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The Happy In Me

The happy in me is in service for you. At all I times the idea of giving to please rose to float like the lightness of a breeze caressing one’s feet…and the motion lifted my being to fulfill a calling yearning to be heard like piano notes cascading diamond pebbles tossed by waves upon a sandy shore….

Heaven is that place where joy is our own becoming of fulfillment of the seed sprouting in complete enlightenment. Beings whose souls beckoned my own with kindness sustain the very essence of life anew moment by moment. We are all like that yet we may realize passed the past’s present and awake to remember that the happy in me was always first in Him.

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At Ho’okipa Beach, the mecca for surfers’ delight where tide pools like this one caress the less brave. Monk Seals are known to sun themselves and turtles abide aside the black lava rocks. I love the heart.

“To see a world in a grain of Sand

And Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.” _ William Blake, 

a fragment from Auguries of Innocence.

William Blake’s quote refreshes my soul like the pool of water refreshed my feet long ago.  What can we extract from Blake’s choice of the word “augury” and “innocence”?  How does a grain of sand coupled with a flower become an omen to behold, a prophecy in disguise, and thereafter even favorable or unfavorable?

I think we are invited to consider the moment at hand.

A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled COME, BECOME ALPHABETICALLY SAVVY, and offered a challenge for you to write something beginning with the letter A through all the way to the letter Z .  The exercise would say a lot about one’s interests in just twenty-six days.  Life is a classroom.  I sought to figure out how I would take to task the suggested word AWARENESS for the letter A.

As Palm Sunday is celebrated, I look from the Hemphill, Texas, woodsy area to the sky for inspiration, and the garden welcomed my visit. Keep Reading

Eternity: God’s Given Promise


Hindered by the mundane responsibilities of daily duties, I think of many yesteryears, and they return to be with me today.  I celebrate the goodness in all from then to now yet feel a twinge of the nudge to leap forward like a rabbit hopping through a valley in a prairie way off somewhere.  I see the golden sun kiss the sky goodnight as the opal moon peeks through the pines bringing the lustrous diamonds from the blue.  The pines in majestic pose succumb to my memories of arm stretching palms and both beckon me to hum a long forgotten song.

“I saw Eternity the other night
Like a great ring of pure and endless light.”_ Henry Vaughan, The World

This and that is done.  I sit and reminisce with care to stop a tear or even two; grown ups have more troubles to wipe clear than dew drops lingering to reflect the garden of one’s heart.  Somehow the reminiscing invites the missing and the two are buddies of a different kind; they could drink a glass a milk with an Oreo cookie, or a cup of tea with a blueberry scone.  The days  of wine and roses are replaced with comfort treats to bring the stamina of a walk, a dream, and a resolution to see the sun go down as the moon comes up, and then see the return of the golden and dance like a butterfly.

I talk and pray to God a lot and wish I had  been in touch with Him before with the vigor I have to meet Him today.  I am so glad He promises life in heaven, in His Kingdom, for Eternity.  I feel more like a child now than I did when I was twenty.  I have a friend who is a hundred and four and she says she has to stick around to cheer up the old folks….  Have I already told this story before?  Lucretia sneaks in my mind because she always made me laugh.  I wish I could have been the same to others.  I may have been a shadow.  The shadows feel burdensome.  Even in my best efficient deliveries of meals, the seriousness in my cocoon showed me somber.  I missed the mark of being light hearted. Keep Reading

In the Bond of Love

Heart shaped Plumeria tree at the Maui Mall

The heart and soul of each

Plumeria blossom whispers Aloha

from the velvet green Ulupalakua Park

To the grains of sand upon the Makena shore:

And in chorus the waves respond…Maui No Ka Oi…


Unlike the Naupaka Ma uka, torn in half by destiny,

the forbidden love abloom in half its once whole,

the flower still whispers to the caressing wind:

“Aloha” from Haleakala’s Ulupalakua velvet hills while

Naupaka Ma kai responds “Aloha” from the ever yearning,

breaking shore.  Pele’s jealous legacy lingers no more… Keep Reading


I am apart from the part of me

yearning to be complete.

I embrace the longing for the fullness of grace–

as I am yet still hurt by the memories of beauty.

