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Overlook No Message

The overcloud calls for discernment
To pin the defining moment as it is…
For… if even overlooked,
Reveals the ordinance of choice lessons.

When the selected foreshadows
as the soul weighs the ambiguous moment in the present,
I say,
mark it, and remark!

The signs speak.
To see, to hear, and
feel the pith so as to note,
Insight is served by intuition.

To awaken to the brim
Of all that unfolds,
Is to be
Truly alive.

The beclouded moon
And I
Overlooked…yet no more.

Open God’s volumes of wisdom
Apparent in the palpable present
To Everyone,
Everywhere, and

Overlook no more…

God is nearer than here.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 8-13-2016