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Sincerely Yours


Once or twice this side of life, we come across a beautiful scene, an unforgettable person, an unexplainable bliss filled moment, and/or the sinking into the life of another being’s sorrow in total empathy.  Each are defining moments that we revisit when time slides into memories.

I searched for so many self-help methods, I remember being admonished for doing so.  I don’t know if I was more surprised that it should have been a bad thing, or if I felt shyly embarrassed; in retrospect, maybe both.  Ironically, the process served me well.

At a group therapy session, we were asked to close our eyes and visualize a place we would like to be in for a half an hour, preferably one that delighted us in some way.  I still go there to fall asleep in prayer.

My God parents visited us in Sao Paulo just before we moved to Niteroi. It was then that we went to Araruama. My father must have taken the photo. My mother is to the left in white.

The pure white sand beach glistened even below the clear emerald and aquamarine water.

The see-through colors at the Araruama beach in Brazil was empty except for tall bales of wind swept salt foams.

I ran through them and heard their soft cracking like chimes and felt enveloped as if inside a translucent bubble.

I ran into the water and floated so easily as the salt held me up me like a feather.

With eyes open below the water, I found a few treasured shells, and I still have them.

Somewhere behind me stood my parents and Godparents.   Keep Reading

Garlic Angel

I boil garlic for a half an hour so it’s easy to peel.  Its flavor sneaks into many recipes, and quite frankly, its medicinal functions have kept me in optimal health, despite my MS.  I understand that in France garlic farmers sell it in braids standing on the corners of roads; I can imagine wearing two strands as leis.  Leaving the pearls of bulbs aside, since I can prepare a feast for a group with my eyes closed, I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering the beauty of all I touch to peel, and chop eyes open.  I have a few regrets for not having the camera handy at just the right moment to capture the pose striking a one on one conversation.  Lucky to have found this angel after disassembling the garlic cloves…

It was gift.  I think of Kris Kristofferson’s  humbling lyrics in the song “Why Me Lord?”  This angel stayed with me for years watching my every move.  I feared it would disintegrate on the last move, so I photographed it and framed it.  My garlic angel oversees the meals.  I even give it credit for its heart-shaped countenance…  Is it no wonder I call it a blessing to be met in such meaningful ways, just half way from earth to heaven?  I am so grateful.

My father taught me three prayers:  The Lord’s Prayer most will recognize, another one to my Heavenly Father, and the third to my Guardian Angel, in Romanian. I’ll do my best to translate the last one.

Angel of mine, given to me by God, always be with me and teach me to do good.  I am small, make me big; I am weak, keep me strong; be with me by my side everywhere, and protect me from any or all wrong. “ Keep Reading