Dear First Lady Melania Trump: How Flexible Do We Need To Be?

” Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love never fails.”
_1 Corinthians 13:7-8


Quite frankly, I don’t know that any of us is equipped to deal with all that befalls us when mean spirited people aim to devour with a “splash for attention”.  I am talking about the storm that has no mercy, that is bent on destroying, that rips trees, breaks windows, and inundates the streets causing accidents, and the perfect opportunity for some to sit at home cozy with families while others break into places to create even more havoc.  The hail dents.  The wind bends and once the snow freezes, the scene leaves us stunned, observant, and yearning for spring.

Evil is destructive and none of us can ever imagine how bad it can be.  I am not really talking about a freezing snow storm expected in Northern climates.  I am talking about people who disregard the seriousness and importance of being decent, of being discreet, of being better rather than worse.

I hope the letter I wrote our First Lady Melania is delivered and received.  I hope she has honest people around her who will look out for her well being without hidden microphones to poke fun at her accent, or to report something no one outside of her inner circle ought to hear.

May her love be greater than the hatefulness in flame in the mainstream media.

” Faith goes up the stairs that love has made…and
looks out of the windows which hope has opened.”
_Charles H. Spurgeon
(The photograph of the cracked glass was taken after a hail storm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.)

I am a naturalized citizen, and I am appalled, truly saddened by too many fellow American citizens who have wallowed in lies and broken every law because someone in a group loaded with a lot , a lot, a lot of money has made it so cushy, no dignity remains to be honest and decent.

The pitcher of dollars has been filled and served to many in line to benefit financially at the expense of Mr. Trump’s character assassination.

Divine intervention will strike, and there will be no devil wealthy enough, or more powerful than our God to set the good hearted man free of the abusive parties.

There is no excuse.  Yes, we can have differences of opinions because we are not stamped out with cookie cutters.  Our experiences are so diverse, we can but see things quite differently.

To look and to see two different possibilities is as much as to notice both… yet feel differently about what we see.

I certainly don’t agree with anyone who has not noticed the real Mr. Trump.

I read his books through the years, and my focus has been to appreciate his encouragement for all to do their best.  I admire and respect him and his Family.

I wonder how many saints we have casting stones rather than approving of the harvest sowed and ready to be reaped?

” I am not afraid of the storm for I am learning to sail my ship.”
_Louisa May Alcott

People who divorce and remarry must certainly believe in marriage.

The cheap shots in conversations ought to have tired gossipers.

The absurd discussions regarding despicable reports simply reflect the values of those flinging the mud.  Who would dare pay for falsities?  Only wicked beings in need of healing.

It is heartbreaking for many of us in the nation because our children are watching and listening.

Mr. Trump has done a great deal of good for the hard working American.  His heart of gold reminds me of Proverbs 27: 17: 

”  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

He speaks from the heart.  His tweets show his transparency.

When I hear the opposition be “shocked” by his words, the hypocrisy overwhelms me.

Mr. Trump is a disciplinarian uncle figure who gives 100% of his time to those who love him, and those who dislike him.

To hate him is to not understand the tremendous task he chose to undertake to liberate our country from the corruption he so lovingly calls “the swamp.”  He leads from the heart.  His mind is intact.  He has endured unwarranted attacks by those whose agendas oppose self-reliance.  I have heard outrageous accusations signifying nothing other than there are poor losers unaware of the blessing this President actually is.

Big government is not the answer to peace.  Those who don’t know “they don’t know” are being duped to be used as puppets.

Shame and disgrace be upon those who construe events to gain notoriety at any expense.  That is one paycheck a noble person would pass.  Of course, nobility is also a choice, and I see that there are many who prefer to have a country full of dopes.  Yes, the pun is intended.  I wrote a blog about it earlier…

” The fruit of our placing of things in His hands is the presence of His abiding peace in our hearts.”
_ Hannah Whitall Smith

I want to apologize to our First Lady Melania Trump for the injustices she shoulders, and wish to let her know we appreciate her.  I admire her elegance and composure.  Most of all, I respect her for having the courage to read the Lord’s Prayer out loud.  I loved that she read to children on Easter.  All I know personally look forward to seeing her and hearing her speak.

The jerks that made it a laughing “matter” of course don’t mind showing their true colors of bigotry.  I guess it is really hard for me to accept the comedians’ cheap shot followed by the unbearable applause.  It isn’t anymore funny than Loretta Lynch telling Comey to call it a “matter” rather than a criminal investigation.  I think we take sides depending on how we see things by what we know.  Enough said.

So, I stretch out my imagination to a lake where the water reflects the blue sky, and then see us, as in you and me, sitting on a porch looking and noticing we feel the same way about what we see.  We know who we are.  You are the hand.  I am the glove.  Is that how friends serve one another in winter?  When it is too cold to weather out the storms, is that how a glove serves the hand that needs it?

Well, I’m taking too much for granted because even though the view I see from my porch is the same, we may feel entirely different about God’s setting.  In fact, you may think God had nothing to do with the reflection of the sky in the water.  You may be sure I am crazy to think such an absurdity.

Whatever point of view you hold as we sit on the porch, looking out, as contemporaries, it is essential we hold firm to the moment.  “In acceptance lieth peace” begins a prayer poem given to me in 1994 by a friend.

The chaos of unwarranted words being flung to carve like “hail imprints” that leave marks, break windows, and cost to be repaired, is tragic.

It seems we can be friends or not.  We can be the enemy that is nudged to say the glove doesn’t fit.  What a line !!  People actually bought it.  This is exactly what I’m talking about.  Except, in this case…others are being bought.  The circus is not entertaining anymore.  The clowns are scary.  The masks have become apparent, and I lean on God who knows all to divinely intervene.

“When my arms can’t reach people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.”
_Sharon Lagueux

I thank God our President Mr. Trump, our First Lady Melania, their son Barron, and all of their Family have risen to evolve through the inconsiderate, thoughtless, devious, and evil attacks.

The uneducated cannot comprehend a person who resolves problems by building.  The devotion is a gift of sheer visionary genius.  As a couple, they have taken responsibility to do their best for the entire United States of America.

I pray they stand strong and I thank God for their service.

I am grateful they represent our nation, and I look forward to more and more Americans joining their efforts to making America Great Again.  We can be a united nation.

How flexible do we need to be under stress and disappointments?  It is a personal decision.

Who else but the oppressed knows the ache of sorrow?  And how much can one bear?  Again, it depends on the person.

I pray for our First Lady Melania, our President Donald J. Trump, Barron, and the Family.  Millions do the same across the nation and in our churches.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

_ Barbara Johnson

I trust the Trump Family to continue to shine as they wish us to do with integrity.



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