The Happy In You

How do we survive the heartbreaks in life?  We address the pieces.

We let the shattered lie in the settled dust to be wiped.  The bruised and bleeding issues need care, and when we seek to soothe, healing begins.  Well-being is the point in taking a breadth from which the next fills to lighten and align the spirit with God, our Father.

Jesus’ service to humanity bore the evilest blows because He cared to gather those who sought truth in life with good will.  Though the disciples of Jesus could not have known what would unfold in their lives, they trusted the Spirit in them to join the marvel beyond the fallen, boisterous people.  Those who sought the well-being came to know the happy in themselves because they experienced the miraculous and the respect for belief.

My four sons one fine Christmas morning in their hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania…years ago.

The Happy in You is most likely the happy in me so long as we cherish the breadth of life and the light in all.  The thrill of fear is a dangerous invitation alluring to tempt excitement foreign to happiness.  There is no peace in escaping well-being in ourselves and others.  The assignments we choose, are the pages filled revealing the paths carved, maintained, and ultimately presented to God as our legacy.  There is no other appointment after the last breadth on earth.  We enter with the happy within.  The peace of God surpasses all understanding yet it is “in the well-being” felt by each individual at some point in time, regardless of gender, race, or belief.  The crossing over from this life leaves with the remaining aftermath of loving servitude to be welcomed by our almighty God, or justly dismissed for anger, hatred, and destructive hurts unleashed to purposely harm.

The Happy in You is a given to be honored through His grace, and I trust that the badly wounded by the snares of wrongdoing, can choose to wipe clean the unkept, distraught path of guilt.  To seek anew results in peace and joy is then inevitable…

Piece by piece in prayer I have given our Lord the issues of heartbreaks.  Quietly, away from the mocking atheists’ weapons of words slashing to assassinate, I saw the dust of me.  I wiped it lovingly because the events and words that nearly broke me were and are known by God, the loving Father and Creator of all.  From dust made and to dust return though the Spirit abiding lives to be a source of well-being or not.

Therefore, it is in the now of choosing the Happy in You that will ultimately bring the rejoice.

It is not about abstract thinking.  It is about honoring the happy in you, the well-being in you, and knowing, believing in the discerning spirit in you, and then choosing.  Choices are made by actions that bring results.  Consequences follow, and solutions to problems can always be found, always.  That wisdom is in the gold dusted stories presented in one book, the Bible.

We can reject ideas and people whose values do not align with our own.  There is no rejecting God whose Holy Spirit is the beam within us all.  The bud of love is in the spirit.

The truth is BEAUTIFUL just as John Keats wrote in the “Ode to a Grecian Urn.”  Each uniquely designed human being reflects the lessons learned while teaching.  In understanding the need to understand and be understood, is after all the responsibility we bear.  We are free to choose and God’s will is that we will goodwill.  The significance of cleanliness and orderliness is stellar.  Each task observed is absorbed, and it is in the now the difference is made.  Respectful performances are an honor to for the soul in all

Still, puzzles with lost pieces ache to find the missing.  God knows where they are, and in prayer the missing is discovered.

Let go:

”  Be still, and know I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth. ” __Psalm 46:10

Seek the Happy in You to rejoice for eternity.


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