God Is In the Hearts of All

My hope emerged once I stepped out of the box because I felt God in my heart.

Because we hope, we dream more, we envision the greatest good for all the people in the world.  That is such a marvelous wish I wish we could each take it upon ourselves to wish it.  Should you wish to wish it, let  me tell you how it can come about.  It emerges as if in a dance that you set the rhythm for the music felt deep in your heart.  There is a certain excitement to think the improbable could be possible.

“We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.”
_ Anton Chekhov

I found the wish for the greatest good inside the red box.  When I curiously opened it, I thought of Pandora’s box filled with the evils that fled to flood the world though at a different time blessings were scattered.  Both stories gave me pause.  I wondered if I should open it, if I should take a chance.  One quality said to be immersed in love and faith remained: hope.  The face mirrors my heart; its mustard seed components glisten.

Hope brings the wishes to the forefront in our lives.  The will aligned with God’s stands to prosper as the stars that shine above a midnight sky.  To light the wish born of hope, seeded in faith, can embrace the whole.  However, we are a measure of the immeasurable good awaiting to be given, to be shared as talent by talent no beam unimportant, each one a glorious spark of joy in service at the core.

God is at the heart of all our wishes for the ultimate good of humanity.  I trust people who labor to do what is best for every American, and still respect the differences of nations independent culturally and philosophically of one another.  Where is the INTEGRITY of the broadcasters who air the stupidly that our President Trump was wrong to congratulate Russia’s President Putin for winning the election in his country their way?  No civilized leader would have ignored the win.  The majority of Americans expect better and want the truth to be revealed rather than manipulated into mean spirited stories.  This is no secret.  Fox News is awake to deliver the information based on the facts and they discuss  the issues intelligently.  The hateful attacks on every progress made by the present President of United States of America hurt the paid pawns.  The followers of the inept will drop.

The spread of double standards is disgraceful.  Students have shamed themselves to be involved in parades of protests for issues they clearly do not understand.   The responsibility is shared by the uneducated, ill informed adults.

He set another man before them, saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of a mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.”
Matthew 13: 31-32

The craze of excitement to belong to the cause against the Second Amendment has taken flight and is frightening.  If each demonstrator were given a sheet of paper and a pencil to write a solution to the massacre in Parkland after the facts were made known, could they do so in one hundred and fifty words?  It looks like no one has been held accountable for the massacre in Parkland, Florida.  All who were called to duty and on a payroll to protect the public are being protected.  Nick Cruz’s cries for help in the despair of his all too obvious mental illness reported at least thirty-nine times, were dismissed, completely.  How is  that not the problem?   A rational solution will be on the table soon, and even though I am not a gun owner, I am comfortable to know responsible gun owners are armed in case the government gets too big and powerful.

I look at my wish to introduce a proposal for each to discover the locked up hope they may have in a box like I did in my red one.

Maybe through your heartfelt love with faith in God hope can rise to move the demons out. Maybe we can climb to the mountain top in a unified joy of salvation for all on earth.

Why not?  Why not yes?  I realize this sounds way over the top religious.  I have great faith, and dream for peace as Anton Chekhov expressed.

I dream to bring the leaders of every nation to meet the possibility of being the light for the good of all their people.  I speak as a Christian though I respect the good others have traditionally followed for consolation.  To be humanely conscious of the ultimate good of each nation, is to have stepped up at the stage where God can say, “Well done.”  We are humans and we are His children.

We need to return to our roots as one nation under God.  We must demand a wholesome education with true professional masters of the subjects taught.  Hillsdale College has certainly taken the lead to graduate the best in our nation.  When in doubt, seek them out.  Those graduates are the leaders who will revive our nation.  A true education sparks solutions for a future of proud Americans, a safer than most nations, and completely devoted to doing the best good for all.

“The heights of heaven cannot contain Your presence, yet You have a dwelling in my mind.”
_Salonon Ibn Gavirol

We are to be united in thought because all of us matter, men and women of every race and religion following the rule of law as written in our Constitution.  I was shocked to hear Obama proclaim five days before the election that he would begin to  fundamentally change our country.  I was terrified when he won.  His discontentment seemed far from rational.  This is the greatest nation for the freedom provided to each and all to travel from coast to coast with libraries abundantly providing the wealth of an excellent education for anyone interested.

As a naturalized citizen, I respect and appreciate the land of the free, and cannot take it for granted.  The problem of division is completely designed to create the chaos as it is evident by the absurdity of political correctness while fueling race, religion, and gender.  The Saul Alynski agenda is a malicious tool.

My hope is for every institution of learning to sign a contract with every student that guarantees a proper education, that each professor, that each teacher, loves teaching the subject of interest to help all students love learning about them.  The funny math taught in High Schools has missed the mark on writing checks, savings accounts, buying a car, a home, insurance matters, and even investments.  The bar needs to be raised.  So many don’t know the value of a dollar yet they are marching and often leaving trash for clean up.  Who are these students?  What has gone so wrong?  The Book of Secrets needs to be made available for all to Dream, to flourish.

I wish for all to wish for the good of all.  God is at the heart of this dream.

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