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Death is an anticipation, like birth…

And from our earthly life to the spirit world…

No despair is overlooked by any human,

and most of all, not by our God …

He is our Father, even to any who deny Him.

Like many, I wonder too…how a spirit aligns

To the family on earth…with a purpose…

And I wonder which comes first?

What is missing that brings us to observe the earth?

We learn, we teach, we grow, and we are free to choose our fate.

Still, not our destiny here.  We are allotted time to finish the rare course.

We are each uniquely rare even in our nuances of soul-full divine colors.

However meek our assignment, we are first to fulfill its needed love quest.

On earth, as it is in heaven, His will is for each of us to love fully, unconditionally.

Love is kindness to all. Love is pure in all. Love is not superior for just some.

Love beckons us to be a light for one and all. Keep Reading


Take a moment to consider the day you were born.  Your business was to breathe and to continue to teach as you learned.  We were all there from the start yet our circumstances clearly different, unique as our fingerprints.

There is evidence that we learn and teach from the moment of conception.  Growth amasses change; Keep Reading

Farewell Marley

Marley was rescued from under a shed miles away.  He was starved, weak, and showed to have had a broken hip.  My two youngest adult sons spent two days trying to lure him to rescue him.  Our gentle giant son literally dragged him out from under the structure.

No one wanted a wounded animal and his hip had been hit before.  Despite his disability, he spent another two wonder filled years in our home.  He limped and after a good run, he would come in and rest his head on the hurt thigh.  Today it showed to be broken once again.   He must have been stunned.  His amber eyes closed.

Words fail me.

He spoke in a way to let us know what he wanted.  He was a gentle fellow, and a lover boy to our Anatolian Shepard, Daisy.  She is listless tonight.  She must have been near when Marley departed.  We know All Good Dogs Go to Heaven, and I spoke to her about it.

However, our youngest gentle giant dug a grave by our old shed, and he stopped and leaned on the shovel.  I asked if I could help a little.  Both of us fighting a ferocious cold, felt twice as miserable in the first warmer day.  On the lake we saw a white fog, so dense, unlike any other before.  I think Marley may have had a woof about it. Keep Reading

Mourning For Loved Ones

So many Families and Friends mourn for loved ones today.  Valentine’s Day of 2018, a birth date for many, a love giving day for most, was tragically marked with grief by our entire nation.  Yes, there are those who shamefully shirk the incident as an American problem or a gun control issue, or God knows how they are thinking by adding their venom towards our President Trump.  It is no wonder we are so confused in our sorrow.  It is no wonder a lost and lonely misguided soul can go so awry in culture imbued in violence, using foul language, and lack of respect and compassion.

The sadness is too deep to address without asking God for mercy.  The souls departed while their  bodies listless and bloodshed show the senselessness of misplaced anger and hatred flung upon them.  However, the truth is when things don’t make sense, everyone who notices, must seek help.  It is only in helping the hurt that we can stop the hurt from hurting.

Communication is paramount.  We must learn to speak to another and do so in the spirit of kindness.  We must have a place where the desperate can go to find compassion.  With the bashing of religion, the taking away of prayer at the beginning of the day in schools, the ridiculing of our President and Vice President for being men of faith, and the acceptance of the hideous, disrespectful ways broadcasted by the uneducated, inept, and radical liberals, no wonder the misdirected can cause us to have bleeding hearts all across the nation. Keep Reading

A Pauline Valentine

A friend like Pauline appears in life rather unpretentiously though strikingly soft spoken, smart, and persistently kind.

Her poised demeanor lifts one’s heart like this flower she planted.  Oh, yes, friends move as she and I have from one place

to another, and to her that means from garden to garden.  From orchids in Hawaii to roses in Texas, and tulips in Massachusetts, Pauline touches the heart of the earth and I cannot name all the flowers she can sow and gather.

