A Pauline Valentine

A friend like Pauline appears in life rather unpretentiously though strikingly soft spoken, smart, and persistently kind.

Her poised demeanor lifts one’s heart like this flower she planted.  Oh, yes, friends move as she and I have from one place

to another, and to her that means from garden to garden.  From orchids in Hawaii to roses in Texas, and tulips in Massachusetts, Pauline touches the heart of the earth and I cannot name all the flowers she can sow and gather.

Have you a friend who comes to gift bulbs to bloom next year?  Pauline does these things and so many other unique things, I can smile from here to eternity.  There was the time she sliced Texas pears and placed them in jars; they looked like huge gold nuggets of honey but tasted like marshmallow butter.  The taste defies imagination.

An invitation to a meal, a tea, and conversation is to be in the presence of a casual regal center of angelic delight.  All is so properly placed and the flavors in the details awake a dash of lemon, a bit of sugar, a sprinkle of that and then the giggling laughter.  All of this and more, the  classical music settles the bones.  One can only melt into comfort.  I mostly say silent.

We have shared stories and have a thousand more to go because in the heart of my friend lives the Lord, His word, and a gingerly feast of discoveries.  From a family divinely named Webster, I keep the old dictionary even closer and smile.  She has been so blessed and is deserving.

She has gifted precious books that sit on my shelf and here is a quote I must share as she knows the author quite well.

” There is a time for risky love.  There is a time for extravagant gestures.  There is a time to pour out your affections on one you love.  And when the time comes–seize it, don’t miss it.”  __Max Lucado

I invite readers to share their stories.On Valentine’s Day or any other day; a friend is a friend forever.  Pauline is an angel on earth.She knows the love of God in a garden.


“Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.”  __ Richard Brinsley Sheridan

I love her love of family.  I love how she connected with the “aina” ( land) in Hawaii, and that she and her beloved, departed husband Paul, kept in touch and lured us to Hemphill, Texas.  Here too she tended to the hearts of friends by sharing scripture, playing the piano, and giving away the multiple bulbs from her patches of heavenly flowers.  She still carries on discovering the new path in her life in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Oh, the hues in our conversations could fill a palette, and it’s always down to scrambled eggs, apple sauce, and then a cup of savory tea.

Well, I wish all of you a friend like Pauline because at the end of the line, her delicacy in being proper and kind.  She is an inspiration swimming like a dolphin, and a lady who drives to the coast to look yonder, to remember walks on another beach.  It is no surprise that on any given day, she looks for the rainbows, the sparkles, the love in faith.  She is my daily Valentine.

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