The Love of Barbara Bush

” Live happily with the woman you love through the fleeting days of your life.” _ Ecclesiastes 9:9

The love Barbara Pierce Bush lived to be is the blessing her family experienced.

When a man loves a woman as George Herbert Walker Bush loved his wife, she could but bloom to be all that she was for the whole family…and remains for them and as our 41st First Lady of the United Staes of America.

There is no greater gift our former 41st President could have given their six children: George Walker Bush, our 43rd President, Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush Sr., Neil Mallon Bush, Marvin Pierce Bush, and Dorothy Walker “Doro” Bush Koch.  The greatest gift any parent can give their children is to love one another.  The second one is the one our former First Lady captured in a quote:

” To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”_ Barbara Bush

” If ever again a minister asks those of us who have perfect families to please raise their hands, mine will go up in a minute. I might add ‘almost’; then again, I might not.”_ Barbara Bush

I watched and listened closely because history unfolds in politics and we are all affected by models in power.  The Bush Family has kept a high standard many would wish to have experienced.  As a nation, we can be grateful for their wholesomeness.

I read her Memoir years ago and it must be packed in a box along with Millie’s Book.  I did not read C. Fred’s Story.

One of the greatest things about reading a personal nonfictional book is the chance to sit and meet someone who has a story to tell.  It is in such moments that our minds expand to understand other people’s views.  Thoughtful words impart a certain kind of wisdom once written down on paper.  To touch page by page is to be touched by the author.

Barbara Bush left a footprint we recognize in the sand of time.  Her unique perspective on all that transpired in her life of “ease” as she says, was mainly direct, heartfelt, and honest.  I love that her children love the boundaries she staked by being a firm enforcer because it was possible in the love of Barbara Bush by her beloved husband.


“All our children are sweet and thoughtful to us and adore their father and we adore them. Why do the press ridicule this? Unless it is because they don’t respect and love their fathers and mothers; or worse, their fathers and mothers don’t love them. I knew I couldn’t put into words what I mean.” _ Barbara Bush


In Barbara Bush Reflections Life After the White House, she gives us an insightful look at the life of a wife in a prestigious life yet offers a truthful glimpse of her humanity.  I recommend it.  I cannot imagine the fulness of such a life because the extensive traveling coupled with journeys taken to benefit the needs of a larger populace is indeed daunting.  Still, Barbara Bush manages to serve us her personality, and her sincere observations in turbulent times while keeping a delicious sense of humor.

I remember my own parents’ departure.  The quietness in the silencing of their voices overwhelmed me.  I felt an aloneness I doubt the Bush Family will experience.  I love that our 43rd President said something to the effect that their hearts were peace because they knew hers was…  This beautiful family will carry on with 14 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  They are truly blessed to have one another and it all began at a Christmas dance when Barbara was just 16 years old.

Who doesn’t love a good love story?  God bless them.

My heart feels glad to have known her through the books she wrote.  The stories I heard on television made me smile.

I was saddened by the horrible comments made by some, but mostly for them to make it on air. I am dismayed by how some choose to tell the news.  I ache for the youngsters.  I ache for the ones whose education is so limited, they consider the disrespect the norm.  The following quote brings us pause:

” You may think the president is all-powerful, but he is not.  He needs a lot of guidance from the Lord.” _Barbara Bush

This one is a keeper…and summer is coming up…I hope you will copy and enjoy…

I pray for our country.  I thank God for the Bush Family and for our remarkable 41st First Lady.

In her book there are recipes…  Throughout the intervals of events among so many other people, there is always the sense of her serving the reader the take of the moment.

She humbly confesses being told twice in one day of how helpful she had been by something she said she could not remember; in fact, what she was told she said, she thought it was rude, but they reassured her that it was just what they needed to hear.  She concludes by wondering if one just chooses to forget situations, or if it is an age thing to become forgetful.

Somehow, I think it would be great to encourage reading memoirs, and autobiographies to meet people who yearned to inform.  There is a selfless desire to give to all who care to receive.  Barbara Bush encourages journaling as her books evolved from her journals that served as reminders of events and people.  Though she dedicates Barbara Bush Reflections After the White House to her children and husband, it is a gem to treasure as your own.

” Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people–your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way.”__Barbara Bush

I am not even sure how to explain why I chose to photograph the bikers poster.

Maybe I love that she concluded they at least got the pearls right.  How lovely

to be so dignified, and I still also credit the man she married for giving her

the courage and honor deserved.  The endearing legacy is indeed a model American

families value.

May her peaceful soul fill us here as I am sure it is welcomed in heaven.

What a beautiful lady !


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