Our United States of America

We are to be united as One Nation Under God.  Yet, we have complacently let go of prayer in schools, a moment of silence to be with the Lord, and removed the Ten Commandments once revered , even as statues depicting the past.  The chiseling has opened doors to a cultural demise, and all due to the lack of a united spirit honoring the values consisting boundaries for safety and security.

That about sums up my broken heart’s desire to figure out a way to awaken the slumber of many who have been lulled by a force fueled to destroy the nation’s Republic.  Freedom is not free to be bashed and disrespected anymore than a home environment, even in dysfunctional settings.

All humans fall short of God’s holiness.  Christians immersed in prayer, seriously in search of the word of God as it is written in both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, have an edge to trusting and obeying God by serving all with responsible humility. That maturity is in balance between young and old as innocence exists in every soul though all are tripped by the devil to choose to do wrong.  Wrongdoing harms every person and topples others like domino tablets.  The entertainment bursts attention but in reality, the fallen must be raised, placed in order, and in hope of order.  Games have rules, and boundaries are needed between all in order to serve for the best of all.  I think fairness lives in respected boundaries.

The kindness of love is absent in those who take advantage of others and this applies to all humans.  Mankind is scattered with precious cultures, beautiful languages, and faith filled lives to be in harmony at home.  I have an old sign that says World Peace Begins at Home, and its first light is observed in the heart of each individual.

I pray we can remain the United States of America that provides the wholesome with the freedom to travel from coast to coast.  This is the nation of patriots who greet one another with pride of being self reliant.  It is here that decent people help one another is so many ways, we have the hearts of angels everywhere.  However, we have been too complacent and shrugged our shoulders to the “shady” acts that amused or entertained.  The idea that this to shall pass gave way to the “it’s only a fad” and then the inevitable acceptance of a greater number of the population involved in the “common sin”.

I say we can each be better than that.  I say that to live in denial only hurts us along with others.  I say that the pain of the Angel Moms and Dads is too deep for us to ignore, or shrug as though it were not that important.  I say that Benghazi still makes a difference because it was our abandonment of Americans in harm’s arrows.  I say Fast and Furious need not have been excused or overlooked.  I say complacency made way for 9/11 and that the sentiment against the truth of the tragedy, is as tragic as the loss of all innocent lives.  I say if the wall is built as it is drawn to  protect our border to the South, less people will continue to cross along with evil doers.  We may have had less than 22 million illegals in our nation; a vast number being sustained while citizens in need are not, including Veterans.

I say we have fallen short of being reasonable by overlooking the importance of INTEGRITY.

Our United States of America is the only nation in the world standing against a One World Order.  The globalists in our government are anti America.  They are Americans who choose to be disunited from the boundaries set in our Constitution, by the founding fathers of the Republic.  The disunited Americans are responsible for the ineptitude’s of a media that thrives to smear.  The disunited Americans fuel chaos, and disallow freedom of speech and expression of values.  The balance has been tested to absurd limits.  Liars have astutely designed a dangerous platform to accommodate the questionable, the dangerous, the mysterious, and the foreign to the Judeo-Christian values of the United States of America.

We are a fragile nation at the moment.  We have a billionaire volunteer with a remarkable Family at the White House, determined to Make America Great Again.  Mr. Donald Trump’s opposing warriors are a threat to the United States of America.  The opposing warriors have to hide their interconnectedness to many other institutions at the cost of taking away from the people who placed them in office.  Making America Great Again is not on the globalists’ agenda.  The globalists are united in opposing our 45th President.  He is a threat because he knows the chameleons.  He is not eloquent.  He is brave.  He is not a choir boy.  He is honest.  He is accused of telling lies by the liars.  He takes the slings and arrows of unwarranted attacks, and he stands strong for all Americans who wish to become successful, and to serve the country with pride.  His greatest weakness is his greatest strength:  Mr. Trump loves the United Staes of America.  God bless him.  Thank You, God.

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