The Cancer Cure

Is the answer in the light, or must we stand in the shadow to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy?

Is the disease the enemy viewed as a foe?  Can medicine allure the cancer stricken patient to rid discomfort and to ultimately be cured?

While life unfolds for everyone else near and far, part or apart from the living quarters of a person suffering from cancer, assisting as a caregiver is like shadowing to serve the instant thing needed.  It is the most gratifying unselfish job on the planet because the energy given for another one to be comforted is borderline divine.  The cure is also in the caring to care.  As my dear friend Michelle Yeager pointed out, ” Because your husband Dan has what he has , he is allowed to be as he is.”  That nips the edges of any aggravation that may arise in providing for the needs of an ailing loved one.  The compassion felt is driven by the love of God in us.

The cure is within each soul abiding in the flesh.

Consideration of all things possible comes first.

Dr Stefan Octavian Ciurea, Stem Cell Transplant…Remarkable knowledge, understanding, and compassion.

The acceptance of being afflicted by cancer is like the clasping of hands together interlocking the fingers to let rest, and then letting go as one would a fistful of sand and wiping every last grain…

Second, after acceptance, comes peace born in learning and teaching about the conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.  Oh, one can overlook the reality of the nitty gritty, but this is the outline that is not bypassed.

It is a fact we need one another to conceive, to be nurtured to nurture, and to become all that each was willed to serve in this world.  That is why there are so many tasks to be fulfilled by all of us in this world.  We learn and teach simultaneously and always interactively.

Cancer afflicts even those in the medical fields.  Their specified skills may serve the rarest of diseases yet their professions do not give them a pass from ailments.  Humans breathe and bleed.  They thrive to belong and “the wholesome” strive to survive by serving their best.  The missing parts of this equation is we are uniquely different yet we speak the same language in time of need.  The ill need kindness.

Mark Twain aptly wrote: ” Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

Therefore, the third component to beating cancer is love.  The good Bible tells us love is kind.

My neurosurgeon husband chose to be a stem cell transplant patient at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.

After seventeen years of battling a number of different cancers, the large B cell Lymphoma called him to step into the latest possible treatment available because he says he likes living. So far, at seventy years of age, I know miracles to unfold day by day though sometimes they are so unexpected, I can but take a deeper breadth.

Volunteers at Hospitality Apartments at 7300 Bertner in Houston, Texas.

If anyone still wonders as I did growing up whether people are mostly good or bad, the truth can be clearly seen as a positive excellence for the good, not the bad.

Our Creator’s colors in the Universe are seen by all through the brilliant construction of eyes.  The brain that processes sight also measures sound through the formidable construction of ears.  And dear Ayn Rand, in Atlas Shrugged, wrote “the mind is the tool for survival” and I agree though hopefully, so is “good judgement”…

Somehow, morality is present in our presence, no matter how intelligent intelligence is.

Julie and Jim… take time to fulfill office duties needed at the Hospitality Apartments, and offer their strength of character…

It is in the communal good of people coming together to serve their best skills humbly that provides a miracle for people in need.  Wounds too deep to see can be felt.

In the United States of America, volunteers give their time in the name of God, and many provide resources with open hearts.  The unselfishness is a source of strength from the divine.  I call Him God.

At the Hospitality Apartments, strangers need not feel estranged because to be in the midst of a caring community, is to finally belong as humanely as possible despite any personal despair.  Here patients and caregivers are held in the arms of LOVE.

The instant love is felt, the burden lifts.

The grace of faith is alive and well in the heart of each volunteer.

The patient and the caregiver side by side experience a new frontier in fighting to be cured of cancer.  There is solace in being surrounded by others who share in the bond of a common enemy.  In fact, it is a thread that quilts the patches symbolizing the step by step treatments of so many forms of cancer.

The cure begins with wanting to be cured.  The light within is good and true.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.  The clear cut lines of shinning buildings engineered by minds instructed to construct the essential, efficient, and durable edifices, live anonymously to the public that uses the structures to fulfill other purposes…  We need one another from the garden to platter.

Likewise, wiping clean the toilet seat for the next person is as necessary as washing one’s own hands for a minimum  of twenty-seconds.  Taking time to do the right thing saves time and money.  This rule applies to keeping floors, sidewalks, and road skirts respectfully clean to learn and teach appreciation.  We need to spread the responsibility of doing good for ourselves and others.

Carelessness is not acceptable; caution is born of mindfulness because airborne bacteria is spread by uncovered coughs and sneezes, or the lack of discipline for cleanliness period.  ( The two periods were on purpose :-)…)

Cancer can be dealt a cure, and the process requires patience and diligence to follow instructions, even gut feelings.

In the Community Room at the Hospitality Apartments, a corner library holds books for those seeking the thoughts written by other minds to instruct and entertain.  They both go hand in hand.

Years ago, I was introduced to Jan Karon through many books given to me by a dear hymn writer friend, Rae Whitney.  I smiled to see one I had not read: SOMEWHERE SAFE…SOMEWHERE GOOD.

Ironically,we arrived here and met the good.  We hold the torch of faith all will be well despite the wicked reality of the moment.  A constant nausea,  a sense of exhaustion,  a bothersome diarrhea, and an overall weakness wages a lonesome war that can only be partially understood.  Couple the distress of cancer with additional  difficult realities, and our APPRECIATION for the thoughtfulness of every volunteer, housekeeper, nurse, and doctor, police guard, chef and aid at each level on all the floors and places nearby, blooms with gratefulness galore…  Thanks for the giving of kindnesses is a comforting handshake.

Julie and Joyce shine as volunteer stars; their hours of service are lit with smiles… They carry the “fountain of life” in their hearts.

I know of the good in goodwill.  I know to trust the tested medications and treatments as I know the benefit of parboiling broccoli, drinking water, eating a fruit in the morning, and satisfying hunger with a portion no larger than the size of my palm on the plate.  I heard “fast dieting” gives the belly a much needed rest, and Europeans are losing pounds faster than ever.  I am going to try it to see if works in America :-)…

Dan and I left for the ER at 11 AM on Thanksgiving Day. He spiked a fever, and is doing well today.

When a friend asks for a recipe, I call it Friends-Giving and it was such an honor to share our Family’s favorite for the Thanksgiving feast at the Hospitality Apartments.  Though we missed it, I was filled with gratefulness to all in our lives even as I cherish the memories of years passed.

Cancer has modified our way of living, and the cure is in knowing research is on the march to erase it, and has for many already.

The Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Program is staffed by an internationally recognized team whose dedication and commitment is also reflected by the star shining mission of MD Anderson. This is the deep well from where the stars shine brightly even in the daytime.


”  How priceless is your unfailing love!

Both high and low among men

find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

They feast on the abundance of your house;

you give them drink from your river of delights.

For with you is the fountain of life,

in your light we see light. ”

__Psalm 36: 7-9




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  • Pam

    November 30, 2019

    My prayers are sent out for you and Dan.
    You, Nicoleta, are one of the most amazing human being I have had the privilege to be a friend to.
    hugs with love, Pam


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