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Nicoleta Neagoy

A Simple Solution

There is a lift in our souls when the motion of emotion leads to prepare for the unexpected results. That’s called chance and when coupled with prayers, we have the assurance in the joy found in peace.

I sometimes marvel at the cascade of events and am so grateful to have arrived at this moment in time when no fussing is needed because I trust all is as it should be.

Therefore, if these words can be of any help to a problem held in despair, or anger, or frustration, literally give it a form and hold it in the palm of your hands with arms outstretched…fling it upward, and let it go. Repeat, and repeat.

” When the solution is simple, God is answering.” __Albert Einstein

The calm is always knowing God is ultimately in control…so, in this school of life, we can rest even as we tarry in our daily work. Mundane tasks provide a comfort in cleanliness and organization. The pleasure derived in preparing for needs to be delivered by our own hands is after all the means to self-reliance. Laziness is not an option because gratitude cannot be present expecting the unexpected to be of any substance, or of a substantial outcome. One has to clutch the purposefulness of doing with ease that service of love.

It is as simple as that. I get that not everyone can so easily embark in the trust train in thought. I encourage a ticket to the place where what you love to do will create the very service God wills in your life.

So, what’s the problem? It must be figuring out what you love. What you love interests you. What you love is everywhere to be found. If that is in question, take a walk, search for the key to the room where the funds for the ticket wait to be retrieved. The thought given here is that you trust the process of discovery as if on a train ride to that nearby green land where what you sow, you can reap joyfully. The adventure begins at every moment.

We are called to call.

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make your paths straight.” __Proverbs 3:5-6

In thought and prayer…

I give marbles to be tossed in consideration for a life of Joy found in Peace…

The 10 To 3 Cafe

The dream was as it is… of a relatively darling spot close enough to town for travelers to find with an amazing turn around skirt of a parking lot sweetly constructed to welcome a few who would seek to meet between the hours of ten in the morning to three in the afternoon. The oakwood door revealing tones of a golden luster like the leathered cover of a refurbished book both invites a hospitable entrance and a curiosity blending with anticipation.

The draw to arrive at the cafe would be to engage in conversation mingled with the sounds of Nana Mouskori’s enchanting ballads playing softly in the background to feel afloat the wave of all is well in such moments fully surrounded by like-minded souls, or lovers of rose petals and honey dipped butter cookies savored with tea or coffee… To be scholarly, one must read the two paragraphs deliberately out loud as if broadcasted live on the five o’clock news, to be exact…

Somehow, in the dream, it was then that the truth would rise as the creamiest of the creamy congeals and glistens. For example, with a cup of jasmine rice and half cup of sugar drowned in four cups of milk dabbed with a cinnamon stick together with an orange peel pierced with four cloves and a tablespoon of vanilla extract, the only result is a delicious rice pudding… With a lid partially draped on its head, the pot set on the lower end of the heat, delivers a treat to please palates in forty minutes… Just then it is when a memory is adorned by the scent of sweetness forever more. A formed film of cream shines as if the sun beat its rays like on leaves of treetops and water droplets in the ocean’s waves…

To be in the nook of things with people in conversation is to be on life’s greatest treasure hunts. All that spills forms the stories in the story of the steps that will be taken towards goals realized.

When I go into town, I remember other places I have been as well, and I still look for that spot. How many wondrous memories could be cherished in those five hours in say six days, except Sundays? Writers and teachers could find their way to contemplate to be inspired by the bookshelves offering a reading to ignite the pleasure of learning through the adventures of life. We are students until heaven knows when and then again.

Dreams live in the Ten To Three Cafe just as they do in many gathering places where bread is broken to be shared for nourishment. After all, our sustenance invigorates the body, mind, and spirit.

It seems that even an Encyclopedia would offer the flashlights needed in the narrow path through a parsley forest leading to a valley of mint. One can imagine the people and places that were and have been responsible for gathering all that could be known to share as a manual for going forward towards a greater peak overseeing all the way to the horizon. It is no small matter to behold the best in appreciation of learning.

A poet wrote a line I cannot let slip your visit here:

” I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” __Mary Anne Radmacher

Heavenly is a place on earth we can create because it has already provided us with fabulous tools to observe, absorb, and serve others. This is what I wished to have taught and lived to present as a gift. Hold the words on the palm of your hands like marbles soothing their contoured bodies to be rolled wisely at play. Enjoy the joy found in peace of mind.

