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TRUE Social Justice

I have swept clean my earliest memories as a child. 

I mean, I cleaned them out in a pile of dust for the Potter to mold them into a pitcher.  Now that it is filled, I would like a word about Social Justice.  It begins with being cordial.  There is no way anyone can advance a wholesome relationship without the quality of cordiality.  Any ambassador on a diplomatic post knows this card of success in bringing peace to the table.

I am sincerely baffled by the need for the world to learn more about being kind hearted.  Of course, I am even more disturbed by the fire fueled to burn the legacy of the intelligent thinker.  That’s why I say an incomplete education causes consequential harm in our society.  Mark Twain hit the nail on the head :
Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It’s like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won’t fatten the dog.
– Speech, 11/23/1900

It breaks my heart.  Lies aim to murder the truth.  A test of how serious we are in our belief in God and His power, is in our ability to stick to the truth.  After all, He knows all our secrets.  Therefore, to Him, social justice stands for words intended to fight a cause that was addressed by great thinkers.  Had they been taught, what a great difference they would have made.  I don’t give up on educating because there is no greater joy in any soul than to be in the knowing.  That’s where freedom soars.  Teachers and professors carry the responsibility of the nation’s future.  To deny a proper education is criminal.  To oppose those who give their time to better the lives of others is criminal.  To be infested by an ideology that promotes the destruction of our nation’s Constitution is sickening.  The disrespect has escalated and it is time for the educated to be heard instead.  There is no benefit to listening to the inept.  Who are they?  Easy to spot.  They fling mud at those who do the work.  They are the chameleons that unsuspectingly poison.

To be enslaved by the lies that have been spewed and continue to be spewed, is to be caught in the whirlpool of a cesspool.  Instead of disempowerment,we must choose to discipline ourselves to behave in civilized manners.  To laugh at this grain of truth is to deny the power of faith as large and heavy as a mustard seed.  That’s how little faith most of us have until that instant, that defining split of a second, when the TRUTH sparks, and we become what God intended all humans to be: humane. Keep Reading

Tibetan Terriers

” There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven:…” __ Ecclesiastes 3:1

The cycles in our lives provide us with understanding the need for prayer.  The disciples and the people who gathered and asked Jesus how to pray to God, were given our Lord’s Prayer.  Thanking God for what is good in our life is also heartfelt prayer.  Becoming centered quietly respectfully giving God our pressing problems, rises a peace beyond human understanding.  To negate its power, its glory, its presence  is as foolish as to negate the breath of life taken here on earth.  The next one as our souls depart, is in heaven, just as Reverent Billy Graham said.  Well, maybe the next breath after death is in the somewhere where we face our life in full review.  Here is a quote to consider:  “LORD, help me to become the person my dog thinks I am.” __Dawn Ewing  

I once struck a conversation with a young lady checking out my groceries at Walmart and she said she had just wished God a good day.  She said she just felt it in her heart to wish Him a good day instead of just asking Him to bless her with one.  It still makes me smile.  We ought all do that sometimes…  When King Solomon invoked there is a time for everything, he surely knew God’s plan for us is to learn from one another from youth through maturity.  That cycle of every lifetime is the parentheses in time here on earth to fulfill our purpose to learn and to teach.  The light of love within each being is the source of all good.  We each have a divine purpose, and the sooner we realize this fact, the sooner regrets will be a thing of the past.

A dog’s unconditional love gives me pause.  We should all wish to be the human our dog thinks we are.  Dandelion and Tumbleweed are two Tibetan Terriers born to Princess in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii.  Their Mom belonged to a grandmother whose grandkids scheduled a pick up in the parking lot of the new Bowling Alley in Wailuku for the folks who had responded to the ad in the Maui Weekly.  Since I had been the first to call in December, they let me choose one from a litter of five.   Dandelion was the nudger in the group.  Her excitement was contagious and had to pick her as the others were waiting in line to choose their treasured pup.  As it turned out, she was the first born.  The three new owners chose a male and two of the other two females.  They were also adopted to live Upcountry in Kula.  Each dog was given an assigned stuffed toy and Dandelion’s hound dog was bigger than she was.  The runt, asleep, and oblivious to all that had already transpired, remained to be chosen by someone who did not show up.  After a half an hour, I debated about switching Dandelion for Tumbleweed as she wouldn’t stop barking.  I asked if I could do so and they said sure, it didn’t matter, one would go to the pound.  That’s how I ended up taking them both. Keep Reading

Signs of Divinity

I see more than I saw when I was there yet I wished just as much of the embracing love to be shared with one and all.  It was on a walk alone for an hour that  I found myself in a banana tree grove.  In an instant I was enveloped by an invisible force and I turned myself around, looked up and slowly down.  I experienced an awesome envelopment like a physical vortex though its lightness rose in me a spiritual well-being.  Whatever it was, I returned to find the spot.  Unfortunately, I could not.  

