The Truth and Mr. Trump

To be soaked in the warmth of the sun as a gentle breeze embraces in the stillness of the moment while strolling contentedly towards dreams yet to inevitably unfold is to live in complete truth.  Imagine if all encounters were met with the same sense of purpose to fulfill a feeling ingrained to be served.  Visions to make a difference make a difference, yet in truth, in this less than perfect world, even an intelligent solution can be met with opposition.

To wish for all whom we encounter to have pure motives in life so as to serve competently without deception is to set the bar fairly high.  No one is perfect, and even after a deluge of mistakes, many strive for ideals that would in fact be of exceptional value in life, yet a force hinders the progress.  That force opposes truth at the cost of ruining dreams, visions, plans, goals, and is bound to attack to aim at character assassination.

Our 45th President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, is the present day martyr of the most irresponsible, poorly educated, and/or intentionally devious humans.  The faces of the opposing force carry ignorance as a crown of hatred.  When the truth should shine on their misdeeds, the blame of shame will be on the perpetrators of lies.  Unfortunately, all who choose to attack are actually crying out soulful screams of discontentment.  Their outrageous behaviors are not commendable but are fueled by opportunists too incompetent to shine as noble leaders.

Our young nation has a segment of rebellious teenagers who have been lulled by the advantages bestowed by a great Constitution.  Our people have been divided by the chameleons who use race and gender ad religion to advance the Saul Alinsky Agenda for radicals.  It is poised to dismantle the United States of America.  For an insignificant person on the public stage, the distress of seeing idiots take advantage of their positions to twist facts in order to destroy any good done for the people of the country, is enormous.

Many like me sit in circles wondering who are the people taking our flags for granted.  Who are the millionaires who protest by not honoring the national anthem?  What path do they envision for the country of laws preserving liberties?  How can the disrespect for the Ten Commandments be rational as it protects the decency for every human?  Is there a solution for the division created  to spark the harmful chaos already experienced in so many cities across the United States of America?

There is a hymn that asks…were you there when they crucified my Lord?  I wonder if anyone else asks…are we awake at the vicious character assassination of our President Trump?

The madness is poisonous.  It is as infectious as the drugs that keep some awake, others help to sleep while still others numb physical and emotional aches.  They are infectious because they have taken control of people’s lives and they have become slaves as they have no power over their minds to reason.  Common sense has been numbed.

To all the liars who fondle with leakers to preserve the liberalism that has never worked in any country because it is corrupt, I say, stop because you will be found to be fools.  History will show you to have been completely wrong.  Does that matter or is being wrong more right?

I am appalled at the people whose upbringing must have taken a dive in the culture of darkness.  There comes a time in all of our days when the truth is the only peace we will preserve as sacred.  I wish that for the dysfunctional swearing folks.  I wish for decency and kindness.  I wish for taking the first step towards rejecting the politicians that have been known to get filthy rich without running a business except the one of spending our taxes with nefarious deals among others in cahoots.  That is a swamp of evil doers that exists.

Mr. Trump is a threat to every one of his opponents.  I believe more than half of the government’s politicians have had their fingers in the cookie jars we the people filled.  At this very moment our President has given the nation the very best to benefit every American citizen.  He has been accused of so many lies it is disgraceful yet he continues to work like few of us do or have.

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task,

but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks

as though they were great and noble.”

__Helen Keller

May no blindness of character keep us from honoring the intelligent and organized policies our President has already successfully


All the good he has done outbalances the mean spirited attacks.  His heart of gold will shine in the history books despite the leftists continued smears.  The truth is that the philosophical divide occurs in the discernment of right and wrong side by side an education learned by hard work.  The old Encyclopedias hold a treasure chest.  The new history books have been falsely rewritten.  Communism has snuck in with Socialism.  Both carry the disease other nations suffer.  The contagious infection has been triggered by politicians whose lives would be lived high on the hog, not like the lives they promise to be so equally great for all.

I voted for Mr. Trump because he was an encourager throughout his younger years.  His books were set to help people become self reliant.  That is a good thing.  He has a great Family though I have heard the green eyed monsters say outrageous things.  He is no saint, and I have yet to meet one tough I have angel like friends.  I consider Mr. Trump our friend.

I believe and trust in God.  I also believe Mr. Trump to love his country and I trust his motives to be noble for all Americans.


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