Choose a Life of Quality

Bet that you would not have wanted to know me then; when I didn’t know any better, I made a lot of mistakes and they are called sins.

Today I went on ride to find signs of God speaking to my heart and I found just two, both plenty to begin volumes the young at heart may find at least interesting, if not essential in making choices.  All choices are life altering.

It’s the beginning of March when nature slides blades and petals like notes appearing under the door with a message to behold.

Just as I turned the corner happy enough with what I found to be quite extraordinary on an ordinary Sunday afternoon, tilted to the ground a rusty sign declared ” The quality of life yesterday is the knowledge of today.”…  I am still chewing on it because on the way into town, I clearly wanted to stop and begin writing this:

These tips have to do with all I wish I had been told while learning to tie my shoes.  Better yet, these were the tips I wish I had taught my four sons when they exercised the different ways of tying the knots and looping the bows to tie their sneakers just right, and tight.  Well, I’ll rest a bit in saying that some of these permeated as if by osmosis because they got a lot as I did by simply trusting it was good to obey the lessons we learned on the page of every day in our lives.

The truth is that it is foolish to lie because God knows everything and so the secret fib is not so secret.  In fact, the focused observer figures out the lie is out as it rolls off your tongue.  The worst possible lie is the one your loved ones believe and carry forth as truth.  Once exposed the yoke is on the liar and the loved ones, knowingly or unknowingly also lose ground.  Yes, I am familiar with the adage not to judge anyone by their family, but the truth is, that red flag waves in and out like the memory of a windy day.

Perhaps the anatomy of a lie is best explored in reflection of intent, whether to impress or deflect a hidden fact.  Both smell of insecurity.

Not long ago, in not wanting to address my reason for not doing something, I simply honestly said I did not want to say but I had told God.  I was sure God would make it known to all if He so willed.

The truth is as children or parents, we live by winging the moments that present themselves without warning and to have had proper instruction, we would be by far more alert and attentive to situations that require choices.  All choices are life altering, remember?

Diplomacy and discretion are like salt and pepper, a little of both makes a lot of difference on egg salads.

Dear Mark Twain wrote: ” Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” …  His lovely thought impressed upon me early on in High School actually how important it was not to swear, at all if possible.

Why?  I am like a lamb.  When wolves howl, my entire being trembles.  There is nothing more unkind to my ears than to hear people swearing as they speak about life events as if mixing dirt and water would literally make good pancakes.  Even syrup atop would dispel the sweetness, even again if were maple syrup ( my favorite).

There is an uncontrollable thing in the element of surprise stirred with gossip.  That uncontrollable thing is in the fulfilling feeling of belonging in the moment together as if around a campfire with marshmallows on a stick.  That cozy moment ties the knots of sinful lies and manipulations that in turn control at least momentarily.  The repercussions can be hurtful, embarrassing, and regrettable.  Therefore, it is best to choose to be careful not to enhance the tale God has in His control.

Well, the good book does say He wants us to be holy and that must seem like an incredibly weighty assignment except for the peace of mind reassured all parties involved.

Lies compound problems yet in the Egypt slavery account in Exodus 1, Shiphrah and Puah lied to the Pharaoh to save the lives of the newly born Jewish boys.  The Egyptians were builders and Jews were shepherds, the Egyptians worshiped many gods versus the Jews who worshiped one God, the rooted Egyptians versus  wanderer Jews lived close enough to pose a concern for the Pharaoh who saw that the slaves were multiplying rapidly…  He ordered the two midwives to kill the boys…yet… they chose to risk sacrificing their lives by lying to do what was right, and God blessed them.

These are morsels to savor and consider because ultimately what really matters is to be right with our almighty God.  This is my prayer for all in the world…

To choose a life of quality means to wash clean of deception because God knows all and any harm intended is felt like an open wound.  To be star-shine daily means to do what is right in service of the good all can enjoy.  Mistakes are a human element we can learn to avoid and in doing so we can teach others the same.

Always thank God He knows our hearts, and rest in Him when being falsely accused.  That is the ultimate choice in a life of quality.  In respect, we grow our integrity.

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you did’t know before you learned it” _Anonymous


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