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Zac Vanderbusche, son of my dear friend Pam, father of Arlo, and remarkable landscaper on Maui. Hawaii.

To be faithful to God is being faith full on a daily basis, and sometimes keeping a prayer on our lips throughout the day.

“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day, as if nothing had yet been done.” _ C.S. Lewis

It is in this spirit that we can survive the emotional upheavals that happen in our lives.  When we give our attention to our Lord’s promises, we recognize the daily miracles that occur and not so much by chance.  One can actually feel heart connections, the hedge of God’s protection, and even the effervescent calling to complete tasks, to prioritize the important while attending to the urgent.  Loneliness needs to be given up to holiness.  It is the way to the truth and the light as a guiding light to our every step.

I have been surprised and even shocked to hear “I don’t care.”  I care so much about everything , no wonder sometimes I get confused about the little things that matter just as much.  I bet I can blush at the times I have asked God to help me make more of a difference.  Who do I think I am to be in a position to straighten out messes that need not clutter to obscure problems  that can and must be resolved by each and all with complete integrity?  I am me like you are you, and they are they, and together we are us.   We can responsibly do our part as a light to the world.

Both quotes are by Marianne Williamson in the book A Return to Love.

“No one has any more potential than anyone else for spreading  love and light.” _Marianne Williamson

The faith full folks do the work as if in the presence of God.  It is a personal pledge that denotes living by the commitment to be noble.  The peace which surpasses all understanding is ours for the asking of God in prayer, and the peace of a clear conscience frees us of the snares evident in the political swamp of our nation’s government.  The coconspirators have added to the sludge created by manipulators; the opportunists hide the truth to gain more favors.  Our divided nation is not informed of the facts unless they watch Fox News, and the confusion is heightened by a poor education.  The well meaning, naive American has been duped and their big hearts beat hoping to be a kind nation.

In the nineties, on the way from Hawaii to Nebraska, at an airport, I picked up Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love.  It literally changed my life.  I sought to find the Course in Miracles, and between laundry, cooking, driving four boys to school, and eventually even taking care of my mother after having just moved, I read it, studied it, and rose above all the fears that had swallowed me.  

The Marianne Williamson quotes are on the top two panels. The painting below is of the Scottsbluff Monument in Gering, Nebraska, across from the North Platte River.

When I volunteered to paint the front kitchen panels in the house purchased by the city of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for young women in need of shelter, I used two of her quotes.  They are an inspiration for men as well.

“A person who succeeds in any area is only creating more of a possibility for others to do the same.” _Marianne Williamson, from a Return to Love

Both of her quotes make room for a decision to speak out for what is right and good.  God has given us the torch to be the light and be the encouragers for all to do the same because success is only so in the light of integrity, not in the shadows.  The backroom strategies have for too long proved to have created mistrust and enriched politicians lavishly with funds from the taxpayers.  Why are we so complacent?

We can arrive at the fork in the road and choose to take the one that commits to maintaining a clear conscience, and for the benefit of the people served.  There is a false narrative induced every day against our President Trump.  The disrespect for our First Lady Melania is sickening.  The indecent journalism has plummeted.  It is an insult to the population to be duped as many remain uninformed.  The more dirt is flung the more ground they lose, and in the end, the truth will be known to set the devoted to justice free.

The shortest chapter in the Bible offers the world the gift of faithfulness forever, and asks for all to heed in praise of the Lord.

“God has poured out His love into our hearts.” _Romans 5:5

” Praise the Lord, all you nations;

exalt him, all you peoples.

For great is his love toward us,

and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord. ”  _ Psalm 117:1-2

I understand all too well atheists cannot accept the existence of God; they have not ingested the poem Renascence, and the following are just four lines out of either stanzas:

“The world stands out on either side

No wider than the heart is wide; 

Above the world is stretched the sky,__

No higher than the soul is high. “_Edna Vincent Millay

I understand there are Christians who fault other Christians for worshipping in a different manner.  The ancient church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, for instance, follows the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar, and will celebrate Easter on April 8th this year.  Sometimes they fall on the same Sunday.  Easter is the greatest celebration for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in all Christian Churches.

I understand that Jews have not embraced Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  Their faith remains the base of Christianity as we read the Old Testament.  Jesus is in the New Testament.

The major religions have their traditions, their way of centering in prayer or meditation.

I understand and respect our differences, and reserve the right not to understand the denial of treating one another humanely.  The violent verbal attacks have split  the hearts and broken the spirit of many in our nation.  That is a huge responsibility on the back of the perpetrators.  United in faith, we can live in peace.  Divided in thought, our union is superficial.

I pray to God more than ever and for everyone in the whole world.  I pray for the awakening in every heart to see and know and face the truth without a doubt that God knows all.  We are as significant or insignificant as all living beings may perceive yet to our Creator, we are all His children.  I remain faithful to our Lord in prayer in thanks and giving.

Let me know your  thoughts; they are held in confidence.







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  • Pam

    March 30, 2018

    As always, beautifully written. What a wonderful surprise when I saw the picture. Thank you my friend. hugs with love, Pam


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