Love fills every crevice from the crib to the casket;

it is in You I trust to understand the confusion therein.

Scraps of papers embedded in thoughts with scribbles

donned star dreams deserted to serve You these nibbles.

I look up and down and around and see all that is to be–

a classroom empty of students but me, mindfully learning.

I reach for the pen and the paper to write to You for all–

I see books on my desk standing tall to beckon attention.

How can I find the letters to compose any essential clue?

The royal paints have dried on the canvas out of the blue.

It is as a blade of grass surging to be its best green foliage,

we humans breathe wherever air moves us to be a continuum …

Like the stars that step forth even in the bright moonlight,

I hope to return to the rhythm in concert sung by the birds.

May my gratefulness be showered in blossoms of dewdrops

aside alike souls in Your Kingdom in heaven and on earth…

I thank You my Lord in front of all these Friends, Your people,

Afar and close in thought and heart, entirely yours from birth…

Despite the chaos, the sun has risen to draw shadow shades;

we contemporaries live to sway the wave that flings a ripple…

Please help us see when we cannot fathom all there is for us to grasp,

Forgive our judgments from present and the past, have mercy, I ask.


I would love to know if you have ever written a note to God…Please leave a comment.  Thank you.

A Prayer for Meadow in Heaven with 16 Other Souls

“This is Andy. His daughter Meadow was murdered in the Douglas HS shooting on 2-14-18. He is being attacked on social media for being a Trump supporter. Please show him your love and support.”  

This was on Facebook tonight, just four days after the massacre.

I wish I could do more.

If you care to hold this family in your prayers, remember their daughter and all sixteen others will hear that you care.

I stand with this gentleman, I stand with Mr. Trump, I stand for the flag and the hymn of our nation, and I am a naturalized citizen.  I stand for the values of the Republican Party.  The despicable are arrogantly uneducated.

As a parent of four young men, I wrote prayers to God on their behalf for years.  I encourage all to write one to let Him hear your words as they appear on paper.  To be in star-shine mode, let your heart be known.

“Dear God,

Meadow is with You and I pray for her Dad and Mom and the Families of all the other sixteen departed to be with You.  The Parkland tragedy on Valentine’s Day weighs heavy on our hearts, and minds, and fragile souls.  Have mercy dear Lord.

I ache to know how many lives could have been spared yet know You in Your mercy have a plan that will unfold.  Please surround these Families with the comfort of Your love as the absence of their loved ones is so hard to bear.

I ask You to light the minds of the people in our nation as You fill their hearts with love.  Please rid us of the evil that has permeated throughout the years and brought us to this point of unwarranted disrespect.

I beg You dear God to stop the ability of the wicked to continue to degrade our 45th President Donald Trump.  Your divine intervention is needed as the malice harms the uneducated, and the blinded by misdirection.

We need your divine attention to get by day by day.  Thank You God.  I pray this in Your Son’s name, Jesus. Amen.”


Mourning For Loved Ones

So many Families and Friends mourn for loved ones today.  Valentine’s Day of 2018, a birth date for many, a love giving day for most, was tragically marked with grief by our entire nation.  Yes, there are those who shamefully shirk the incident as an American problem or a gun control issue, or God knows how they are thinking by adding their venom towards our President Trump.  It is no wonder we are so confused in our sorrow.  It is no wonder a lost and lonely misguided soul can go so awry in culture imbued in violence, using foul language, and lack of respect and compassion.

The sadness is too deep to address without asking God for mercy.  The souls departed while their  bodies listless and bloodshed show the senselessness of misplaced anger and hatred flung upon them.  However, the truth is when things don’t make sense, everyone who notices, must seek help.  It is only in helping the hurt that we can stop the hurt from hurting.

Communication is paramount.  We must learn to speak to another and do so in the spirit of kindness.  We must have a place where the desperate can go to find compassion.  With the bashing of religion, the taking away of prayer at the beginning of the day in schools, the ridiculing of our President and Vice President for being men of faith, and the acceptance of the hideous, disrespectful ways broadcasted by the uneducated, inept, and radical liberals, no wonder the misdirected can cause us to have bleeding hearts all across the nation. Keep Reading