The Impact of the Stars in Houston

In honor of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ; the creche welcoming guests at the Hospitality Apartments.

It is by grace that we are all blessed by the impact of the stars.

The truth is all of our lives are lived the same, moment by moment.

I honestly cannot remember when I began to bless the people who marked a defining moment, but I bless each one  silently and sometimes out loud…

It is easier than ever to understand how the disciples along with the apostles took up their cross to enlighten the multitudes.  They  came to know the light of our Messiah.

A view of MD Anderson blessed by the Volunteers at The Hospitality Apartments.

It is through  “the wonder of the birth  of Jesus Christ”  that believers became  lit on a path of inspiration in art, music, and literature.

His leadership was imbued with love because he was and remains the embodiment of all that is kind and right and noble.

Everywhere on this earth, there are humble folks serving extraordinary talents bestowed by God.  Each one with his or her story, lives and hopes.

Molly…a hospital volunteer… giving her time to comfort with sincere dedication for humanity…

As life unfolds, we teach and we learn.

Every one loses a loved one, and most people are there to comfort the ailing bodies and hearts that come in need of the living water and bread of life.  Who are these people who give generously of their time?  Where does the goodness of their spirit reside?

Molly is a volunteer at MD Anderson who came to visit my husband on the 17th floor of MD Anderson before and after his stem cells had been harvested for transplant.  The intense chemo comes first, and after the harvest, one’s immune system is at zero, and the days and weeks that follow are experienced differently by each patient though much of “feeling sicker than ever before,” is the same…  Just the same, Molly came to visit. Keep Reading

The Truth About Lies

Well, a lie will never be true, so it is a self-induced embarrassment.

When the sun sets and the moon appears, the two know the fullness of their purpose.

People would do well to teach youngsters manners and most of all the value of the Ten Commandments.

Aside from being taught, comes the reality of how we learn what we wish to had been taught.

The time to figure out how to juggle all of life’s ups and downs is now, and it begins with mindfulness.  There is nothing boring about the benefits of being a light as the sun and the moon.

An eclipse can metaphorically align with the loneliness of knowing wrongdoings after the facts.  The darkness engulfs and until light returns, we hold our breadth with hope.  Our God lavished His love to all, and no one is denied the miracles script by the Apostles in the Bible.

The foolish smirk, and that no longer matters to me because the truth about their hardened hearts has proven to be a force against kindness.

Hope sustains every soul.  I believe.  I hope because I trust.  Without trust, there is no hope.  Love is pure and to love is to be kind.  Anything void of kindness, reflects a wounded soul. Keep Reading

The Cancer Cure

Is the answer in the light, or must we stand in the shadow to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy?

Is the disease the enemy viewed as a foe?  Can medicine allure the cancer stricken patient to rid discomfort and to ultimately be cured?

While life unfolds for everyone else near and far, part or apart from the living quarters of a person suffering from cancer, assisting as a caregiver is like shadowing to serve the instant thing needed.  It is the most gratifying unselfish job on the planet because the energy given for another one to be comforted is borderline divine.  The cure is also in the caring to care.  As my dear friend Michelle Yeager pointed out, ” Because your husband Dan has what he has , he is allowed to be as he is.”  That nips the edges of any aggravation that may arise in providing for the needs of an ailing loved one.  The compassion felt is driven by the love of God in us.

The cure is within each soul abiding in the flesh.

Consideration of all things possible comes first.

Dr Stefan Octavian Ciurea, Stem Cell Transplant…Remarkable knowledge, understanding, and compassion.

The acceptance of being afflicted by cancer is like the clasping of hands together interlocking the fingers to let rest, and then letting go as one would a fistful of sand and wiping every last grain…

Second, after acceptance, comes peace born in learning and teaching about the conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.  Oh, one can overlook the reality of the nitty gritty, but this is the outline that is not bypassed.

It is a fact we need one another to conceive, to be nurtured to nurture, and to become all that each was willed to serve in this world.  That is why there are so many tasks to be fulfilled by all of us in this world.  We learn and teach simultaneously and always interactively.

Cancer afflicts even those in the medical fields.  Their specified skills may serve the rarest of diseases yet their professions do not give them a pass from ailments.  Humans breathe and bleed.  They thrive to belong and “the wholesome” strive to survive by serving their best.  The missing parts of this equation is we are uniquely different yet we speak the same language in time of need.  The ill need kindness.

Mark Twain aptly wrote: ” Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

Therefore, the third component to beating cancer is love.  The good Bible tells us love is kind.

My neurosurgeon husband chose to be a stem cell transplant patient at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.

After seventeen years of battling a number of different cancers, the large B cell Lymphoma called him to step into the latest possible treatment available because he says he likes living. Keep Reading

The Happy In You

How do we survive the heartbreaks in life?  We address the pieces.

We let the shattered lie in the settled dust to be wiped.  The bruised and bleeding issues need care, and when we seek to soothe, healing begins.  Well-being is the point in taking a breadth from which the next fills to lighten and align the spirit with God, our Father.

