Be Organized and Clutter Free !

No matter what needs to be done, it must begin at the start or one has to retrace to get it done right.  That is precisely why being orderly helps and before I get going, let me introduce you to Monika Kristofferson who kindly says, ” You don’t have to be perfect to be organized.”…  HA! ( as my oldest son Daniel often responds), that is encouraging.

I certainly prefer orderliness and remember cleaning up drawers and closets for friends of long ago, and now, every once in a while, I think about doing my own.

I tend to lean on making excuses to slowly reach the fork junction that stops me on my tracks, oh, where, where did I put that ?  I bet you know what I’m talking about!  Well, here is another hands up with a solution:

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” _Samuel Smiles, Thrift

That seems reasonable yet scattered brain activities hinder the process, and I have been told once, twice and more than I would like to remember ” it’s a guy thing to be disorderly.”…  Somewhere I read and have passed it on though I’m not sure my voice was loud enough to be heard and maybe I lost my clout for having let it slide for too long…

Whatever…   Like things with like things seems to be the start of making order.  Books with books, papers with papers, change with change in a jar or a tin, t-shirts with t-shirts, cups with cups, etc…  I think it proper to give a teenager a good looking trash can for the things that need to be discarded.

It is a sad thing to confess, I have mastered the keeping of cards and letters and papers that bear significant messages with words intended to be read, to be appreciated, and maybe to be cherished, and I have, most of everything ever sent to me.  Laugh if you will in plastic bins they have traveled across the Pacific Ocean not once, not twice, not even just three times, since we are back to the “mainland”.

Therefore, who do I think I am to write about being organized and clutter free when my confusion is to where I placed what in which home we lived in ?  There have been some blessings I must confess.

My dearest friend Jeannette Freeman taught me a prayer she learned from her mother in French…”Saint Antoine de Padoue, montre moi le petit trou…” and by saying it a few times, the missing thing appears or is definitely found.  It works for me.  The literal translation is Sait Antoine of Padoue, show me the hole (as in the place it may be found)…

Saint Antoine is said to be the one who helps us find lost things, even dreams.  I googled and will be going back to listen to the song to him in prayer in French.  The language is sublime.  It was my minor in college to have an easy mark since French too is a Romance language whereas English was my fourth one to study as I studied.  So, back to the conversation, this was a detour to give you a prayer tip that works for many.

” You’re the boss of the clutter, not the other way around.” _ Monika Kristofferson

Once again Monika Kristofferson shares a bit of wisdom, and I think it is time to own it.  We must be organized…

A neighbor told me hoarders abound and it is a sort of mental illness because the unorganized clutter takes over the space as if built like a cave surrounded by yesteryears of things not quite discarded nor appreciated.  Yikes!

It is not jus a boy thing, and it is primarily a bad habit, a much needed discipline unlearned that can be most successfully self taught.

“The spirit of self-help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual.” _Samuel Smiles

I wish you a good day.  I have made piles and need to sort out the particulars in the advice as a humble advisor.

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