The Price for Responsibility

Get it right as soon as possible.  We are given three things but not the other three needed; as soon as we realize that, we must take responsibility.  I read this in Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged as it is told by the character John Galt.  I extracted just these three points because I believe they help our understanding of the need to be responsible

We are given a life but not our survival.

We are given a body but not its sustenance.

We are given a mind but not its content.

Ultimately, the mind is the tool for our survival.  We do what we must  and to travel life’s journey successfully, and I believe we must make time to be in the presence of God.  There is no escaping His presence, only denying it.  That is a choice each person carries until death.  Thereafter, we meet our Maker.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”  _Winston Churchill

He is placing responsibility at the helm for anyone wishing for greatness.

The price of responsibly though depends on our values and how we go about achieving them.  When we act to gain and keep what we value, without a decisive moral code, we falter.  We cross the lines, we disregard the boundaries, and no greatness is truly achieved.  That is how we question and wonder about evil rising to power.

To be responsible means first and foremost to be true to keeping one’s word.  It means to intentionally shoulder the work that needs to be done.  To be morally responsible is to live with a clear conscience, to have dignity due to our integrity.  It is the sole reason I wish the Ten Commandments were part of a mandatory reading to be taught as literature.  No harm can come to anyone and certainly would seed a humane way of being…

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” _Leonardo da Vinci

I don’t think most parents were aware at the avalanche of evil constructed in the toys, the games, the movies that soaked our lives in the last twenty or more years.

I remember a dear lady friend from Erie, Pennsylvania, when we both had young children, warning me.  She was so much more aware and I did not see it until much later.  That is how families were and are infiltrated.  Schools appear to be teaching dangerous ideologies, and I heard more horrifying stories today to raise the hair in my arms.  It is tragic, and we must raise our expectations in education.  Without a responsible, moral compass, teaching is not happening.  Learning is not happening.

There is so much to learn, and educators are 100% responsible for teaching the basics and teaching with enthusiasm and pleasure.  The violent ways have destroyed the peace, the calm, the nurturing atmosphere needed to grow in knowledge.

Kids are confused.  Not all families provide the stability needed.  Churches have a place on Sundays yet too many families have lost their interest, their devotion, their faith.  How can we restore our nation?

I have written on this subject before.  World peace begins at home.  Unfortunately, as humans, we make mistakes unintentionally,  Our children’s growing pains are real and we can watch them become adults with caring hearts.   I personally pray the best offered at home remains to rise in their character.   I pray for those who need to be found to learn to be responsible.

The price for responsibility is to become models of loving kindness, and it is costly because we are imperfect beings.  However, this is precisely why I encourage a life of prayer.  Being centered by reading the Bible daily as my friend Debra Lavin said she was thirty years ago, is the way in finding the truth and the life with purpose.  I am grateful to have met her.  I remember.  I understand now what she tried to explain then.

Hopscotch I believe… Dearest Stela Galben,
my cousin Cornel’s daughter…


I pray children and adults seek to walk closer to the Lord, day by day…as the hymn goes…Three things I pray…to see Thee more clearly…to love Thee more dearly…to follow Thee more nearly…

“He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor.” _1Corinthians 3:8

I hope you understand the price of responsibility will be weighed by our Lord.

I will end with this quote to be tucked responsibly with your dreams.  May you seek to learn with God.

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” _Thomas Carlyle

I trust you have a loving heart.

(A special Thank You to Stela Galben for sending the photos I used from her walk last weekend in Cluj, Romania.)


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