Time measures in seconds, minutes, and hours. If from the Ten To Three Cafe, time could welcome all aboard through the oakwood door to live a life fulfilling our best possible purpose on earth, the key to it would be found in these words:

” Finally, brothers and sister, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. __Philippians 4:8

This is a heartfelt High School graduation gift for Nathan Alan and Evan Michael, the Bucur twins. Congratulations on all you have accomplished and may you shine the respect of your family’s upbringing. It is an honor to be a thread of the family tree as your grandfather was my husband’s cousin through their sister mothers. The lineage beckons lanes of dreams to be fulfilled in the spot you choose to construct the life you give to God.

You are blessed to bless.

The Happy In Me

The happy in me is in service for you. At all I times the idea of giving to please rose to float like the lightness of a breeze caressing one’s feet…and the motion lifted my being to fulfill a calling yearning to be heard like piano notes cascading diamond pebbles tossed by waves upon a sandy shore….

Heaven is that place where joy is our own becoming of fulfillment of the seed sprouting in complete enlightenment. Beings whose souls beckoned my own with kindness sustain the very essence of life anew moment by moment. We are all like that yet we may realize passed the past’s present and awake to remember that the happy in me was always first in Him.

Weeping for America in the Blue

In the Blue
The ink hue powders
the melancholic sense
fueled by aching hearts
who have silently refused
to embrace a fundamental
change in our beloved country…
We gave room for all to be whoever
they wished ’till our wishes vanished…
The beauty we once knew to be right…
became thwarted, ridiculed, and denied…
Politicians in power disempowered our rights.
We, the people in America have been duped.
One of our very own separated, and divided us from
our core– designed to create chaos–by a Book of Rules.
I am in the blue about community organizers in sink to sink our nation.
I am in the blue for the Saul Alinsky followers among us set to enslave.
I am in the blue for the mass of uneducated children, men, and women.
I am in the blue for the police force disrespected for keeping law and order.
I am in the blue for the shameless lies ignorantly overlooked and accepted.
I am in the blue for the mass of pawns bated, bribed into lawless corruption.
I am in the blue for the lack of understanding about earning and financing…
I am in the blue for the unmotivated, the uninspired, and void of a work ethic…
I am in the blue for all who delve in pornography, recreational drugs, and sin…
I am in the blue for trust, love, joy, hope, peace, and truth…the nobility we need.
I am in the blue for our Lord who gave us the Prayer to God now denied to be recited.
I am in the blue for the fundamental differences we’ll face when citizens and illegals vote…
I am in the blue for our national anthem, our flag, our soldiers and veterans…
I am in the blue for humans who question whose lives matter and destroy…
I am in the blue for us who live from pay check to pay check and still volunteer…

We, the people, as humans, fall short of God’s grace, and this is my blue bouquet
Delivered from the lectern of my heart in gratitude for all that really matters…
The difference in knowing the truth from the untruth is vast; one will set us free…

Nicoleta I. Neagoy © 10-10-2016

Overlook No Message

The overcloud calls for discernment
To pin the defining moment as it is…
For… if even overlooked,
Reveals the ordinance of choice lessons.

When the selected foreshadows
as the soul weighs the ambiguous moment in the present,
I say,
mark it, and remark!

The signs speak.
To see, to hear, and
feel the pith so as to note,
Insight is served by intuition.

To awaken to the brim
Of all that unfolds,
Is to be
Truly alive.

The beclouded moon
And I
Overlooked…yet no more.

Open God’s volumes of wisdom
Apparent in the palpable present
To Everyone,
Everywhere, and

Overlook no more…

God is nearer than here.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 8-13-2016

The Unspoken

The Unspoken

It remains in the clumps of flowering Heathers.
these unspoken tittering thoughts like feathers…

They are visible as a brushstroke of vivid colors
We read them in subtle twisted frowns, blurs…

The unspoken sets the pace between the space;
it is the two step dance in silent mourning case…

To rise to speak to tell the world anew still one person at a time:
“See me bloom my lifespan here and hear me amidst the chime.”

In thunder, silence roars all the louder like a diamond in the sand;
timidity too humbly vows to bow to the bold like the parade band.

Should one have the courage to feel the luster of every flower,
the details would leak in crystalized volumes of tear showers.