Jesus’ service to humanity bore the evilest blows because He cared to gather those who sought truth in life with good will.  Though the disciples of Jesus could not have known what would unfold in their lives, they trusted the Spirit in them to join the marvel beyond the fallen, boisterous people.  Those who sought the well-being came to know the happy in themselves because they experienced the miraculous and the respect for belief.

My four sons one fine Christmas morning in their hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania…years ago.

The Happy in You is most likely the happy in me so long as we cherish the breadth of life and the light in all.  The thrill of fear is a dangerous invitation alluring to tempt excitement foreign to happiness.  There is no peace in escaping well-being in ourselves and others.  The assignments we choose, are the pages filled revealing the paths carved, maintained, and ultimately presented to God as our legacy.  There is no other appointment after the last breadth on earth.  We enter with the happy within.  The peace of God surpasses all understanding yet it is “in the well-being” felt by each individual at some point in time, regardless of gender, race, or belief.  The crossing over from this life leaves with the remaining aftermath of loving servitude to be welcomed by our almighty God, or justly dismissed for anger, hatred, and destructive hurts unleashed to purposely harm.

The Happy in You is a given to be honored through His grace, and I trust that the badly wounded by the snares of wrongdoing, can choose to wipe clean the unkept, distraught path of guilt.  To seek anew results in peace and joy is then inevitable…

Piece by piece in prayer I have given our Lord the issues of heartbreaks.  Quietly, away from the mocking atheists’ weapons of words slashing to assassinate, I saw the dust of me.  I wiped it lovingly because the events and words that nearly broke me were and are known by God, the loving Father and Creator of all.  From dust made and to dust return though the Spirit abiding lives to be a source of well-being or not.

Therefore, it is in the now of choosing the Happy in You that will ultimately bring the rejoice.

It is not about abstract thinking.  It is about honoring the happy in you, the well-being in you, and knowing, believing in the discerning spirit in you, and then choosing.  Choices are made by actions that bring results.  Consequences follow, and solutions to problems can always be found, always.  That wisdom is in the gold dusted stories presented in one book, the Bible.

We can reject ideas and people whose values do not align with our own.  There is no rejecting God whose Holy Spirit is the beam within us all.  The bud of love is in the spirit.

The truth is BEAUTIFUL just as John Keats wrote in the “Ode to a Grecian Urn.”  Each uniquely designed human being reflects the lessons learned while teaching.  In understanding the need to understand and be understood, is after all the responsibility we bear.  We are free to choose and God’s will is that we will goodwill.  The significance of cleanliness and orderliness is stellar.  Each task observed is absorbed, and it is in the now the difference is made.  Respectful performances are an honor to for the soul in all

Still, puzzles with lost pieces ache to find the missing.  God knows where they are, and in prayer the missing is discovered.

Let go:

”  Be still, and know I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth. ” __Psalm 46:10

Seek the Happy in You to rejoice for eternity.


The Gift of Hospitality

There comes a time prayers are answered unexpectedly:

Angelic welcoming at the Hospitality Apartments…

Answer me when I call you,

O my righteous God.

Give  me relief from my distress;

be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”  __Psalm 4:1

On  my husband’s 78th birthday, as we juggled our options at crossroads of life, a number of prayers were answered by a call from Hospitality Apartments, in Houston.  The gentleman’s message lit our grim outlook that day, and my husband repeatedly said, I can’t believe it.

Run by community volunteers devoted to providing a safe, clean place to meet the needs of MD Anderson Cancer Center patients and their caregivers, the goodwill began with a good man’s vision.  He was a doctor.

After work, the good doctor attended Bible Study and that’s where he found out there were patients from afar in need of housing.

It is here where my husband is presently undergoing stem cell transplant to combat a Large b Cell Lymphoma.  At his age, “monocammaslopathy treatment” is warranted.  That means he will be blessed to use his own harvested bone marrow cells.

The medical breakthroughs are remarkable.  The whole team of physicians and nurses serve with skill, patience, and an obvious dedication to wiping out cancer.

Dan pulling the little wagon with water and suitcases… to the elevator up the second floor… W-25…

We realized the long term required stay would mean borrowing more funds against the value of our home. We live nearly four hours away, and even though Texas highways are excellently maintained, our years slow our stamina.

Each resident holds a story of how there came a time…

 We meet people from everywhere, even as my last blog describes the Okamotos.  We celebrated answered prayers while also housed next door to a couple from Hawaii.


Keep Reading

ALOHA Okamotos

Our One Almighty God speaks in our hearts daily.  When we choose to look, we see He silently supports our efforts so long as they align with His will.  Often, what we think is going on in our lives… is a mere part of  the whole picture.  Apart from our daily duties, a quiet knowing  of what to do next… is the call for responsible action.

Our wrong turns in life are made good because God loves every human created as much as He loves you.  No matter the strife between us on earth, the lesson is ALOHA, Always Love One Heavenly Almighty.  Our temporary journey on earth provides the passage to heaven…

Our story is more involved than what I am about to say an in time, I will address more.

Son Douglas pointing to the sky to photograph the likeness of a mountain’s silhouette… yet, behold!
A heart!