Back in the days, Kodak made a fortune.  Folks like me were intrigued by the loveliness of moments, and we lived to their motto to capture  “a Kodak moment”.  I had the least expensive one on the market; it was my delight to pick and click at the right time the image, the color, the spirit that held the magic.  If I could choose today what to become in my life once again, it would have been to learn to use the best camera, become a professional photographer, and serve my wares to National Geographic magazine.  The world has always been smaller  in its grandeur as I had the honor of meeting an unforgettable young lady who did just that for a living.  Her parents were the Baldwins and they lived across the street from us.  In retrospect, she herself would have been a beauty to behold  in a photo as a prize.  She sublimely moved to speak as she smiled demurely.  I can’t remember her name yet I think Angel would have been fitting.  To take in what one beholds in admiration is to embody respect in appreciation.

We hold images of our loved ones in the midst of joy, and the photographs remind us of how swiftly the moment embedded in the memory eventually sheds light on the empty.  The missing misses the joy.  Nonetheless, we frame them, we carry them, we revisit, we keep them as tokens of our love.  Photographers have the skills of artists though theirs depend on the eyes to find the shadow and the light.  Their canvas moves unforeseen.  Today the advanced technology may skip the old time steps yet the photographer must be there in full force to know the angles that will be there no more in an instant.  The beholder must still be led by spirit, a feeling, a sound in flight, a dot on the line.

When the above photograph came developed, I remembered where it was taken.  I wondered how it related to that strange phenomenon experience.  I studied it.  I showed it to anyone I saw had an interest.  Some saw what I saw.  I have looked for a quote to recapture the possible symbolic experience in the banana patch.  My photograph of the photograph does not do it justice, and the intent here is to tell the story.   Keep Reading


“GOD has given us two hands__one to receive with

 and the other to give with.  We are not cisterns made for hoarding.  We are

channels made for sharing. “


My parents told me the story of a gift brought to me by my God parents, a chocolate bar.  I was five years old, and their visit was due to a special occasion.  My Dad had been ordained to the priesthood.  I remember the table set with food for a crowd.

Our neighbors with their daughter and son were there and I unwrapped chocolate bar, and inhaled the scent with a smile.  I snapped to give each a piece.  One for each parent and one for each friend, two for my Godparents, and two for my parents.  The eight pieces completed the bar.  What about you? asked my father.  Even though some tried to give me a part of their piece, I was perfectly happy to share it all with them.  I don’t remember the incident yet my parents repeated it enough that I certainly lived up to the joy felt in giving.  Perhaps we give what feels so abundantly available simply because there is greater pleasure in seeing the satisfaction in others receiving.

The delight to give is apparent in children.

Pastor Billy Graham was a sort of shepherd who sought God’s flock to deliver the faith, the hope, the love, the wisdom filled Bible. His mission’s message continues to shine like a candle whose flame lights and warms the room in our hearts.  He gave so much for so many to receive.

We all can.

Albert Schweitzer’s life is an inspiration of a man with a complete education dedicated to humanitarian assistance.  By the age of twenty nine he had written three books, he loved Bach’s music, and his exemplary life shines on…  His devotion to his work, just as Pastor Billy Graham’s, inspired others to fulfill their dreams.  Their encouragement was designed to light the way for others.  Their patience moved mountains as their faith the size of a mustard seed, could and would not be snuffed out.  Their mission was charged with divinity.  Their humanity called out to humans; they heard the cries and responded with their love.

Like all of us, both men felt the pangs of rejection; their flame, however, rekindled.

” Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”  __ALBERT SCHWEITZER

The up close image of the angel on the tree trunk as discovered in Bible Study on Maui appeared at a glance.  Look and see the signs all around waiting to be found. God gives us the clues.  Angels sometimes are in being the light.  Sometimes they are humans in the light.  Sometimes they can be recognized and when two meet, the path is lighter, brighter.

” Believers, look up–take courage.  The angels are nearer than you think.”  __BILLY GRAHAM

When I discovered the verse below, I decided it was time to read the Bible with a magnifying glass.  I still hope we can all be star-shine daily.  We can.  We can give from this light within us.

“This light within you produces only what is good and right and true.”  EPHESIANS: 5:9

Please share your thoughts with me…  God bless you.

Annabeth the Preacher’s Daughter

Defining moments in our lives are carved in the air to stand as tall as statues.  They are the pillars in our gardens.  They remind us of who we became because of them.  They call to us in spirit when we have nowhere else to go, and their friendship never ends.  Each conversation is a beginning.  Each farewell reassures a reunion.  It is an ever flowing stream.

