Inspiring Company

HOPE is an acronym…

We are truly inspired by the good company we keep.

The giving of ourselves to others can inspire them to become inspiration for others.

That is exactly why teachers hold the torch for the future of men and women who will eventually design the path taken by their children…

Be not ensnared in despair by keeping company with those who mislead anyone into an undesirable reality…  To get out of there is to take one step forward and then another, and another and on and on..

The mind that welcomes God in a prayer of thanks giving for the new day, the fresh air, the clear dew drops, and even hot tears that speak of a silent, wounded heart, can find the way to survive because He hears the plea.  His peace arrives as a light to show a path of wholeness, fulfillment, and certainly joy.

On Easter Day the praise for Jesus’ resurrection is proclaimed in Alleluias…  Witnesses of His return to life were the candles burning that have lit ours on the table or the altar, all in awe, still looking up to say, “Oh, my God, dear Lord, How Great Thou Art.”

I hope you will consider these thoughts…

Cleanliness from within to without shines beauty to be seen, to be enjoyed.  Awareness points to details.  Every part of  the body has been carefully designed to travel the purpose chosen to pursue anew every moment.  Ask for wisdom to refrain from wrongdoing and release the chains of regret.  Humans are notorious for making mistakes.  Intentionally or unintentionally and certainly both, throughout the growing pains from youth to adulthood and sadly even beyond, humans err.  We sin.  That means we do mess up and the sooner one becomes aware of the light within and that in others, the sooner we begin the tough work of fighting to be good, better, and our best….

Both panels of the kitchen cabinet in the home for young ladies in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, were carefully painted to inspire a joyful life.

” Expect the best; convert problems into opportunities.  Focus on where you want to go, instead of where you’re coming from.  Decide to be happy, knowing it’s an attitude, a habit gained from daily practice.” _Denis Waitley, The Winner’s Edge

” The sun shines yellow and bright today.  The sky is its bluest blue.  The clouds are white and feathery light__ all, to celebrate you!”_ Inspired by Mexican Folksongs, a birthday card from Kyla Garrison.

I have been blessed to have understood and appreciated the people who came into my life, even the ones who left me in sadness.  The understanding and the appreciation comes from knowing we are uniquely different, and compassion fills me because I know we all hurt.

I think of Leonard Cohen’s lyrics in The Prayer as sung by Josh Groban together with Celine Dion, and hum along its gift to hope.  The words are worthy of being copied as a keeper.  I have done it.

1)”Everything I say and do with anyone makes a difference.” Gita Bellin, “like ripples” said my Mom’s caregiver, Krimmy Shields.
2) Sometimes the best sound the ear can hear is silence.” Unknown, compliments of Lake Minatare’s School teacher, Mrs. Bird.

There are times when being silent together with God, or another and others, gives the sighs respite, brings a chance to create a space to ponder.  It is good, very good.

Along with those whose interests serve a wholesome purpose, one is in step in a joyful dance appealing and inviting.  It is there that inspiration is fueled.  All whom I have met have inspired me to write.

However, like a manual I wished to have read to consider years back, this is a humble invitation.

Be a model of inspiration by learning from the masters, join a Bible Study to begin reading the book most widely read throughout the world, and heed its teachings…  Mine is a Zondervan Bible that explains what is difficult to understand.  The King James one given to me by my dearest friend Rae Whitney adorns my shelf as a treasure.  I reach for it because it is special, and the words written in red are said by Jesus.

This magnificent Camphor three stands at the Tedesky Winery in Ululupalakua on Maui. My dearest Rae Whitney absorbed its splendor… Each twig broken releases its aroma…

Be first in the company of God.  Invite Him into your life.  Miracles are bound to happen.  Make the most of every hour.  Take the time to serve your talent, know even a grave digger takes pride to be useful.  There are tasks so needed to be done that no one else will pick up the broom to do it.  I find it joyful to walk barefooted on clean floors, and delight in the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub on my feet, neck, chest, elbows and knees.  I use it on my wrinkles.  It is the perfume of Eucalyptus and Camphor trees, and should you be so blessed to touch the trunk of each, you too would raise your arms and say Alleluia!

The beauty of the Eucalyptus bark has been affectionately dubbed the rainbow tree… and to drive by them after a rain, is to have inhaled the forest…

Orthodox Easter will be next Sunday, and I am inclined to honor both.  It is our greatest Christian holiday.

I HOPE to have served you a few pointers to survive joyfully, with integrity, and to be in prayer.

I don’t mean to be preachy, simply chatty.

Between the New Testament and the Old Testament, in the center of the Bible, live the Psalms.  I mark my favorite verses with stars and hearts…and even dates.


“The blessing of the Lord be Upon You…” __Psalm 129:8

Alleluia Christ is Risen!


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