Have you a friend who comes to gift bulbs to bloom next year?  Pauline does these things and so many other unique things, I can smile from here to eternity.  There was the time she sliced Texas pears and placed them in jars; they looked like huge gold nuggets of honey but tasted like marshmallow butter.  The taste defies imagination.

An invitation to a meal, a tea, and conversation is to be in the presence of a casual regal center of angelic delight.  All is so properly placed and the flavors in the details awake a dash of lemon, a bit of sugar, a sprinkle of that and then the giggling laughter.  All of this and more, the  classical music settles the bones.  One can only melt into comfort.  I mostly say silent.

We have shared stories and have a thousand more to go because in the heart of my friend lives the Lord, His word, and a gingerly feast of discoveries.  From a family divinely named Webster, I keep the old dictionary even closer and smile.  She has been so blessed and is deserving.

She has gifted precious books that sit on my shelf and here is a quote I must share as she knows the author quite well. Keep Reading

An Intercessory Prayer

A site directed to answer your prayer request.  I trust God to be in our hearts when we ask for His presence. Mine is an intercessory plea. I will lift your burdens to our God through sincere sharing of thoughts to inspire faith and courage in your life. I depend on the love of God to bring peace and manifest clarity. You can too.

You may leave your prayer request.  I will respond in a heartfelt inspired prayer, and possibly a story.

Shortly after my Mom passed to rest, the candle on my kitchen window seal appeared as Mother Mary to me.


This angel was  s a gift from my friend Ethel Edwards of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  She taught me about intercessory prayers.

A friend who prays for another gives God a needed plea.

God in His great mercy hears our prayers and grants solutions.

My friend dear friend Nancy Powell wrote in a note :

“My prayer is your prayer. ” …  We go back to our Maui days of bliss …  her words…

It is in fact an intercessory prayer.




As Dusk Shades Appear Revisited in 2018

The longest I lived anywhere in sixty-eight years was in Maui, Hawaii, for over two decades.  I still call it home.  At the end of 2013, I wrote  a few paragraphs entitled “As Dusk Shades Appear”.  In retrospect, the following verse from the Bible expresses the experience best:
“May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love; and may you be able to feel and understand…how long, how wide, how deep, and how high His love really is; and to experience this love for yourselves, though it is so great that you will never see the end of it.”  __Ephesians 3:17-19

In 2013, I wrote a few paragraphs entitled “As Dusk Shades Appear”:It is the beginning of the evening. Some cooing and chirps call for feathered tweeters to settle on branches and are slowly more sparsely heard from afar; nearby, some flutters ruffle the monkey pod tree leaves good night.  The palms barely sway to wave the breeze gone by.Upcountry the island is quiet and tonight I feel the ache of an imminent goodbye. Gazing down the mountain, I whisper: farewell Aloha State.

‘Ke Akua Hoomaikai Oe’…  God bless you.  A hui ho…  see you later.

In 1992, we were the “haoles, ” a name given to the whites.  Ironically, it was actually a name meant to describe the whites that had landed on the islands for their actions, for being in a hurry.  Certainly after twenty years, the lull of the sway in every task is second nature.  Let me wave  the “shaka” sign meant to say “hang loose” though the mere thought tightens my throat to a noose.  Let me hum instead a melody of  I promise you “Love and Honesty,” and as I say good bye, let me meet with friends and let us sing again “Let’s Talk Story.”….  To even think of saying “A hui ho”  hurts because see you later may be much, much later than tomorrow.  From “mauka” the mountain side to “kai” the ocean side, love is a present present.

 In grateful step with the lace capped waves, the keepsake of memories will linger like the senses awakened in the salt perfumed air.  With a feast of its daily blue, Makena beach buffs  a turquoise buffet of colors majestically present as a God given portrait…  Now that I have become one in the allure of the shore, how can I be elsewhere forever more?  Listen to the colors of each word.  I cannot step away anymore than cousin Nick at that hour in that day for a stroll that here it stays.

