The Reputation Plant

The point is everyone has a reputation and it is mustered through the perception of others about what is done or not.  Sometimes what is said is coupled with how it is said and then BOOM!!  Opinions grow as fast as the green, green grass of home in spring!  Sometimes one plants it; oftentimes reputation is repotted by others.  The essence remains because God created each one of us.

When stories are made up to paint a picture that may not be accurate, we think of lies.  They begin in conversations everywhere by everyone, and soon gossip continues to add twigs to the fire.  Unwarranted attacks by one person is awkwardly hurtful because manipulation filters misguided information that can become tragic.  That is called character assassination.  In some cases it takes years to bring to light the truth, and for the faithful, gratitude is in store.

Choices made by what we say and do are usually under scrutiny, so this is where family and friends matter most in life.  However, their own values influence our way of thinking.  We may or may not mind another’s comments or advice.  The truth is, we are all vulnerable to attacks.

William Carlos Williams was an American physician who wrote poetry.  His best is the one I taught and recall each time I am unsure about something or someone.  The poem  is short and sweet and carries a ton of conversation to be had about what we perceive or how we interpret anything , or label someone.

In “The Red Wheelbarrow,” it is brought to our attention that so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow…glazed with rain water…beside the white chickens…”  If I could ever be in a position to create just what I think everyone should possess as a reminder to be mindful of spewing comments to create a wall of doubt in others, I would.  I thank God for realizing how dignity is lost.  God yields the strength to preserve dignity in the face of adversity.

An old colleague said in the faculty room “People who throw dirt , lose ground.”  Sometimes the flung dirt causes hurt, and I thank God for His watchful eye.

Even Christian may not know or remember that discernment is addressed in the Bible.  It has nothing to do with judgement; it has to do with seriously balancing the facts for consideration.  How can we know the facts when lies are spewed by a group?

” But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”__Galatians 5:22

We know the facts by the results.  This applies to local, state, and federal governments.  This applies by how we serve our  best  at home and in our community.  When we feel lost in the muck, we can still praise God.  He knows.  He comforts.  He speaks silently to heal the hurts.  Praise God through the storm.

Oh, life can be made so difficult.  Each person can choose which side of the fence to graze for a wholesome meal.

The word of Jesus’ miracles spread.  People talked and traveled to tell what they saw and heard.  People were the announcers of the news through trust.  That was their twitter.  The disciples lived to die in Christ.

Jesus’ good deeds were questioned because they threatened those who feared losing their power.  He came to serve his holiness for us to have as a guide.  The Bible is a manual by which to live life with integrity.

Humans have accomplished great feats yet are tripped by abominations.

Humans have strengths and weaknesses, and the most blessed are taught by the wise.

How are parents to know everything?

Is their love sufficient to raise a child, or is there more they can do to empower the children to thrive to live a life of honor?  Is it too much to expect from a mother and a father?

Could parents first plan to responsibly embark into the lifelong assignment of raising a family?  Should Planned Parenthood begin at the root of the cause of conception?

Humans are flawed, and to live a productive life free of sin, and/or void of criticism is virtually impossible.   A parent is a child of God.

Humans can be duped so it is no wonder getting tripped into wrongdoing is relatively common.  Much to our chagrin, we fall short of the perfection of divinity.  A parent is a child of God.

How can we remain at peace with the circles around us?  How do we trust not to be thrust into a mire of alienation?

God wants to guide and protect us all from evil, and we arrive at the gate each moment when we choose to say or act as we ultimately do.

Had I been instructed early on about the teachings in the New and Old Testaments, I may have lived my life differently, and certainly would have taught my sons the importance of the parables that cover the snags people all over the world encounter.  What we have in common is that we are human.  Our choices define the who we were and are at the appointed encounter with God.  Our reputation will not be hear say.  He knows.

Darrin’s footprints in the sand at Spreckesville Beach on Maui…

The guidance offered in the  Zondervan Life Application Bible has given me a new understanding and a deep compassion for humans.  Its wisdom is in fact the greatest gift ever on embarking a life journey.  The introductions to each book depicts the theme offered, and there on offers clarity to each line, verse by verse.  The maps, the history, and how it unfolded is a treasure chest to be taken to heart because its moral code is a guidepost.  When in doubt, consult God first.

”  Reputation, reputation, reputation!  Oh, I have lost my reputation!  I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial!”  __William Shakespeare

The immortal part is on stage.  On earth hiding the facts, manipulating people, and duping others by one’s own insecurities is the drama we watch, or serve, or experience.  Thank God He knows all, and through the teachings  of Jesus, souls can be washed anew, reborn, and confidently live to fulfill one’s best.

A pure heart elevates, appreciates, admires, encourages, and loves as Jesus loves.

Jesus prayed:

” Righteous Father, thought world does not know you, I know you and they know that you have sent me.  I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.” __John 1 :17:25



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