The Impact of the Stars in Houston

In honor of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ; the creche welcoming guests at the Hospitality Apartments.

It is by grace that we are all blessed by the impact of the stars.

The truth is all of our lives are lived the same, moment by moment.

I honestly cannot remember when I began to bless the people who marked a defining moment, but I bless each one  silently and sometimes out loud…

It is easier than ever to understand how the disciples along with the apostles took up their cross to enlighten the multitudes.  They  came to know the light of our Messiah.

A view of MD Anderson blessed by the Volunteers at The Hospitality Apartments.

It is through  “the wonder of the birth  of Jesus Christ”  that believers became  lit on a path of inspiration in art, music, and literature.

His leadership was imbued with love because he was and remains the embodiment of all that is kind and right and noble.

Everywhere on this earth, there are humble folks serving extraordinary talents bestowed by God.  Each one with his or her story, lives and hopes.

Molly…a hospital volunteer… giving her time to comfort with sincere dedication for humanity…

As life unfolds, we teach and we learn.

Every one loses a loved one, and most people are there to comfort the ailing bodies and hearts that come in need of the living water and bread of life.  Who are these people who give generously of their time?  Where does the goodness of their spirit reside?

Molly is a volunteer at MD Anderson who came to visit my husband on the 17th floor of MD Anderson before and after his stem cells had been harvested for transplant.  The intense chemo comes first, and after the harvest, one’s immune system is at zero, and the days and weeks that follow are experienced differently by each patient though much of “feeling sicker than ever before,” is the same…  Just the same, Molly came to visit.

Meals provided and served respectfully, cheerfully, and with care.
From the Rose Garden at the Hospitality Apartments; God bless the hands that nurture them.

Being in the midst of the unknown, surrounded by extraordinary technology, and remarkable professionals from physicians and  their assistants along with nurses and their assistants attending to vital signs, transfusions, pulmonary treatments, physical and vocational therapy, and also dietitians, social workers, case managers, pharmacists, housekeeping angels, and many, many more attendees for patients, I can be overwhelming and it is humbling.  Just the same, Molly came to visit.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and this Star came to freshen our quarters lovingly…

Each person walking into the room is a star shining a light to brighten the darkest of days in the life of the cancer stricken .  Therefore, when Molly came to say hi  and chat, both Dan and  I felt her presence to be like a breeze waving away clouds of anxiety.  It was surprisingly pleasant to see her again and again, and inspiring to know she understood how to give back because of her own story.  It was her encouragement that mattered.  It was her thoughtfulness that counted.  It was realizing she made time to be with us when doubt and fear had taken a hold of our lives.  She just came to be standing like an empty jug by a fountain.  We had our cups.

Molly came into our garden like a butterfly in spring though it is winter in our lives.  I ask God to Bless her.

MD Anderson shines because of its stars.

Here we be at MD Anderson after Stem Cell Transplant…

My husband says he likes living.  The Large B Cell lymphoma attacked his bone marrow, and as far as we know on day 30 after the transplant, it is being monitored to make sure he can survive longer.  Many have.  The percentages are over the fifty percent mark.  The rehabilitation takes time, and God knows how much more we all have to graduate with or without honors.  That of course is an assignment fulfilled between each one of us and God.

Britney’s presence like the minutes in an hour serving with care and a smile.


I ask our Lord to lift the people who serve at MD Anderson and at the Hospitality Apartments; they show up day by day like the brilliant rays of sunshine in Houston, Texas.

Being on the isolation floor, masks and gloves and the real yellow gown must be donned.

Molly wore a smile and her green eyes adorned our immediate surroundings.  We seemed to feel at home in the room with IV’s running and the parade of nurses, therapists, lab technicians, housekeeper service, and doctors.

Fung perseveres in respectfully serving the ultimate needs of patients granting complete dignity.

God knows them by name.  I would have liked to include so many more, and they are because their brilliance lifts patients and caregivers through the hours.

Molly made it home for us because she came to read our hearts and bless our souls.  She and Katy, and Brittney, and Suzanne, and Lourdes, and the two Bens, and Kimberly, and I ask God to bless all unnamed by name…  Their kindnesses impacted our lives with greater understanding for what it means to need to receive.

All who have come to serve have been stars, and today… we honor them… with respect and love.  We are so grateful.

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