“What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” _Ralph Waldo Emerson

What difference would this quote have made had we read it and discussed early on in our lives?  Maybe this is an example of something that requires us to have a past.  Maybe this quote inflates the present to encourage being better in the future.

I think the present moment is the gift for being aware, for recognizing, for absorbing all that can enhance our physical, emotional, and spiritual survival.  There is no prison greater than losing control of one’s own mind.

Marijuana generates an initial sense of fear in many at the onset of using it.  That red flag is the warning.  Marijuana activates the sense of sight to see colors brighter.  That certainly must affect the nerves of the eyes.  The brain’s receptors relax.  That sense of ease causes laughter and a high that stimulates a sense of being more in touch with self.  There is more than I can say because I cannot relate to giving up my power of thinking.  In other words, I refused to smoke joints.

Marijuana triggers dangerous side effects, including the dopiness preserved to describe the users.  Why would anyone choose to join such a group?  I find it offensive to be in the company of people talking gibberish.  How could anyone choose to spend money like that even before knowing how to take care of themselves and other humans?  It is our responsibility to learn how to survive.

The mind is the tool for survival.  The heart and the mind are one in spirit.  The soul is apart, and blessed are those who honor its light of good and joy.  Lost are those who mock the spirit for they will be misguided into doing things that they will regret or pay with shame for having hurt others.

There is no win in choosing to partake in recreational marijuana.  Those who have passed laws to legalize it, have sold the populace a ticket for self-destruction.  How?  Well, in some cases the DNA barely touches the results felt by others.  They are affected by a sense of grandiosity that in time proves them to be weakened, and less the persons they could have become.

I have no appreciation for the use of marijuana by people who claim it is the only way they can battle suffering.  I have met them.  They choose  to be oblivious to reality and live in the clouds.  It is an escape for all who decide they must have it to feel better and tolerate life as they live it.  There are those who fake it until they are addicted.  Yes, they are as they need it as bad as cigarettes. They have caused serious concerns in the states that are celebrating the tax revenue off the dopes.  Somewhere along the line things will collide.

What lies within us is of optimal importance.  To be high on any drug is ridiculously irresponsible.  I used to tell my students to climb a tree.  That is the way to experience being high.  The users are delusional.

I have known marijuana to cause episodes of schizophrenia.  It certainly can be more grave for others.  Social dysfunctions are apparent.  Whoever admits to using it while serving a profession risks everything for anyone.  The psychological habit is merely a stroke of the big picture.  The liking of being a slave, a prisoner has its up side, of course.  People stay away, are afraid, don’t trust, and eventually must find a way to let the users live among them or caring for them.

The permission for that blurry into mixing it with other drugs, including alcohol.  The mixture is a great plan to destroy a vast majority who will then be useless in society.  They become the pawns who lack self-reliance and can be maneuvered to do whatever is necessary for survival.  This is the saddest reality in our nation today.

Join that with violent movies, video games, pornography, and music degrading humanity with more immorality, and society is out of control.  I am sad to say, it looks bad for our nation and we need to step forward in the right direction.

There is no way a serious minded, responsible individual use any drug that alters his or her mental ability to be aware, recognize, and absorb knowledge to survive.

The end of  this indisputable problem begins with the realization that now is the time to clean up what is within to have a decent path forward.  The light of good and joy is the soul’s longing to fulfill in our lives.  The past is behind us and the size of the rear view mirror gives us a glimpse to be sure we are safe going forward.  How we conduct in the moment makes a huge difference as we can look out the window to obey and stay safe under whatever conditions.

I know everyone is tripped by the evil forces and we all fall short of the grace of God to be perfect, however, when it comes to our sustenance, stupid is as stupid does, to quote Forest Gump.

I wish you star shine existence daily.  The light is within…

Let me know what you think…



  • Linda Opfer

    March 8, 2018

    You are so correct on this issue. Sad to see young people ruining their lives.

    • Nicoleta Neagoy

      March 8, 2018

      Thank you for your comment Linda. Our estranged son was harmed by his choice of using it and we went through three drug rehabs…one out of Colorado…Aslley ville? Ashley Valley ? I don’t remember…He is a brilliant young man and as a child the most lovable…I pray for him…miss him…and have been blessed through Facebook to be contacted by a friend of his who is now in medical school; when he was a teenager and got in trouble, his parents asked us to take him in. Kenny lived with us his Senior year in High School. He remembered our caring and thank God our David went to his parents for help. He is now going to school in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He plans to continue in Laramie… Kenny’s Mom has kept me abreast… He won’t speak with us; time will heal us all… The drug rehabs were expensive and we gave it our all. He even spent a year at North Star in Bend, Oregon. I look forward to hugging him one day…It’s been a heartache… The rehabs were filled with young men and women whose parents could afford the help provided. I know for a fact marijuana harms. Thanks for letting me vent. Hugs.

  • Judith

    December 31, 2018

    I agree, marijuana is insidious. Very distressing that it is has become “legal” and being sold to the public despite the fact that marijuana is still federally illegal. Some states have voted to legalize it anyway. I imagine the stuff sold in pot dispensaries is much stronger than most of the illegal stuff sold in the distant past.
    One television campaign, from many years ago said, rightly, marijuana causes people to do “absolutely nothing”. Wasted lives, wasted years…
    You may wonder how I know this…

    • Nicoleta Neagoy

      March 8, 2019

      Hi dear Judith…I just read your note…It may have been sent some time ago… Yes, I wonder…and I can imagine you too learned first hand the evil in this drug… We can only speak our truth… Hugs and God bless you.


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