My Zealous Quest For God’s Will

“What wings are to a bird, and sails to a ship, so is a prayer to the soul.”
__ Corrie Ten Boom

I believe we can thrive to do what is absolutely possible in the name of God for humans to live in peace.

The challenge is to individually wish to seek the light within to serve all to create a better world.

In this great United States of America, many strive for high ideals and have created a comfortable way of life that may be at risk of defaulting due to the liberal wave of corruptive force manipulating the uneducated with freebies that will cost people’s freedom.  In the long run, these soldiers of the left may well cause problems some will say were unforeseeable.

The red flags are up.  The mainstream media is doing a great disservice to the populace that still believes their twisted accusations.  It is fed by those who are basically uneducated or being paid handsomely to avert the attention of the progress being made in our nation’s capital.  Mr. Trump is being bashed unfairly, and the disruptors have no moral guidance, no regard for boundaries.  Their aim is dissolute making changes to benefit all Americans as self-reliant individuals as opposed to living under a nanny state.

Photographed in an office…
“All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”
_Leo Tolstoy

How dare I say that, right?  Well, maybe not because I refuse to acquiesce to being lackadaisical.  My only weapon of protection bears the words I find to help get out the message obstructed by too many educators.  My battle is with teachers who took the job with the agenda of telling the kids what to think as opposed to teaching them the facts.  Why?  Quite frankly I doubt they are qualified for starters.

It is incomprehensible to me that a profession of such great importance, necessity, and influence be trusted to persons who have no interest in educating students responsibly and enthusiastically.  There is a course in Methods of Teaching that must have slipped through the racks because the love of learning has dissipated into video game mania and the waste is on our society.

We got so comfortable with the risque tactics of the cultural epidemic duped in violence, sex, and drugs, that everyone is on  the field to play as if in sport.  I can think of so many devastating events that left us weakened, bit by bit.

The solution begins with individuals who decide to expect more for a better, greater than the great America.  No, we are not a perfect country because we are humans like all humans in countries around the world.  However, our greatest strength is at the brink of becoming the tragic means for our weakened nation.  We must re-establish our boundaries just as all other nations do to preserve their home.

I am all about getting back to basics at every level of our education, and beginning with reading and writing.

“When my arms can’t reach people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.”
_Sharon Lagueux

Furthermore, the Ten Commandments cannot offend anyone as I have stated before.  Christians break them as all other religious groups but are not offended by being reminded of the sins that must be avoided.

The hypocrisy of the people who have attacked our President and our First Lady is shameful and disgraceful.  The focus has been to annihilate the will of the people, and the Trump Family who trustworthily stepped to the plate to drain an infected swamp, has been made a target.  Who is paying the shadow government workers at every level of these community organizations?

Globalism is slavery.  The United States of America is the only country on the planet standing strong against a one world order.

We can learn to appreciate, respect, and honor differences but only so long as we are each empowered by our own self-reliance.

For those who have broken all the laws ordinary citizens could not, I have this quote to share:

“Hide nothing, for time, which sees all and hears all, exposes.” _Sophocles

There is that guy again.  Yep, that is precisely why I say it is unforgivable for us to be having these problems of dishonesty at this point in time.  History has already played out all these scenarios.  It is time for wrongdoers to change their ways.  Bury the pride. Come clean to leave a decent legacy for the needy populace.

“In life we pass many fence posts, never knowing where the road truly leads. We follow the line until one day it ends. And at the end, a new beginning awaits.”
_Phil Koch
( Photograph of my friend Edna Lofing’s windmill in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, a Christmas gift from her son, Doug. )

” Forgive yourself 

For not knowing

What you didn’t know

Before you Learned it.”…  An Anonymous poster shared on Google+

I would like to share with you a prayer I wrote to God in 2013.  It is humbling to put it all out with one swoop of the pen yet it is for you to read at this time.  God already received it.  May it encourage the zeal I feel for His will to be done to benefit all in this world.

Dear God…Thank you for the life You gave me…and I ask Your forgiveness for every commandment I broke… for the lessons I needed to learn… I am so sorry I didn’t know better.  I’m sorry I still fear, worry, fret, and feel resentment, frustration, and doubt.  I am so uncertain.  I hope, wish, dream to make a positive difference, but…most of all, I want to do Your will, fulfill Your plans … so I may prosper, and be strong.  I’m sorry to have been so weak, ignorant, and small.  I pray… dear God…that You heal my broken heart, soothe my soul, and whisper Your intent.  I hope I’m worthy of Your love and care despite my failures.  I ask for Your mercy, Your peace…that I may know how to help my Family, Friends, and all Others.  Please guide us, protect us, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit.  Amen…with love, Nicoleta

My zealous quest for God’s will is to share the private hurts I know all of us secretly know in order to shed light on the truth.

I ask that each person seek a renewal to be kinder, more responsible, and preserve an honorable presence in life.

This assignment of the 26 letters of the alphabet has come to an end…

” The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” _ Ralph Waldo Emerson




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