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A Prayer In My Journal

Dear God…

I rest in peace knowing You know my heart…

Please care for my sons this night.

Please direct their steps towards their ultimate good purpose on earth…

Please guard them safely under Your wing,

and carry them carefully through life.

If I could I would take all their burdens;

they balance challenging assignments, and need Your healing.

Please let them know You…

Please let them trust in You…

and please let them be graced to do good in service for all who can benefit.

Please have mercy on them, forgive them as they too have forgiven, and

I pray my prayer will be theirs from hereafter…

Thank You God…Thank You Jesus…Thank You for Your Holy Spirit in us.


” Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.” __ Ecclesiastes 5:2

He knows our hearts yet we pray to help change our own being from helplessness to strength through faith…

Overlook No Message

The overcloud calls for discernment
To pin the defining moment as it is…
For… if even overlooked,
Reveals the ordinance of choice lessons.

When the selected foreshadows
as the soul weighs the ambiguous moment in the present,
I say,
mark it, and remark!

The signs speak.
To see, to hear, and
feel the pith so as to note,
Insight is served by intuition.

To awaken to the brim
Of all that unfolds,
Is to be
Truly alive.

The beclouded moon
And I
Overlooked…yet no more.

Open God’s volumes of wisdom
Apparent in the palpable present
To Everyone,
Everywhere, and

Overlook no more…

God is nearer than here.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 8-13-2016

Forgiveness Hand in Hand with Love

“Forgiveness is the fragrance

the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ” _Mark Twain

How did this quote become an old friend’s favorite?  Sometimes a quote

speaks to a wound.  The salve borders on the divine because to for-give

is what we need to yield  in order to avoid collision in our hearts.

The Course in Miracles states “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”

With these two quotes in mind, one may actually step into those comfortable shoes to avoid blisters and the discomfort thereafter.  This reminds me of the benefit of using Vaseline on the feet before sliding them into socks and sneakers.  It is a way of avoiding blisters.

The heart too can be worn down.  The Vaseline prevention of blisters to the feet can be equated to the thoughts that empower to appease irresponsible blows that literally cause damage. Keep Reading

Signs of Divinity

I see more than I saw when I was there yet I wished just as much of the embracing love to be shared with one and all.  It was on a walk alone for an hour that  I found myself in a banana tree grove.  In an instant I was enveloped by an invisible force and I turned myself around, looked up and slowly down.  I experienced an awesome envelopment like a physical vortex though its lightness rose in me a spiritual well-being.  Whatever it was, I returned to find the spot.  Unfortunately, I could not.  

Back in the days, Kodak made a fortune.  Folks like me were intrigued by the loveliness of moments, and we lived to their motto to capture  “a Kodak moment”.  I had the least expensive one on the market; it was my delight to pick and click at the right time the image, the color, the spirit that held the magic.  If I could choose today what to become in my life once again, it would have been to learn to use the best camera, become a professional photographer, and serve my wares to National Geographic magazine.  The world has always been smaller  in its grandeur as I had the honor of meeting an unforgettable young lady who did just that for a living.  Her parents were the Baldwins and they lived across the street from us.  In retrospect, she herself would have been a beauty to behold  in a photo as a prize.  She sublimely moved to speak as she smiled demurely.  I can’t remember her name yet I think Angel would have been fitting.  To take in what one beholds in admiration is to embody respect in appreciation.

We hold images of our loved ones in the midst of joy, and the photographs remind us of how swiftly the moment embedded in the memory eventually sheds light on the empty.  The missing misses the joy.  Nonetheless, we frame them, we carry them, we revisit, we keep them as tokens of our love.  Photographers have the skills of artists though theirs depend on the eyes to find the shadow and the light.  Their canvas moves unforeseen.  Today the advanced technology may skip the old time steps yet the photographer must be there in full force to know the angles that will be there no more in an instant.  The beholder must still be led by spirit, a feeling, a sound in flight, a dot on the line.

When the above photograph came developed, I remembered where it was taken.  I wondered how it related to that strange phenomenon experience.  I studied it.  I showed it to anyone I saw had an interest.  Some saw what I saw.  I have looked for a quote to recapture the possible symbolic experience in the banana patch.  My photograph of the photograph does not do it justice, and the intent here is to tell the story.   Keep Reading