I Love Our President Trump

I am frequently torn between writing my thoughts or painting to spread the fire that burns in my heart.  Of course I have daily duties of laundering, cooking, cleaning, and straightening up the surroundings, but there is always that stir in my soul to connect, to serve what seems so right.

I posted the following on FaceBook this morning:

”  My God, I want to do what you want.

Your teachings are in my heart.” __Psalm 40:8

There is a fire within each of us that longs to do what ignites the soul with joy…  How do we know if it’s the right thing to do?

Well, Max Lucado told a story about being unsure early on whether he ought to preach or not.  He sought the counsel of a respected Pastor, and the good  man said, ” Don’t preach !… unless you have to.”

I guess that’s how it is for me when so much inspires me to write.  Even though someone once asked, who is going to read it, and the discouragement sank deep in my young heart, I rediscovered the flame.

God’s will in our lives embraces a service of presents for others to receive in fulfillment of a desire and/or a need.

God bless …  my cousin’s daughter, Stela, who sent these flowers from Romania this morning.  She wished me a happy 8th of March…  from afar…  with her love…  and I am passing it on for you enjoy…  God bless you as well…

I woke up to the sound of a few birds chattering outside my window, even as the grey sky threatens to rain some more…  Stela’s beautiful bouquet of spring flowers made me yearn for another hug from those who keep in touch though I have nothing to offer, but a heartfelt I love you.

 I believe you will understand the rest…
I think about my plot in life in the country my parents finally succeeded to arrive after fleeing their native land, being apprehended in the concentration camp of Buchenwald for three years, and experiencing the day American and British soldiers broke them free as World War II ended in 1945.  Well, they were placed on a boat to Brazil where I was born in 1949.  It wasn’t until 1963 that their American dream was realized.  The movie The American Tale depicts my life so well.  I still identify with the little mouse.
My parents’ burning desire to live in America held them captive from ever reuniting with them families again because the Iron Curtain was the product of a regime born out of an ideology warfare imposed  on so many, even today.
I encourage all to read Journey To Freedom by Nicholas Dima.  That is how history unfolded.  Hollywood would do well to rise to what really matters to mankind.
The problem in America is a division created by a cultural ill born out of complacency of the voters whose lives were so comfortable and fun, they never noticed the permeating control of a powerful group designating chains to imprison the free.  How?  Well, through a slow demise of traditional foundations.  Education has been compartmentalized by simply strategically placing the quality of educators needed in trigger areas.  Outrageous as it may sound, I have reason to believe the chaotic behavior of students is no accident.  It is exactly what is needed to take down the only nation on earth standing agains a One World Order.

So long as people are deaf to the words spoken by the charismatic Obama, as he pledged to FUNDAMENTALLY change our nation, the innocence blindly walks into a trap that enslaves all.  That’s where we are today.  It breaks my heart.  My parents would have been in total disbelief.  Where else can we go to live as Americans when our America is being undermined from within?
How could the youngsters who went to DC to march for a Pro Life movement be so sorely misunderstood and verbally attacked by known mobsters bent on inciting a tragic turn of events?
How is it not tragic that inept adults encourage constituents to push back against anyone whose conservative values disrupt the liberal narrative?
How is it not tragic that the bullying has cost our peace of mind?
How is it not tragic  that people in advantageous positions flare accusations that are beyond disrespectful, simply a form of character assassination.  The tragedy is upon us.
I am far from the roots of my family.  I am here as a  naturalized citizen who lives to tell the stories of horror implemented by ideologies that harmed the innocent.  These ideologies are not in line with the Republic of our United States of America.
Read the words of Vladimir Lenin to the right…Let them sink in to understand why it is okay to love America, to respect its flag, pledge allegiance to it, and to honor the National Anthem.
In fact, the controllers of the media paid to deliver the group think talking points, have the Saul Alinsky agenda for radicals composed to destroy capitalism.
I say the way to the heart of capitalists is  not by enslaving the never-do-wells.  The controllers have no pity on the masses that use marijuana or drink booze to obliterate their reality.  The controllers must control to maintain the self-sufficient in fear of losing their hard earned money.  To call the Americans greedy is pathetic.  Americans are generous and naive to a point.  Now is the time to realize the uncertainty caused by the left that despises a billionaire who has volunteered to step America back to its path of greatness.
The idiotic KKK, white nationalists, terrorists, and biggest, need not be given any ground.  They have thrown a lot of dirt and have lost ground due to it.  It is time we align with the thinkers, with the action driven for each person’s self reliance.  It is only then that each citizen can achieve a chosen quality of life.  www.Walk Away.com  is a movement to be heard.

My passion is to share what I know to be true.  Anyone who has not read Mr. Trump’s books, does not realize he is a visionary of sorts.  He has been the encourager because he sees what can be a success  in others and for others, even as in North Korea.
Mr. Trump is a fatherly figure and yes, a brotherly kind of a guy.  He has been blessed with incredible successes because of choices he made by following an instinct.
He is not a racist.  He stands with the values of history that is never taught.  It ought to be.  How many of us knew that the first 23 Black Congressmen were all Republicans?
Is that what a weakened group hates?  It is unreasonable to expect anyone to be sinless.  Who among us can cast the first stone?
Is it wise or stupid to be in a civilized relationship with those whose values are alien to ours?  I am certain Mr. Trump’s respect for Putin favors our nation’s interest better than Hillary’s and the Democratic Party’s oozing of concocted lies with the Russians to create a false narrative.  It hurts to even shed light on this pathetic truth that has cost us millions of dollars.  Yes, the money paid for unwarranted investigations  may have been better spent on public housing and mental health services for the homeless, for goodness sake, literally.

Published in 2004…and many others before with advice and direction. A human nonetheless, and one with a heart of gold. He has stepped forward because he loves America.

I read a beautiful statement made by a Romanian, I believe.  It said that those of us who are truly aware of our committed sins, cannot find it in our hearts to judge.

I believe Mr.Trump loves America and he realized the American people were being duped.  He referred to the system as the swamp.  That swamp has dwellers and I’m afraid their chameleon hide is too apparent by all who suggest Mr. Trump has manufactured the crisis at our border.
Years ago, Mr. Trump had told Oprah in an interview that can still be seen on line, he would someday run for office, if he saw a need.  He had a hunch.  He watched long enough.  The passion to help consumes him no more.
Mr. Donald J. Trump chose to step into the arena.
Ann Coulter was laughed at when she predicted he would win.  How did she know?  She had observed that his leadership qualities were embedded in a passion for the freedom in the United States of America.  She knew then what the swamp did not.  She felt the pulse of Americans who still cared to keep America great .
You see, it is always deeper and higher and wider than grasped.  Love will conquer the defeaters.  As a Christian, I would say what all Christians already know.  It is all revealed in the Lord’s Prayer.  Yes, the one Jesus Christ gave the people who asked, how to we pray to God?
The blessing of free will places a responsibility we are given and we carry it out by choices we make.  We are responsible for the well being of others as well even though none of us can be everything for anyone.
We can choose to learn the truth before history is rewritten as some textbooks have already been marred.  We can  bravely acknowledge that what unites us humans is deeper than skin color or gender.  The height and width of what keeps us together lives in our values.  So far, the Republic designed to brilliantly to maintain order and progress, has withstood the civil disobedience.  I humbly pray that surely the uninformed will choose to seek the truth before embarking on disrupting the peace.
Therefore, I repeat it often, I love our President Trump.

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