In short, due to health issues prohibiting my husband to continue to practice medicine, a decision to purchase a property to run a bed and breakfast we could eventually pass on to our sons, placed us in a precariously unforeseen legal situation.  We were shut down by the county of Maui, Hawaii.  Our investment was not to be our gain.  After four years on the market, at closing, the new owners requested an additional amount of money that set us further back financially.  Not even in a position to negotiate, we left the island.

However, God knows our 1198 Pulehu Road home held a labyrinth of prayers lifted for many who stayed even for free while we gave all we could with open hearts.  We lived, and live Aloha.

The farewell carved a crater in our hearts yet the Lord filled it with sunshine, just as He does Haleakala, The House of the Sun.

Friends who also left Maui with shattered dreams of surviving by working a bed and breakfast, enticed us to move near them  in Hemphill, Texas, where we could grow lemons and peaches and eggplants and roses bloom year long.  After a year in Idaho trying to assess our limited options, we made our way to Hemphill.  The pine lined road welcomed us, and we saw the population sign for the city: 1198.  I remember it as a foreign gift one accepts without knowing its purpose. Keep Reading

The Reputation Plant

The point is everyone has a reputation and it is mustered through the perception of others about what is done or not.  Sometimes what is said is coupled with how it is said and then BOOM!!  Opinions grow as fast as the green, green grass of home in spring!  Sometimes one plants it; oftentimes reputation is repotted by others.  The essence remains because God created each one of us.

When stories are made up to paint a picture that may not be accurate, we think of lies.  They begin in conversations everywhere by everyone, and soon gossip continues to add twigs to the fire.  Unwarranted attacks by one person is awkwardly hurtful because manipulation filters misguided information that can become tragic.  That is called character assassination.  In some cases it takes years to bring to light the truth, and for the faithful, gratitude is in store. Keep Reading

Are There Any Tuesdays In Texas?

A year ago as Memorial Day approached, my dearest Sister in Christ, as she calls me, visited with her husband for days…  When she arrived on Thursday, she said they would be staying until Tuesday…  Quick to beat her to it, I said that’s great, there are no Tuesdays in Texas.  We hugged and chuckled as we had since we met in 1992.  Her shop was Upcountry Legends, and she was the story of storybooks that became transformed into a prolific writer from Maui , Hawaii.  As I walked in with my four sons dressed alike, she sweetly giggled and called them “the group”…  By the time I left the store, she had my address and phone number, and within a week, she delivered the book that sealed our friendship, A Parenthesis In Eternity by Joel S. Goldsmith.

We always made time to talk about God.

We were drawn to the noblest of thoughts when life closed and open chapters through the years.  Her first husband, Carl, took his last breadth when we were on the phone, and years later her second husband sang in a pew behind us when they first met.  Her daughter and son and my four sons all lived different paths on the same island.  Our Moms stayed with us at home until the angels came to take them to the gates of heaven.  We shared a friend whom we loved even more now that we suppose what she would say.  We called her Hope because she was optimistic.  My dear Cindy Schumacher was Love because she was truly embraced in both marriages.  I was Faith because I pray as I breathe…  Our tea times are etched in crystals somewhere in heaven.  I know.  Jeannette is there waiting to meet us arms outstretched, guaranteed. Keep Reading

Turtleling To Survive; A Human Turtle

Is it possible to identify with animals about our world because of a characteristic that brings us calm, say as a recognition of its essence?  The most magnificent turtle I ever saw blended with the dust and dirt of a dry river bed the color of roasted sand near the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument at 301 River Road in Harrison, Nebraska. I stared at it because I could not make out if it was merely a gigantic boulder.  Had I been more patient, I may have seen it move faster than I would have expected a turtle to maneuver.  They do.  It said one won a race with a rabbit.

Twenty years makes a difference in what we know.  The first twenty years are a mixture in the trail mix package of life. For me, the next forty years delivered responsibilities for which I wished for tools I did not have or realized were needed to do a better job.  By the time I turned sixty, I had swum the body of water from shore to shore and the exhaustion was both exhilarating and downright reflective of an incredulous journey across tides and storms.

Looking at the red eared turtle one morning this week caused me laugh out loud.  It dared to push passed the grass forest straight to a bed of pine needles and fairly fast for its short limbs; once upon the heap, she made a circle to leave an imprint I can return to see and not forget.  I have been there …in her place … many times before.  Now I know it to have been what I call “turtleling”, a way of living quietly out loud to be demurely assertive. Keep Reading

A Prayer In My Journal

Dear God…

I rest in peace knowing You know my heart…

Please care for my sons this night.

Please direct their steps towards their ultimate good purpose on earth…

Please guard them safely under Your wing,

and carry them carefully through life.

If I could I would take all their burdens;

they balance challenging assignments, and need Your healing.

Please let them know You…

Please let them trust in You…

and please let them be graced to do good in service for all who can benefit.

Please have mercy on them, forgive them as they too have forgiven, and

I pray my prayer will be theirs from hereafter…

Thank You God…Thank You Jesus…Thank You for Your Holy Spirit in us.


” Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.” __ Ecclesiastes 5:2

He knows our hearts yet we pray to help change our own being from helplessness to strength through faith…