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Maplewood High School

The Gift of Hospitality

There comes a time prayers are answered unexpectedly:

Angelic welcoming at the Hospitality Apartments…

Answer me when I call you,

O my righteous God.

Give  me relief from my distress;

be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”  __Psalm 4:1

On  my husband’s 78th birthday, as we juggled our options at crossroads of life, a number of prayers were answered by a call from Hospitality Apartments, in Houston.  The gentleman’s message lit our grim outlook that day, and my husband repeatedly said, I can’t believe it.

Run by community volunteers devoted to providing a safe, clean place to meet the needs of MD Anderson Cancer Center patients and their caregivers, the goodwill began with a good man’s vision.  He was a doctor.

After work, the good doctor attended Bible Study and that’s where he found out there were patients from afar in need of housing.

It is here where my husband is presently undergoing stem cell transplant to combat a Large b Cell Lymphoma.  At his age, “monocammaslopathy treatment” is warranted.  That means he will be blessed to use his own harvested bone marrow cells.

The medical breakthroughs are remarkable.  The whole team of physicians and nurses serve with skill, patience, and an obvious dedication to wiping out cancer.

Dan pulling the little wagon with water and suitcases… to the elevator up the second floor… W-25…

We realized the long term required stay would mean borrowing more funds against the value of our home. We live nearly four hours away, and even though Texas highways are excellently maintained, our years slow our stamina.

Each resident holds a story of how there came a time…

 We meet people from everywhere, even as my last blog describes the Okamotos.  We celebrated answered prayers while also housed next door to a couple from Hawaii.


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Knot Doll: My Story

This is my story of how I set out to give birth to the knot doll.

(K)not all wounds are so obvious….Walk gently in the lives of others…

My Symptoms were my normal–the ankle twists,rare loss of balance followed by falls, the awareness of the effort needed to get all that was explained in a conversation,the dizziness unveiling upcoming weather changes, the ache behind my eyes, the waking tired, the sadness, and the one time complete paralysis for a few minutes.  I was single and alone and don’t know for certain how long it lasted.  I made my way to the telephone to call in sick.  I could not join the car pool.  My classrooms would never know.  I kept the incident a super secret.

I walked into a door and gave myself a black eye.  I wore sunglasses to class and they conjured up a plan to wear theirs the next day.  We were in Hollywood back in the woods of Maplewood High School in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania.  I had run into a pole when I was in High School a few years before and managed to break my nose.  Such klutzy incidents may have been clues.

An only child learns how to manage certain crisis unattended.  I thank God my parents modeled praying before and after meals, crossing themselves upon leaving and arriving anywhere, and when passing a place of worship.  Though I would try to dismiss their habits, I noticed years later, I asked out loud sometimes “God help me”.   He did and has, and I still ask.

That is my story.  My Symptoms were there all along for decades.  Five years ago, after a strange fall caused by a twist of an ankle and loss of balance, the egg sized lump on my head grew large and was painful.   From the CT scan to the MRI, a lot was supposed to have been wrong with me–from mini strokes to multiple brain tumors.  I observed the conversations unattached.  I absorbed the unfolding of opinions as if shopping for necessary items to line a cupboard of life going forward.  At last the diagnosis was MS.  I didn’t understand much about it, and decided I could learn more on my own time and speed.

I realized immediately I did not need the two bladder surgeries that were atrocious.  It is amazing how one can survive unnecessary glitches.  Again, I was thankful to my long departed parents for reassuring me and others to lean on prayer.  I did and do.  Being centered quietly in prayer kept me calm through times of stress and disillusionment. Keep Reading