The Holy of Holies Where Aborted Babies Go

I pray someday to be worthy of entering the Kingdom of God despite my tainted soul, for even the greatest sin of abortion.  What seemed right, now has been exposed to be absolutely wrong.  The regret is in the irreversible finality that with all the information that has been made public to date, can only deepen the wound that will inevitably fester with shame. The shame is a scar that can be kept a secret except from God.  If this reaches anyone on the fence, for goodness sake, don’t do it.  God has permitted the life.  Adoption is the best option for an unwanted baby.

Believers and nonbelievers alike need to be assured there are no secrets with God.

I see and understand more what happened forty years ago now than I did then while I lived a seemingly unsupervised life though never alone.

Had I been awake in knowing God was there as I know He is here now, I would have been wiser.

The advice around me was misguided yet I ultimately remain responsible, and have made peace with the punishment that festers like an open wound only God can heal.  

How did I neglect to learn the Ten Commandments?  Maybe much like many still have no given them a second thought.  I thank God for Moses.

I thank God for living in America where freedom of speech rises to raise eyebrows.  Though the new left has made every attempt to resist hearing the right speak or teach,  we can still address our wildest passions.  Mine is to openly address the great regret too many face alone in fear of being judged while others boast the absolute evil.

As I write, I think of dear ones from long ago who must shudder to hear my shattered voice.  I have climbed a tall mountain and felt the breadth of God surround me, and I will never return to being meek.  God led me back to where we all ought to be.

I bow in prayer and ask God to care for all the souls returned to be present with the Holy of Holies, the most sacred place in heaven.  I trust their purity is divine.

“When my arms can’t reach people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.”
_Sharon Lagueux

Like a washed away glob of mud, all of us who had abortions can search to be cleansed from within in God’s living water.

”  On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, ‘ If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me , as the scriptures had said, streams of living water will flow from within him.’ ”  __John 7: 37-38

I am a novice in reading the Zondervan Life Application Bible, however, it is my understanding that the living water refers to the Holy Spirit within us and it also indicates eternal life.

The discovery in this manual of life, is like a walk in a Botanical garden boasting foliage of every shade of green with extensive shapes and textures, all representing a specific design to be noticed along its practical purpose.

Repentance is first of all the second choice.  It is for each to experience in solitude, and the burden is no lighter though the weight is more bearable.

This is the saddest circle of women on earth.  How do we forgive ourselves?  I only know to pray because the wrong is murder, and the cost of a life denied is a living nightmare.  To be oblivious of the severity of this wrong, of this sin, is beyond irresponsible.  It is demonic.

In a perfect world, the intimate union between a man and a woman is first blessed by the sacrament of marriage.  Women are endowed to bring life forth.  That blessed privilege is the reason the fifth commandment says we shall honor our mothers and fathers.  The sixth commandment says we shall not murder.  The Ten Commandments are found in Exodus, the second book of the Bible.

The imperfect world has been around for a long time because humans are imperfect.

In Leviticus, Moses writes the handbook for worship, and for the worshippers.  The Zondervan Bible points out that in Leviticus, the word ” holiness” is mentioned 152 times, more than in any other book in the Bible.

Reverence for holiness is the theme.

The bar is set high, and the verbiage is shocking even for my age, almost seventy.  So, of course I believe the Bible ought to be read.  It is a manual for life.  In the same way as we are advised to check in the glove compartment for the car manual to care for the engine, we would be wise to know the instructions given to us for life by our Creator.

Ultimately, the body knows what the mind recognizes, and the soul indicates the feeling we must observe.  Lies do not change the truth.  So much of what we do and say depends on what we hear and learn.

”  Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.” __Leviticus 19:2

The instructions in Leviticus are meant to give mankind a holy walk with God.

This difficult share is heartfelt and honest.  It is written for the women seeking respite in making the most important second choice of repentance, and it provides the answer to women considering the wisest choice instead of the ultimate wrong one.  Adoption is the kindest, wisest option.

Where does faith come in?  How does one live without it?

How can I reach up to the Lord after sin engulfed my soul?

“I saw Eternity the other night
Like a great ring of pure and endless light.”_ Henry Vaughan, The World

It is said that not knowing right from wrong does not excuse the sinfulness.  Once we are awakened to know the impact of the blow of our being in satan’s court, the responsibility weighs heavily in our hearts.  We can set our prayers at the altar of the Lord, ask to be forgiven, and go forth to teach others what you wished to have known before the irrefutable mistake took place.  I am ashamed.  To boast is unconscionable.  To remain in silence is okay.  God knows our hearts.

The much debated life after life event… will be the discovery we will all make… no less real than that beginning… the conception activated by the sperm finding the egg in the womb that joined to multiply in the making of each of us individually.

As a lenten gift to help anyone wishing to find respite, I encourage being informed about the overall teachings of Moses in Leviticus.  I have not studied it.  I absorbed what I could and received enough to say, it is good to arrive, however broken, to a place of reverence for holiness.

“Wait for the Lord, and he will make things right.” __Proverbs 20:22


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