The island overflows with love. However, its devilishness slithers because it is after all a place on earth inhabited by us, humans. To weigh the good against the bad upon God’s scale, no doubt lifts us as “better than bad” because to live Aloha is more than a greeting. As I said, Aloha becomes us.

To have missed a day of Maui’s splendor is by choice.  No matter what troubles fall upon us, God cuddles us with intricately designed flowers, fruits and herbs.  Even the weeds appear too pretty to pluck from the rich soil.  When the sun glimmers on these, unnamed hues appear, and heaven is nearer than I thought, I think.

Here days and months feel like reflective moments in time when we come to know much of what we wished to have known from birth.

It seems obvious that living here is a blessing bestowed by our Almighty. Whether born here or not, being a part of this community invites cooperation, and we do like sticky rice in a bowl.  Friends,family, and acquaintances are always excited to meet in a store.  The reunion is cause for chit chat with laughter.  I regard the meetings heart handshakes.  I pray all lessons learned can appease us and others.

The ginger in pink emerges from its foliage vase on so many walks…and life unfolds as barefooted we go like kids in school with no hallways, just the outdoors.

How will I say farewell greenery splashed with peach, pink, purple, yellow, red, white, and blue blooms?  They are the pearls of leis and I have known their  sweet, subtle aroma like from a warm cup of milk and honey.

Like the Mariner “In the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner,” I will be telling “guests” someday how in Hawaii lives a favored paradise on earth where people like us, imperfect humans, strive like all others all over the world, to survive.

This is the harbor where immigrants from Asia speak English.  How can I forget the groups of elderly men sitting around a square table with a pile of pennies at each corner, head down, and playing a game of cards like children in the playground with marbles?  How about the milk caps?  All of them nodding with or without hats and in unison accents enjoying the game, so grateful to be having some fun together next to Ah Fooks Grocery Store, in the Kahului Mall.  There is no question these Hawaiians add an ounce of familiar joy in our lives.

This is where some have come to live while others simply to die, to be that much closer to the splendor here ever after.

Like Samuel Coleridge’s mariner, as I feel we may be leaving, I pray to remember to tell about the shape of a woman’s profile island of Maui.  I pray she be kept serene, be safe from thievery, corruption, and misguided beliefs.  May its people wake each morning grateful for its pristine land, the “aina.”   May Haleakala, the House of the Sun, oldest dormant volcano on earth, continue to magically pour its light of pearly gold.  May the water here and there and all around be clear and bright and like a hedge of armor placed by our Lord, protect the locals and the visitors.

May the graceful hula play a part in every dream as a means to arrive in style, in step, in accordance to God’s will.

As dusk shades appear to blanket the parade of foliage and flowers in our garden, I pray the stars that light the sky so brightly tonight, remain in my heart as the light of God I saw in the people of Maui.  Mahalo means Thank you…

Aloha is the sound of the breadth of Love, of saying Welcome, greeting Hello, and finally Farewell…

Maui No Ka Oi…Maui, we are the best…”

Those reflections seem as fresh as yesterday’s laid eggs.

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A Heart of Gold

All secrets are known to Him whose light beams from within us.  I know that to be true because there is no greater wealth or peace on earth than a clear conscience.  The gnawing of all wrongdoing manifests itself regardless of denial.  God’s kindness is in His correction, and no one gets away with harm, ever.  Rest and lean on Him to provide the peace we can all achieve by simply living in the truth.  All of us sin, err intentionally and unintentionally.  Through kindness we can respect and unite to know well being.

To me, history reveals the truth about the evolution of the souls of the people in power at a certain point and time.  The populace has a mixed bag of informed and misinformed souls; their perceptions and misconceptions are enough to frighten the faint hearted.  To rise and stand up to corruption takes a heart of gold.  Many Germans hid Jews from the Hitler regime.  Christians were massacred as well.  Europe was a mess then.  Many parts of the world still are, even within our borders.

