other nations for bashing a competent, patriotic President.  They see the stupidity.  The ugly Democrats hate the man who beat the woman known to have slithered in banking investments to make a fortune while duping people.  How did she manage to have the DOJ pay for making up lies using Russians?    The poisoned halves were not tuned in to Gregg Jarred, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeannine, Marc Levin, Dennis Prager, and Sean Hannity…  They have spoken the truth daily by reporting the facts, and have written best sellers exposing the ship of fools, the leakers and liars, and more, much, much more.  The facts in black and white and with no nonsense racist conversation.  We are united by our values; gender and skin color has NOTHING to do with anything, unless for the stupids that continue to fuel such God bashing ideas !

The accusations against our 45th President reflect a dangerously uneducated, power-famished group of puppets or pawns for the deep state.  It is time to become educated.  The Russian collusion talking points have stained the minds of people; the people will eventually know the truth.

The truth about serious wrongdoings in the Obama administration has been denied.  The manufactured stories against President Trump is an agenda designed to destroy America from within.  The man who vowed to fundamentally change our nation lured an army of malcontents also being used to promote the One World Order.  It starts small with community organizers with charm plugged to group think propaganda.

Wake up Americans.  Our schools have been invaded by socialists.  Our borders need not welcome people like ants.  I am a naturalized citizen, and the process of migrating is real and must be obeyed on BOTH ends of the border !!

I can only rest in prayer because there are some mighty noble Americans who stand up for the national anthem and place their right hand over their hearts, are proud to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, and honor being a citizen of the United States of America, One Nation Under God.

By the way…there are some ugly Republicans as well, just wanted to get everyone’s attention !  We must unite as a Republic.

”  I am burning.

If anyone lacks tinder,

let him set his rubbish,

ablaze with my fire.  ”  __C.S.Lewis

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