Nicoleta I. Neagoy copyright 5-26- 2016

The Holy of Holies Where Aborted Babies Go

I pray someday to be worthy of entering the Kingdom of God despite my tainted soul, for even the greatest sin of abortion.  What seemed right, now has been exposed to be absolutely wrong.  The regret is in the irreversible finality that with all the information that has been made public to date, can only deepen the wound that will inevitably fester with shame. The shame is a scar that can be kept a secret except from God.  If this reaches anyone on the fence, for goodness sake, don’t do it.  God has permitted the life.  Adoption is the best option for an unwanted baby.

Believers and nonbelievers alike need to be assured there are no secrets with God.

I see and understand more what happened forty years ago now than I did then while I lived a seemingly unsupervised life though never alone.

Had I been awake in knowing God was there as I know He is here now, I would have been wiser.

The advice around me was misguided yet I ultimately remain responsible, and have made peace with the punishment that festers like an open wound only God can heal.   Keep Reading

Go With God

Upon college graduation in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. It is nice to discover through adult eyes my parents’ pride.

I was born in Brazil in 1949 to immigrant parents from Europe who sought refuge to escape the Iron Curtain.  Portuguese was my second language  and as I recall looking up at the marvelous bluest of skies from the whitest of sand covered beaches, ” Vai com Deus” filters through my bones still.

It means, go with God.  That phrase remains in my heart like a prayer.

The beauty of languages in different nations is yet another God given gift to all mankind.  It is in communicating with one another that we grow in this spectacular planet.  Oh, how I wish oppression did not exist.  How did it ever get started and how many more years before humans unite for God in peace, atone for personal wrongs, and agree to live in peace by obedience to  the Ten Commandments?  Our time is a blink’s time to God.  In our time, the holiness  is elusive because we are limited.  Limits are personal.  They are the barriers we scale to overcome the block. Keep Reading

Love Inspired Genesis

I have been graced with faith as I took to prayer as bears to honey.  As long as I can remember, I pressed my hands together in prayer.  Had I remembered to do that before choosing to make decisions that I now regret, I may not have the calling to steer others in the right direction.  As I read two days ago, those of us who truly feel the weight of our sins, are the least ones apt to fling a stone.  That said, those of us who truly know human frailty in the dark, are moved to light the way for others to ignite the light against voluntary or involuntary disobedience.

Dearest Cindy with husband Paul…almost a year ago, in Hemphill…The miracle of them :-)…

For anyone missing a Bible, I recommend the one I received in 1996, a Zondervan Life Application Bible, the New International Version.

It is my most treasured book in a library of books I sequestered through the years in hopes of rereading someday.

How we choose to spend our time, is the story of our lives.

To have been blessed with the keen perception of David’s son Solomon, I too would have asked God in prayer for wisdom.  Imagine how shocked I was to find out that my dearest friend Cindy asked God for just that when she was a young girl.  I love Cindy for that too.  As for me?  I asked God for  good looking knees.  I’m not kidding.  That did not go so well.

Let’s proceed. Keep Reading

I Love Our President Trump

I am frequently torn between writing my thoughts or painting to spread the fire that burns in my heart.  Of course I have daily duties of laundering, cooking, cleaning, and straightening up the surroundings, but there is always that stir in my soul to connect, to serve what seems so right.

I posted the following on FaceBook this morning:

”  My God, I want to do what you want.

Your teachings are in my heart.” __Psalm 40:8

There is a fire within each of us that longs to do what ignites the soul with joy…  How do we know if it’s the right thing to do?

Well, Max Lucado told a story about being unsure early on whether he ought to preach or not.  He sought the counsel of a respected Pastor, and the good  man said, ” Don’t preach !… unless you have to.”

I guess that’s how it is for me when so much inspires me to write.  Even though someone once asked, who is going to read it, and the discouragement sank deep in my young heart, I rediscovered the flame.

God’s will in our lives embraces a service of presents for others to receive in fulfillment of a desire and/or a need.

God bless …  my cousin’s daughter, Stela, who sent these flowers from Romania this morning.  She wished me a happy 8th of March…  from afar…  with her love…  and I am passing it on for you enjoy…  God bless you as well…

I woke up to the sound of a few birds chattering outside my window, even as the grey sky threatens to rain some more…  Stela’s beautiful bouquet of spring flowers made me yearn for another hug from those who keep in touch though I have nothing to offer, but a heartfelt I love you. Keep Reading