When history repeats itself, the revelation reflects unlearned lessons.  Taylor Caldwell wrote the outstanding book, Dear and Glorious Physician, and it proves  how today’s technology has surpassed the maturity of mankind since the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.  Leaders are elected.  Sadly, even the voting methods must be monitored and have been found to be flawed due to  human dishonesty.  Frighteningly, when a group is empowered to create chaos, tragedy is fueled and revisited by all.  On which side do we stand ?  So much depends upon our understanding.  If facts be distorted, misunderstandings are maliciously planted.

There is no room in my heart for anyone who opposes Mr. Trump, his Family, and his carefully chosen administration.  The big lesson his  presidency has taught thus far is that wrong is never right.  The wrongdoers who have created the swamp of deception continue to arrogantly lead the misled who have no respect for a sound education, and they bash the successful.  The elite in the liberal circles disrespect the core of Americans who choose to honor the fundamental principles of well established traditions.  As a naturalized citizen, I have a great deal more to say about the excellence and the horrifying.

Yes, we are a nation of caring individuals who strive to live in liberty.  However, our freedom has been trashed, much like the disrespect shown by those who throw empty beer bottles and soda cans, food containers, and even lit cigarettes on the side of the roads, in parking lots, anywhere as if it were a trash barrel.  It is this unawareness that aches the hearts of those of us who see the mess that has to be cleaned up.  God knows.

Likewise, the pervading usage of foul language and distasteful, shameless binges of unwarranted attacks on our President reflect a sick society.  Freedom of speech has crowned political correctness to be the lid on the simmering soup while contemptible comments are aired to disguise, diminish, dispel the genius of a competent leader.

The uneducated, the inept need not be hired.  How can that continue to shade the danger created ?

The loss of our trust in government evolved through the years.  After the Benghazi attack on our embassy in Lybia, the sacredness of strength in our United States of America continued to dwindle.  September 11 of 2012 left a good number of Americans stunned.  It still makes a difference, and I cannot imagine the betrayal felt by the Families who lost their loved ones.

Americans at large have embraced every man and woman from all walks of life, creed, and race, to the near point of freedom extinction.  The naivete is evident.  The givers and the receivers have been duped.  Common sense has been forgotten while God has been placed conveniently for inconvenient reasons on the back burner.  Many have gotten used to riding on the wings of a state that provides, and the state has accumulated voters by overlooking abuses, just as the abusers accept the corruption at the top.  This is a pathetic spin whirling us into a crash.  America is a melting pot of people who came to embrace Americanism.

The Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav, offers an extraordinary guide for humanity.  He writes:  ” The soul cannot tolerate brutality.  It cannot tolerate abundance of pain and irrationality .  It cannot tolerate being lied to.  Consider that on your planet.  It cannot tolerate non-forgiveness.  It cannot tolerate jealousies and hatreds.  These are the contaminants, poisons, for it.”

Our 45th President loves the United States of America and intends to give back, so much, he donates his salary.  He has stepped up to do what he knows he can do best.  He has accomplished great things despite unwarranted and disruptive opposition.  The country has shifted in spirit.  His love of wholesome values has spoken to the souls of the forgotten people of America.  Who ?  Women and men of every race and religion desiring to live by the Ten Commandments.  No one is perfect.  Everyone can strive to be better.  Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians have been drawn to the light of Mr. Trump’s soul.  He leads from the heart.  He is not a smooth talker.  He loves to tweet because he is an authentic communicator.  He is compassionate yet can brawl like a man or woman determined to hold his ground.  This is a guy who has done more good than bad.  For every bad story there are ten good ones.  He is never going to call the swamp a vast Democratic conspiracy because he is not a chameleon.  He loves people who do the job right and has surrounded himself with the best.  He has a heart of gold.

