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To Survive Joyfully


The essence of preparing for a tea is a celebration of sorts.  The secret is unraveled by the setting intended to release an instant “Ah hah!”  Taking time for tea is a pleasure acquired by choice because its formality beckons attention.  All truth be told, tea time indulges in harmony due to sincere conversation.  Therefore, it is no wonder a lot of understanding is steeped over tea.  For anyone unfamiliar with the experience, an invitation accepted may be a way to a lifelong friendship.

Two proper tea cups will do, four or more invite added conversation.  The outpour of black tea such as Earl Grey or Lipton green tea from a china tea pot, serves sensible sips to be savored.  All subjects really matter to the hearts that choose to come together.  Ladies and gentlemen of all ages from five to one hundred and five may gather to share a designed moment over tea.  That means it is planned in advance with joyful anticipation.  These are the moments we later recall privately.  That is the point of joining with others for the ceremony of tea.
And, when we take sitting down seriously to partake in tea, I like to quote Charles Dickens : “To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature.  I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.”  This is precisely how I feel about tea time with friends or family.  In general, we converse of happy things to lift all hearts.
  Heavy burdens too can be released by sipping tea with tears.   It is indiscreet to be offended by a friend’s discreet confession of a sorrow.  The mere gift of time to chat over tea gives way to a comfort not forgotten.  It is more than something to do.  It is something to think about when it is happening.  The focus is on having created a space in time for remembrances.
Tea time is an exercise I wish I had started with my four sons at an early age, back when I could have fluttered their magic imaginations with smiles and kisses.  I simply did not consider it for boys.
Fortunately, however, soon after we moved to Maui in 1992, God granted our two “kiddles in the middle” a friend whose Mom, Mrs. Thomas, sweetly scheduled time for tea in the mid of their play, mid afternoon.  Well, not the kind in tea rooms, but nonetheless a break from the trampoline romp for a revitalization of spirits with water and treats.  She called it “tea time”.  One of their happiest childhood memories will always be treasured in the company of a friend whose Mom called them in for tea.  This is a priceless gift for you to share with others as well.  A mug will do with sweet tea too.
 Hospitality offers a labor of love for anyone arriving for a visit.  I can assure you hearts open like the floodgates of heaven in the cozy of trust.  The blessing of my friendships have been in circles of many who gathered to take tea.  Above is the photograph of my dearest friend Jeannette testing the pouring of tea unto a proper tea cup.  The stories poured.  Cream added.  A sugar cube, or nude (as a Russian lady surprisingly said once), or a double dab of honey, reflected personal preferences in taste and that without judgment.   I served homemade scones and mini sandwiches… Each prepared with love.  This was, and still is, my ultimate gift for friends and family.  I noticed eyes of all ages dance from cup to cup, and lips lick savory tea treats.  I witnessed words appear as if freshly written on wet sand.  The company of two, four or more was and still is an inspiration for “hospitali-tea”.



Doesn’t awareness have a whisper of divinity?  It’s as free as the air we breathe…  Life can be a celebration while taking tea.
I chime with Chaim Potok who so tenderly said,”Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things”…

Angel Paw Prints

Consideration of pet ownership is much like the commitment made in a marriage.  No kidding.  The responsibility of caring for the needs of the animal is after all a lifelong step towards a healthy relationship.  The fulfillment of needs is important.  Tucked in the hearts of the friendship between the pet owner and the cat or dog, are angelic qualities.  Isn’t it love?  Isn’t is compassion?  Isn’t it kindness?  Read on to recognize the star shine owner’s manual.

One’s illustrious daily service is paid back in full by a tender canine or feline soul.  Both have demonstrated tremendous deeds beneficiary to humans equally young and old.  See star shine to this path?  I do.

The price of ownership is in the mix to feed, to water, to train, to vaccinate, to groom, to walk, to keep comfortable, to pamper, and to love as many years ‘till death do they part.  The pet most often provides free fur for all. The pet provides an ever-present affection when brushed regularly coupled with licks and/or purrs.  The “To Do” list is ironically twofold.  Not long ago, a post appeared of cats wearing cone hats made out of their own fur.  The creative master mastered making lemonade out of lemons.  The chase of fur on every surface has made poodles and other like genetically distinct breeds of dogs, popular and expensive.  Cats too must have distinguishing fuzz features to go with varied lengths of tails.  Just sayin’.

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