Friends have a voice that when heard it’s a song.  We can dance to its beat because we know it.  We are at ease.  Annabeth Miguel Sayles sat at the school’s office on the first day of her new job, answering the phone, looking through papers, and wearing a smile with an uncertain confidence.  She was the lone warrior at Horizon’s Academy in Haiku, and many were glad she could muster what it took to do the job so sorely needed to be fulfilled.  She looked like a Precious Moments Angel figurine.

She took to the helm ever so grateful to make do as a widow, a Mom of two adult children, and a grandma of three.  As I recall, there had been a shift in administration.  She amazingly orchestrated all that was needed even in delivering successful fundraisers held on a golf course on the West Maui Mountains in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Marilyn Monroe.  Getting along with everybody that came along required composure, tenacity, and a sense of humor.  Parents, teachers, administrators, aids, and students all passed by her and needed her for this or that, and she answered and took care to see that all was done and completed.  She stayed long hours.  Her elegance was prime.

In the midst of school functions, we discovered in conversation a mutual torch: being preachers’ daughters.  I think we both said simultaneously now that is funny !  Something about her natural beauty, her stately humility, her steadfast faith, her sincere devotion to family, her admirable strength of spirit, her common sense, and her discreet attention to the needs of others, set her apart. Her character qualities are imprinted on a solid marble like presence in attendance in my life.  The details of cruelties she endured are locked in a room of confessions in the heart of hearts.  We got it from our fathers who prayed to Our Father.  We were cemented. Keep Reading


I trust bees to be as sweet as honey…  I still stroll the garden among them  to hear the hum of secrets Sue Monk Kidd must have heard.  By the time I finished reading her novel, The Secret Life of Bees, there was no doubt in my mind, we stand on the ground we are supposed to be unfolding.  The wisdom in that novel pours like liquid gold.  I respect the work of bees and suspect kissing flowers makes the honey sweet.  The tone we hear in life is a given to receive and vice versa; forget the video games, get to know the labor productive love of bees.

The blessing of the ultimate flavor imbued with the scent anew in a mug of tea, is the free elixir in life to cover and uncover every insidious hurt.  It is a secret nevermore.  The choice is in picking the right hand waving and asking to be heard.  The soul of the worker bee is pure.  Her delicacy never spoils.  It is an eternal nourishment to behold like a candle flaming its tender brush heaven ward.

Fennel grew wild on the hillside and after the dew whisked the sparkling blooms by noon time, the invitation opened its door.  Pockets filled with thoughts spread like the wings of eagles here, and that is how anyone comes into the knowing.  The bees no more wished to harm anyone than it would sting a breeze; the wind need not our arms and hands to fling about to create unseen waves and disturb the air that be.  Bees must be respected that way.  I think anyone needing to know a thing or two about these matters would do well to trust, as I did, and get the lessons.  Respect is a willful act of patience to fully encompass the vista. Keep Reading


Isn’t it funny how we meet people seemingly accidentally and then discover life would never have been the same without them ?  Jeannette sat alone in church, and one Sunday, I made it a point to join her.  We sang out of tune at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Keokea on Maui.  We chatted and I invited her for tea and lunch to be company for my Mom.  The two cocooned on the couch and spoke one or the other always smiling and nodding.  I wasn’t quite sure they understood any words as Jeannette tried to remember the French and my Mom would slide into Romanian yet they still cordially carried on like two birds in flight from tree to shrub and twig to fence.  The household seemed livelier as Jeannette came along in rides to the stores, and stayed to help me in the kitchen.  She insisted on holding my cutting board as I chopped peppers, onions, and carrots galore.  We meshed in stirring, mashing, and pouring while doting on my Mom with a little of this and that.  We found laughter in the fridge, on the stove, and over the table.  Little by little we said it all and she was there to dry my tears and understood what I could not.  She was the HOPE I wished in life for a friend.  She said I was the FAITH she needed to hear from a friend.  Her story carved a statue in marble.  Her strength dissolved iron.  Her gentleness feathered a breeze.

Even now that she departed, I wish to be nearer—she was a lady of poise galore.  Sometimes, I stop and sense her presence, perhaps it’s just the memory.  Ours was a friendship born in prayer.  I HOPE as she hoped.

