I reflect as we do just before embarking on a journey.  It seems we have to prepare for ETERNITY as Pastor Wyndham suggested in a sermon.  The passport keeps records of our individual lives yet at church we gather collectively for instructions.  I’m leafing through my own past and choose to share some information.

My parents and I arrived in United States of America on or about July 4, 1963…In 1968 my father applied for our citizenship and it was granted in the fall a year later.  He had been sponsored to serve at St. Elias Romanian Orthodox Church and even though he served two other parishes through his remaining years, he “confessed” just before his soul’s departure, the one in Ellwood City, PA, had been the one he treasured.  However, circumstances nudged choices as in all of our lives.  My parents’ earthly bodies rest at the Monastery of Transfiguration near the church that blessed us with the invitation to serve and embrace this nation’s freedom.

Top photo, in front of my father, Pepito Anghiouiu, a beloved altar boy.
Bottom photo, second from the top row my dearest first English teacher, Mary Neghiu Rugh

It was in the sixties I met Marioara Neghiu, the parishioner who taught me how to speak English word by word.  She wanted to be 29 years old every year, and in fun we agreed she would be my Little Sister.  In the sixties when hippies, free love, and drugs permeated our culture, Marioara helped me survive by being my faithful friend.  This year her soul reunited with all whom she loved and were loyally devoted to loving God first.  How would I have known that in my 69th yearI would navigate without her girly laughter?

The past has defining moments that mold our present and in the now we create the possibilities for the future.

To have known then what we know now would have simply unfolded other lessons to be learned.

The volumes wait to be written, read, and perhaps confirmedMath with His mark:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.” __Matthew 25:23

I pray for Dan and our four sons and our daughter-in-law.  I rest in peace because I know God knows our hearts, and His mercy is revealed to all who seek His wisdom in the Bible.  The peace that trespasses all understanding is at hand when we pray to our Lord and that choice is an exercise of our free will.  “Wise Men Still Seek Him.” __Matthew 2:2

We come full circle as T.S. Eliot brilliantly wrote: “ We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”  The gift of time is best lived in focused…willful awareness so as to choose knowingly and most of all… wisely.  Yeah, the bar is raised as the road narrows…

Gone to meet God this year alone three friends, an aunt and an uncle on my mother’s side just two weeks apart last month, brings a new perspective for me to observe the past, the present and the future delicately .  I offer you my best and I always wish to have more to give…

The photo on the right is of my Mom …with her four grandsons from right to left, the oldest to the youngest holding our dog, Romeo, and with a dear friend, Kenny…on Maui…perhaps in 2002.

The scale of the departed appears fuller yet in balance with the weightlessness of noble thoughts…like unique sparkles seen on the ocean’s waves, the glimmer of light on leaves and needles of trees, and the ever changing crystals embedded in each falling snowflake…as I recall…

Like pure HOPE , miracles are manifested in daily life.  For me, the element of surprise appeared in the visit of my dearest friend Cindy and her husband, Paul, early this year…and then in communications from two old friends, an old student whom I may adopt as a Little Brother, and one of my two Goddaughters…Marie…  Each filled my heart’s cup  to be savored more attentively…

I pray JOY is knocking at your heart’s door.  I pray LOVE enters.  I pray for humanity’s awareness of His presence, and I hold the key at hand to share with each of you as a preparation of the celebration in the Upper Room, the Cenacle.

Happy New Year !  May 2019 be Glorious!



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