I thank God He knows all.  Those of us who pray in churches or at home, on a walk or while driving, know in our gut, evil has flung to smear, confuse, and destroy the very essence of what is honorable, noble, and good.  We pray because as Gary Zukav says, “…the ability to draw consciously upon your nonphysical guidance and assistance,to communicate consciously with a nonphysical Teacher, is a treasure beyond words and value.”  I revere God’s wisdom, and seek the peace that transcends my understanding through prayer.

This may be much too long yet I need to close with a quote to bring the discussion full circle.

“God loves us; not because we are lovable but because He is love,

not because He needs to receive but because He delights to give. ” __C. S. Lewis

I respect President Donald Trump who has achieved financial freedom to serve the country he loves because it needs to be restored with love, and he honors the nations throughout the world  to shine their own light. Amen.




Faux Pas : an Apology for Jeremy

Slice it, dice it, mince it and the texture changes, yet the flavor of an onion remains the same.  In preparing the Romanian eggplant salad, I know how to tweak the crunch to please the palate.  Add olive oil and lemon with just one teaspoon of salt and pepper to taste, and the well beaten pulp of the four to five baked eggplants is truly delicious.  The eggplants are pierced with a fork and set on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet and baked at 400 degrees for an hour.  Once cooled, it is sliced open, spooned into the mixing bowl.  I let it mix for at least fifteen minutes…  There is a point to this…

Likewise, the mindful storage of kitchenware ameliorates the efficiency in preparing a meal.  Certain tools fit comfortably like an old glove to stir a batter or flip a crepe.  Timing of course is equally important and multitasking at some point reminisces a concert like all of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  We become better at what we practice more and as a piano teacher reminded my sons, perfect practice makes perfect.  Oh, the stress of it all!  Even with the most proficient care,  cooks, and I dare say, master chefs, have blunders.  Yes, most have essential blenders, but unfortunately, there are “blunders.”

YIKES, what a word: BLUNDER!  It constructs the image of an unseen event, as if our eyes may have been shut.  So true.  In a careless instant, a burn of any kind near the stove or oven, can be assuaged by” dusting it good” with flour; yep, keep a jar for an emergency dip, and voila, the pain subsides.  Oh, but where can “blunder” be stored ?  In the pantry, or can it be discarded?

Mind you that after clearly remembering the location of certain kitchen gadgets so aptly placed in entirely too many kitchens due to moving ( fourteen times in thirty-eight years to be exact), I need to rely on a quote by John Muir in order to make my point clearer about blunders or the more elegant word: faux pas.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it all attached to the rest of the world.” __John Muir

No wonder we falter, even a gourmet cook or a theologian for that matter can be tactless and meet up wit Faux Pas.  “Stupid is as stupid does” said Forrest Gump, and even remarks spoken or written in error are in fact wholly unholy.  Just as I was brewing to write an apology to Jeremy of Accelerated Web Solutions for doing and saying the unthinkable about a glitch on this site over the weekend, Pastor Bryan Jones from Grace Church knocked at the door for an unannounced visit.  My favorite kind because then I can excuse the ruckus of the four dogs so easily ignored by the seven hens and one rooster in the front yard.  If a feather makes its way to the entrance, I too can ignore it with a sigh.

The how “do-you-dos,” the catch up on weather reports of wishing for global warming due to the exceedingly cold temperatures and abhorring the dense, menacing fog then led to the sharing of health issues among us and friends, and family situations, including the announcement of the new Thursday Bible studies at 2:00 PM.  PHEW!  Thank God I had home baked  Greek cookies and Guava nectar to serve.   I held on to my tea towel, how did Pastor Bryan end up talking about Apostle Paul’s admittance of wrongdoing in Romans:7 ?  He blurted something so fast I asked him to let me write it down.  I handed him my trusty Zondervan Bible and he read just what I needed to hear.  Was it a coincidence?  The amicable exchange of stories filled a pleasant afternoon hour and he blessed us with a prayer.  Bless his heart.