Alike I had become friends with Cindy whom I visited at Upcountry Legends, her store.  She called my little guys “the group” and somehow from the start we cinched a friendship in conversation about God.  Yeah, the island attracts all kinds of people.  We met to talk about everything God related.  She gave me  a book that sits on my shelf A PARENTHESIS IN ETERNITY, by JOEL S. GOLDSTEIN.  Of its entire content which I love, her note on the cover is best and filled with her LOVE …and that is Cindy’s story.  Petit and smart even as a child, she still walks on clouds as her mother appropriately reminded the family.  She was born and raised in New York City, and used her daughter’s name for the shoe store: Taryn.  I honestly don’t know how she sold anything as she mostly spoke to everyone of God.  We cannot exhaust the topic and this is where Jeannette joined the party.  We three nested our lives in resolving the craters of sadness by refusing to stay stuck in the “mucks.”  We mastered the art of finding the best in the moment.  Our dearest Cindy was the one among us who as a child prayed to God for wisdom.  I was stumped and ashamed as I prayed for pretty knees.   Keep Reading


Our Words…

They are indeed good

For they feed us


Emotionally… Spiritually…

They make all the difference…

In how we perceive…

How we relate…

They express us…

I can’t get enough of the words that

Heal… Inspire… Engage…



I recognize the difference they make.

I search for words that cleanse

My mind, my heart, my soul, and yours…

Words attract or dispel.

They connect and disconnect…us…

Hurtful phrases flung leave a mark.

Loving ones do too.

I know the marks.

I wish to give you only

The ones that spark a joy

In you, and yours…

Words bear their ware.

We freely gather, compare, and share.

We are the carriers of the serving trays…

The celebrants arrive to a feast that beckons response.

Will you respond ?  I too must choose the ones

with you in mind,from my heart,

in God’s Holy Spirit, always first, and

name them our words.


(The photographed labyrinth was constructed by a father and son just passed Lahaina on Maui…

It is designed to be walked on serenely as an exercise of becoming centered in prayer.)

Sometimes poems …emerge…  Have you written poems ?  Please let me read your comment…Thank you…


In the final analysis, the indisputable truth about our birth begins at the conception of an egg being fertilized by a sperm.  A Rabbi Borg I believe his name to be, wrote a series of books and in one he suggests that the energy of the parents’ souls in that intimate instant is a conduit like the magnet for the soul that chooses to be incarnated through them.  I know, I know this will ruffle feathers.  I thought it so interesting that the hearts and minds come together in a sense connecting souls.  A photographed soul departing the body does appear to be a form of energy.  I saw one such photograph…I think the lightness of the soul lightens the weight of the body as well until it leaves.

The design of our appearance to the formidable workings of the circulatory system pumped by the heart is extraordinary.  The study of muscular components of the body holding the skeletal body is amazing.  The ear, the nose, the eyes have unique functions and they are brilliantly formed by the potter of metaphors.  We have senses that help navigate through this existence.

And the superfluous adjectives I used above, can be labeled unscientific, but the mere suggestion that these building blocks of nature have no meaning beyond functionality, is to deny the importance of us needing one another to survive.  How?  We are physically and emotionally held by the presence of spirit within each human being.  It sounds like kindness.

In fact, I believe animals too carry the light of God in them.

C. S. Lewis so aptly wrote, “In God there is no hunger that needs to be filled, only plenteousness that desires to give.”  That ever lasting love is every human being’s greatest longing.  It is the breadth of the soul, love is.  His plenteousness is everywhere in everyone.  How have you discovered it ?

Please write a comment.  Thank you and God bless you.


WELCOME to Be Star-Shine Daily

This blog as it is called for short articles addressing the writer’s points of interests, is much like an artist’s palette.  Initially I had hoped to have twelve categories to address specific topics readers could tap into and ask questions.  However, it has been designed with a name that does cover my heart’s intent.  I may be tweaking the four categories in time.  This is new to me, and I am literally like a kindergartner in a canvas playground with buckets of colorful paints ready to be used with just a few whispering brushes.

Since there are quotes that have transported me from heart beat to heart beat and from breadth to breadth, I can assure you I am grateful for their sustenance.  We are nurtured in different ways in life, and without brothers and sisters, books seemed to always be there to tell me something written by someone who cared enough to pour out nuggets.  Many of them have helped me keep my chin up and my back straight resolutely sure of how to perceive the mysteries of life.

” There is a pleasure, in the pathless woods.

There is rapture on the shore.

There is society where none intrudes

By the deep sea, and music in its roar.

I love not man less.

I love Nature more.”  Woodlands__Lord Byron

We live such fragile lives from the moment we are conceived, and the best in us is the love.  The star light from our soul eagerly shines from birth and somewhere along the way we are the stars that aim to fulfill our ultimate best.  I  thank God for sending us His Son, Jesus, and for my extraordinary good fortune in life to have honored  His wisdom.

I welcome your comments and questions and promise to answer, even if in a story.  God bless you and thank you for visiting my site.