Tactfulness in Toe

Lucretia manages to play the piano and sometimes even sings… She has a sense for people and knows just how to be in good company…
“In the battle of existence,
Talent is the punch;
Tact is the clever footwork.” _ Wilson Mizner

It is like a Tic Tac Toe  game and the perfect alignment says BINGO!

I have a short story to share, thank God, and three fabulous quotes for your consideration…

Trust me when I say that not being tactful has left me out in the cold.  When my toes got stepped on, I made as big a fuss as the hens and rooster combined to announce a new egg!

See how kind I can be?  Truth being told, I may have crossed the line a few times when my rights were vandalized, but that was then and this is now.

To have been on the receiving end of a tactful response is where I want to go, just to be sure we can feel at ease about certain conversations.  I simply love a good story.

I wish I could take back things I have said yet I am glad I didn’t stay silent.  Ulcers erupt in the bellies of people who hold a grudge, and I am all for home remedies.  If it “ouches,” I ouch the loudest even though I am relatively quiet.  I bet you are no different.

You got to inhale before reading the next sentence; it is delightfully constructed to drive a point…

Lucretia from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, is the authentic version of a diplomat whose entire life mimics the gently flowing streams amid the pebbles along trails in North Dakota… and Colorado.  She is the butterfly in a fairy tale…

I came upon such streams in awe of their clarity, their sound, their hues… and their form so decorative, I trust angels must step into the flow of the aqua to dance , and wave their wings as a reprieve, or for an encore. Well, that is how I remember my centenarian friend.  The last time I spoke with her on the phone, she simply stated she has to stick around to cheer up the old folks.  She is a legend to me and I will always remember our last get together.

Dearest Lucretia with her beloved Beau…” The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”
_Lady Dorothy Nevill

For the occasion of my friend Creta’s daughter’s wedding, I flew to Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and stayed with Edna and Rae for the week.

If you have never been there, you miss all there is to take you in.  It is a magnificent place we were honored to call home for six years.  Going back was a renewal each cell in my body recognized.  The people keep its heart beating with love.

Rae Whitney, my hymn writer friend, scheduled an outing to pick up Lucretia to have lunch.  I felt squeezed inside not knowing how it would be to see her.

The Village, an Independent Living Home, is similar to all the ones in that blessed area, the best one could hope to be in.  The care for and by the people is purely angelic.

In a bright gold colored hall, chairs placed in a circle were dotted with folks swaying like the branches on a tree with foliage still green and moving to the sound of musical directions led by a young lady.  I felt held in the spell.   Among all of them sparkled Lucretia.  She seriously followed the beat from her chair with legs tapping, and hands clapping; her hair style the same, her smile demure, her alertness straight from her world of delightfulness.  We watched and smiled.  When she spotted us, she waved her pinky and finished the number.

She stood, bowed and excused herself.  I wondered if I would ever be so graceful in time.

Her love of music spilled over the piano keys and the kids loved her…and now the “old folks” do, so she plays on…God bless her.

Once away in the car to find the treat of a soup and sandwich, I sat with her in the back seat holding the hands that played our piano for years the song of her heart: “Bless this House”.  Once a music teacher, Lucretia lit up our home with laughter and harmony.  Something in her gaze nudged something in me to ask, “Do you remember me?”

She looked me in the eyes long and straight with sparkling bluest blue eyes, and finally answered, “Have you changed?”

That, dear folks, is the story of the most tactful diplomatic character on the planet, and I am grateful to have met her.

Ironically, Lucretia loved Mark Twain and looking for a good quote, I found one to cheer the day.  The subtlety of his humor is so particularly Zany:

” Last week, I stated this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen.  I have since then been visited by her sister, and now wish to withdraw the statement.” _Mark Twain

How can I possibly be sad to have known such a community of angels throughout my life?  I thank God and know there is a heavenly time we live on earth, and it is good to embrace it.

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