I returned to this task at hand to face the same dilemma Apostle Paul addressed in Romans 7:15-16 : “I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do, I do not do but what I hate I do.  And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good.”  Okay, it may sound like a riddle, but in essence the blunder dance with faux pas steps throws yoke in the face.  The law of kindness is the one sometimes easily forgotten.

Being “overwhelmed” already admits to be in the “throws of under”.  It is in such a state coupled with impatience that my hand used the power of the pen to accuse in retaliation to a task that was simply resolved with the click of Jeremy’s mouse in a timely fashion.  Being entirely focused on slicing, dicing, and mincing to deliver the strongest message I could, the flavor turned out TACTLESS.  The devil did not make me do it.  The imperfection is within me.  Plus, years ago I painted Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote on a tiny framed canvas: “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

I faltered. I blundered.  I apologize to Jeremy for the rude Monday morning surprise.  He is an asset to Accelerated Web Solutions as he gave his time and expertise with great patience and he went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me in constructing this blog.  The planning and preparation to deliver messages that attract an audience is important to me.  I wish I had beat the giants in the invention of the technology that magically serves a feast of options to suit individual preferences.  Jesus said we would do greater things than He…  His modesty is divine.   His Father too must smile.  I do too when I think of how He invented an onion.


“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

__Paul Boese

One’s Unique Star-Shine

 “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

__Joy J. Golliver


The first memory of viewing the moon in the sky surrounded by millions of stars appears on the stage of every starlit night.  The recognition wakes the familiar.  Similarly, to lie on a trampoline wrapped in a blanket staring up at night calls for a whisper. I remember such a night with my dear friend Rae Whitney, a writer of hymns.  We watched for falling stars…  They were meteorites…  No words can capture the whole of the Nebraska midnight blue.  The embrace felt in grace led me to thank God again, and again, and again.
Years earlier, on a starless night alone at my desk with the intention of writing the graduation speech I was asked to give for the Senior Class of Maplewood High School in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, I turned to God to ask for help.  With pen in hand, I wrote : “The sky can never have too many stars; there is room for everyone to shine, including you.”  
No one could have known the enthusiasm these words stirred in me.  Was it a coincidence?  What do I mean?
 The irony is few would have known how the phrase that came through me for others, in turn would help me.  I asked God on their behalf for inspiration, and the answer came as in a love letter for everyone to own.  No one’s light is diminished by the light of another.  With humility or with pride or with simple certainty, the beam of each soul shines.  I pray we can be encouragers as opposed to discouragers for others to trust in their abilities, their skills, their visions, and their talents…  I ended the speech by spilling the quirkiest line… “Shine each moment to a shine, you can do it Class of 1979!”
 One of the greatest honors in my life was to be a High School English teacher.  The classroom electrified me as I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the students to love learning the material covered.  To this day I think about Munchkins who read, discussed, wrote, memorized, gave speeches, and participated in all the lessons presented.  Nothing was perfect yet I respected their presence to listen and learn.  I hope to have been the encourager they may have needed at some point in their lives.  Even after numerous moves, I keep a decoupaged plaque with a poem written to me by Michael Woods, a student.  It’s entitled “The Happy Maker”.
 My parents were the models of my prayer life. They sought answers through prayers and I attended churches and synagogues where others did the same, so I naturally engaged in conversations of pleas with God the Father.  My Dad was an Orthodox priest and he told me Jesus was the greatest Jew that ever lived.  I was terrified by the stories of the Holocaust survivors.  I cannot understand the madness of 9/11 because I know God and His Son Jesus Christ could not have willed the tragic, untimely loss of lives.  If anyone lacks faith despite all they have seen, they must not understand Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote:  “All that I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”  Heaven will welcome those who seek the light of the Lord.  I say we can seek to merge with His light.  It is not easy being human; we are imperfect.  We all fall short of the grace of God.  Yet, we are blessed to “arrive” at the moment when we “will” to live by God’s Ten Commandments.

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